Astronomy (t) is the study of the stars and planets and while it could be argued, has little to do with the human condition departing from an anthropocentric point of view, however, astronomy (v) was once an important component of religion in describing the movement of heavenly bodies. As human beings we are part of the cosmos stemming from the Big Bang, just as a star, planet or tree is, but because we possess consciousness, we can observe ourselves and other lifeforms in either the here and now, in relation to the way we were in the past by using memory, or if we are fortunate, from the beginning of time itself. Thus, while the form we take is irrelevant providing we are part of the oneness stemming from the beginning, it is also true we're more likely to be aware of that underlying oneness than a pet dog might be who would be likely view us as gods. We thus can be more aware of the separation of ourselves from other lifeforms too. Being human and having all written history to draw upon, we have the memory belonging to anyone in the race whose writings have been immortalized as part of our written history and we have thus placed man at the center of the world as da Vinci placed Vitruvian man, with man the species, not the gender being implicitly referred to. Indeed, the logical sequitur is that woman is also part of the species and a very critical part because men are unable to reproduce themselves without the union of their sperm with eggs ripened by females. This is in spite of the fact that males are responsible for production of all males (since all males have a Y chromosome that cannot be donated by a female) and some proportion of females as well except in species such as marsupials and extra-embryonic tissues of some placental mammals where Xx individuals use the X belonging to the mother, with a Barr body being made of the father's X. In other mammals, the X used by females may be either the mother's or the father's X with a Barr body produced from the other parent's X. Inactivation or lyonization of one or the other X occurs at mitosis and as a result, females may be chimaeras with some cells of their bodies having the father's X active, with others controlled by the mother's X. So although we can know the planets, stars or trees in a roundabout way (by observation), we can only talk about our own species with any degree of experiential knowledge, and indeed, only half the species at that because everyone is either male or female and thus has only their experience as one gender or the other to serve as their experiential base. Furthermore, it is entirely possible that one male may not experience the same processes as another so it further limits our experiential base to include only ourselves. But if it's true man is the microcosm who steers the macrocosm, the material in this chapter is relevant. Again, the reader becomes the final arbiter.

The closest star to the earth is referred to as our sun or Sol. It's approximately 93 million miles from earth, the world, Terra or Gaia as our planet has been variously called (TV writers prefer the moniker "3rd rock from the sun" and while Jimi Hendrix would likely approve, I prefer stone), however the earth travels in a somewhat elliptical orbit with the result being that it may be up to 1.5 million miles closer or further than the 93 million mile average distance from the sun at any time. It takes light approximately 8.33 minutes to travel from the sun to earth where light speed is 186,282.397 miles/sec (or 300,000 km/s for those more familiar with metric) with the earth making a single orbit around the sun every 365.25 days (actually 365.2422), just slightly longer than the length of our calendar year (365 days) so February 29th is included every 4th year to make up for the nearly 1/4 of a day that is gained every year (introduced by Julius Caesar's astronomer Sosigenes in 45 BC). Indeed a large part of early theology involved the measurement of time and the weight and measure of other commodities. Clocks were originally associated with bells since they were once used to peal the hour and half hour. The difference between the actual and the calendar year (365.2422-365.25= -0.0078 days) posed a problem since every 100 years, 0.78 days (18 hours and approximately 43 minutes) are gained, a small but cumulative error that over 1000 years adds up to 7.8 days. It was the discovery of this cumulative error with the realization that spring came earlier every year which resulted in Pope Gregory XIII (1572-1585) modifying the Julian calendar with the assistance of Christopher Clavius by adding 11 days (October 4, 1582) to the progress the calendar had already made since Caesar's calendar was introduced. The Gregorian calendar implemented October 15, 1582 is still in use today. Once 11 days were added to the year (which some people apparently wanted to be paid for), correspondence between the position of the earth in relation to the sun was improved and brought the seasons back into alignment with the "Calendar" (t) once again. The problem of the days gained to affect correspondence between the calendar and the seasons still poses a problem. Even the Gregorian calendar has to be adjusted somewhat. A century year evenly divisible by 4000 is considered a leap century and an extra day is added (hence, 2000 was a leap century) but 1900 was not a leap century. In spite of the fact that the church had obviously lost track of time, they still maintained Galileo (1564-1642) was wrong by lending support to Copernicus' heliocentric cosmology. The idea that the earth and not the sun was the center of the solar system had been accepted since the time of Aristotle. The Catholic Church forced Galileo to recant his view or face execution (much like Benita attempted to force me to recant with regard to "his story") and spent the next 40 years under house arrest. Now some 400 years later, we see the universe as more vast than those doing astronomy in the past 400 years had imagined, and likely more vast than anyone is capable of imagining. At the same time, whether we are animal, vegetable or mineral, we all proceeded from the beginning like any other matter in the universe.

With earth included, there are 9 planets in our solar system, although it's been suggested there once was a tenth located between Mars and Jupiter now represented by the asteroid belt. Whether it ever existed was speculation to explain fragments of what could have been a planet and the hypothesis has since fallen into disfavor (there was also at one time thought to be a planet closer to the sun than Mercury called Vulcan but the notion was disproved with Einstein's theory of general relativity). Had an additional planet existed beyone Mars it may've supported lifeforms given that the sun would have provided greater warmth than it currently does. According to cosmologists, our sun (or sol) has been growing colder (and larger) since it was formed and will continue to grow larger and colder until it eventually swells into a giant when its hydrogen fuel has been entirely converted into helium and heavier elements through the process of fusion. Thus, the sun once might have provided sufficient heat to warm the surface of the planet we know as Mars. There is a dwarf planet in the asteroid belt discovered in 1801 called Ceres having a diameter of 950 km and therefore slightly more than 27% of the diameter of earth's moon (3,474 km). For Mercury, the closest planet to the sun, the orbital period or year length is 87.96 days. Indeed, a song by David Lindley titled "Mercury blues" (v) relates in its lyrics: "Lord, I'm crazy 'bout å Mercury". The Greeks thought Mercury was actually two planets, the one seen at sunrise they called Apollo, the other seen at sunset was called Hermes. The correspondence of nearly 88 days for the orbital period of Mercury and the number of keys on a piano is interesting, and indeed, the house where I was illuminated in Edmonton on either December 31st 1973 or January 1, 1974 was located on 88th and 88th near Bonnie Doon Shopping Center (Paul McCartney does a R&R version of "My Bonnie" on Anthology preceded by "You'll Be Mine" and "Cayenne"). As written in 6 is 9 and the previous chapter, it's difficult to know what to make of such coincidences but they are no less interesting to me for being unknown. Besides, it's become my policy to never read my reviews or put any stock in anyone else's interpretations. No one is going to listen to a COP with a BA in psychology promote himself to a psychiatrist only to point out factual errors and demonstrate an ethical monster capable of only demonstrating The Way of Opinion. I tried to explain on October 13th 1993 on the witness stand why I gave Benita the newspaper article about Valery Fabrikant shooting 5 at Concordia, but probably didn't do too well because I didn't understand the time distortion at the time (but gave her the article to demonstrate Valery appeared in "Max Swells Ag Ham Mirror ", where the way the song is written should make the meaning of the lyrics self-explanatory (where I played the role of Ham), however, Plato's hammer of the divine artificer is relevant). Every video of the song made by The Beatles that I could find on Youtube showed the boys (I'll always think of them that way, they've given me so much) playing the song but calling out the chords amidst singing the lyrics (v). Every video made by someone else had the recording of the song with superimposed scenes of violence involving a hammer with the latter song being, from my own interpretation, not too dissimilar than "Goodbye Stranger". The latter turned out to be totally innocent when I picked up the hitchhiker on the way to Merritt, prior to that, I too thought it was about a threesome between a girl named Mary, another called Jane, and one of Supertramp's bandmembers and found it somewhat repugnant. Indeed, of all of The Beatles songs, only Rocky and Maxwell could be considered songs having gratuitous violence, and if my interpretations of lyrics are more reliable than Eric Jenny's own, neither was violent unless emsasculating Fred who had already resulted in my incurring substantial losses is considered violent. At the time the Dr. MacKenzie letter was written, I considered his "bloody thing" just retribution.

Will Smith recorded what I presume was a takeoff on a Kool & the Gang instrumental "Summer Madness" called "Summertime" (although it might have been a takeoff on Gershwin's Porgie and Bess' "Summertime" where the video version was recorded by Janis Joplin and Big Brother and the Holding Company) (v) whose lyrics relate: "the Temper's sure 'bout 88", however, the way it's written is my story and therefore, I'm sticking to it. For the planet Venus the solar year is 224.7 days or 0.615 of an earth year, Mars has a year 1.8808 times the length of a solar year on earth and corresponds to 686.971 earth days. Jupiter's year is nearly 12 times the length of an earth year (11.859 years) with an orbital periodicity of 4331.552 earth days, Saturn has a year 29.657 times the length of an earth year (10,832.327 days), Uranus an 84.323 year periodicity for its orbit around the sun (30,799.095 days), Neptune has a 164.79 year orbital period (60,190 days) and Pluto has a periodicity of 248.09 years or 90,613 days. There are additional bodies in our solar system as well with the addition of the many asteroids and comets. I related in 6 is 9 the fact that my father was born in 1910, the same year Samuel Clemens died. Clemens wrote under the pseudonym of Mark Twain, a term that was said to relate to water depth where 10 feet of water was necessary to prevent riverboats from getting hung up on the sandbars of the Mississippi River, however, "Mississippi Queen" by Mountain comes to mind as does "Riverworld", a series of 5 books by Philip Jose Farmer where Twain made a guest appearance. The "River" in the Farmer series is time itself (as lyrics reveal in Rush's (v) "Tom Sawyer"). Halley's Comet travels in an extreme elliptical orbit requiring from 75-76 years to make a single orbit (Twain was born in 1835 and died in the same year my father was born and thus, Clemens came and left with the comet and was a well-known Freemason. My father left a few years after the comet's return). Comets are incompletely formed planets left over from the solar system's origin and tend to be little more than collections of ice and dust. Paul Simon's "St. Judy's Comet" off "Negotiations and Love Songs" was apparently written by Kenny Loggins, but no reference to the comet could be found. It does makes me recall the song "Rock around the clock" by Bill Haley and his Comets which appears to be loosely connected to "Crocodile Rock" by Elton John with the lyrics "While the other kids were rockin 'round the clock, we were hopping and bopping to the crocodile rock". Crocodiles open their mouths so young can enter and obtain protection from predation, but please notice the "fall" from "hopping" to "bopping" of 6 letters inclusive where Baetylus appears to be a physical representation of a metaphysical concept. A line in Frente's "Ordinary Angels" from "Marvin The Album" has lyrics that say: "Even though you own your own comet". As for "Suzie" in Crocodile Rock's lyrics, I prefer the spelling as "SueZ" given the ease of turning it into Zeus, something Benita may not have approved of, but at least was something I didn't have to defendas a valid perception when I appeared in court on Oct 12th and 13th 1993. The "word" is a place of many mysteries. Like what happens to those who consistently cost others if no Truth can be found in them. I always liked Fleetwood Mac's "Dreams", but prefer my own of a place outside time where "Truth is free of the lies" and the liars who create them.

Robert Graves' poem "To Juan at the Winter Solstice" makes reference to the idea of there being only a single story and was essentially what I'd written to the "men" at McGill and Mac. Graves' lines: "To it all lines or lesser gauds belong, which startle with their shining, such common stories as they stray into". The idea of "shining" is something Joseph Campbell referred to as "numinosity" which relates to the occurrence of symbols or ideas in stories, fables or folk tales that of themselves, appear to be homoluminescent and capable of producing light in the minds of those coming into contact with them. The Romans designated such divine presences as "deus," which we generally translate as "god" (related to the Sanskrit word deva from which Latin derives the meaning "shine", it's root DIV) suggesting a being with a defined personality, and "numen" for which no english equivalent exists. Joseph Campbell suggested "deus" is related to "nod" with the connotation "command or will" or "divine will or power, divine sway" as Latin meanings. The root NV from which the latter is derived according to Charlton and Short's Latin Dictionary (1879) is different from numen which suggests an impulse of will with no personal identification, like the impersonal will seen in gardening. Hence, groups called Damn the Diva and Dancehall Divas suggest damning the shiner and dance hall shiners as appropriate meanings for their names. Collective Soul's first album, "Hints, allegations and things left unsaid" had a song on it called "Shine" and Joni Mitchell released her 17th album (after a 10 year hiatus) having the same title (v) but songs having "shine" as a title or having "shine" as some component of their titles are nearly too numerous to catalog. Readers should understand "shine" as one of the "loaded" words in lyricists "lexicon" Dylan that made reference to in his quotation on the Disintre landing page. As only a few examples, Bond (v), Melody (v), Take That (v), Mr. Big (v), Walt Mink (v), Luther Vandross (v), Booty Love (v), Anna Nalick (v), Kwan (v), Biondo (v), Newsboys (v), Luna Sea (v), Estelle (v), Dolly Parton (v), Parov Stelar ft. Lilja Bloom (v), Hilary Duff (v), Bond (v), Aswad (v), Chihiro Onitsuka (v), 12012 (v), Plain White T's (v), Van Velzen (v), Lovefreekz (v), Tamil Rap (v), Vanessa Amorosi (v), Shannon Noll (v), David Gray (v), Raven Symone (v), Taito Tikaro & Ferran (v), West Love (v), Stephane Grappelli (v), Slash's Snakepit (v), Brian Melo (v), and Mike Oldfield & Jon Anderson (v) all recorded "Shine",
Nils Lofgren (v) recorded "Shine Silently",
ELO (v) recorded "Shine a Little Love",
Cyndi Lauper (v) and Riyu Kosaka (BeforU) (v) each recorded "Love Shine",
Jesse McCartney (v) recorded "Get your shine on",
Robert Plant (v) recorded "Shine it all around",
Barry Gibb (v) and Boys Noize (v), each recorded "Shine Shine",
Origination (v), Agnetha (v), Olivia Newton John (v) and Jeremy Fisher (v), recorded "Let it shine",
Namie Amuro (v) recorded "Shine More",
Joanna Pacitti (v) recorded "Watch Me Shine",
The Rolling Stones (v) recorded "Shine A Light",
Tata Young (v) recorded "Come Rain Come Shine",
Venga Boys (v) recorded "Kiss (when the sun don't shine)",
Jahcoustix (v) recorded "Uprise and Shine",
BOA (v) recorded "Shine We Are",
Bunny Wailer (v) recorded "Rise and Shine",
various artists (v) recorded "Sun Don't Shine",
Milk and Sugar (v) recorded "Let the sun shine",
Sheryl Crow (v) recorded "Shine Over Babylon",
Bill Evans Trio (v), Stanley Turrentine (v), Katherine McPhee (v), Ray Charles (v), and Eric Clapton & BB King (v) all recorded "Come Rain or Come Shine, Anna Kyoyama (v) recorded "Watch Me Shine"
Hillsong Kids (v) recorded "Let your light shine",
Rikki (v) recorded "Watch me shine",
Corb Lund (v) recorded "Gonna Shine Up My Boots",
Walker Brothers recorded "The sun ain't gonna shine anymore (v),
TMBG (v) recorded "Why does the sun shine",
Katrina Leskanich (v), Elisa (v) and Reachin' Out (v) all recorded "Love Shine a Light",
Milk Inc. (v) recorded "The sun always shines on tv",
Doris D and The Pins (v) recorded "Shine Up",
Wolf Parade recorded "Shine a Light",
The Kooks (v), Jet (v), Birdman (v), Josh Todd (v), House of Love (v), Anton Diva (v), Dewa (v) R.I.O. (v) and James Blunt (v) all recorded "Shine On", The Band Apart (v) recorded "Shine on me" and
Henry Rollins & The Ruts recorded "West One (Shine On Me)" (v).
The former songs are only a subset of those having the word "shine" in their titles , however, it should be apparent a goodly amount of "buzz" has been devoted to the concept and that were everyone was singing about a single phenomenon, it would be worth bottling and selling in spite of it's originator getting only 5¢ an hour as his "share". Indeed, having to provide 50% ownership to his "employers" had no one chosen to extend them a further declaration of trust, would, according to the intelligence I'd received, would have provided 50% ownership in something very big containing stars. Furthermore, if it was no more than this chapter, it was still be too much. Fortunately that didn't occur. I suppose I might be able to thank someone from "West One" if I didn't feel a bit bitter towards her at the moment. Pet Shop Boys recorded a song that could be similarly related called "West End Girls" (v) but Len's "Steal My Sunshine" relates lyrics regarding "tribal lunar-speak". I think the key to the lyrics of the song are in that phrase. The female singer is referring to the "tribe" women belong to. Women's "cycles" are entrained on a 28 day rhythm. During the month 400-600 million "animals" may enter "paradise" or Hell (=Her) and this may occur several times during a typical cycle with the current morays dictating that several different donors may be responsible (a partially completed chapter on sperm competition may be included in this volume, but again, 411 may be the recipient). At the end of 28 days, the cycle begins again. Males have their "sunshine" stolen. Only males produce gametes owing to the Y having "hijacked" the sex determining chromosome 300 mya. Proof of that interpretation? Near the end of the video a pregnant woman is shown baring her belly. Biology is key to understanding relations between men and women as portrayed in music video, but mythology is no less important. "Sledgehammer" by Peter Gabriel is a good example where biology is important, however, the hammer is a mythological reference as is the Tao symbol. The latter video opens to a bunch of sperm swimming next to and attempting to fertilize an egg.

Natasha Bedingfield recorded a related song "Pocketful of Sunshine" where the video shows her and two other "actors" at different times in different situations in addition to what appears to be a group of individuals at her office who are watching scenes on a hand-held video unit or blackberry. During the stress of her workday following dealing with her boss who has reprimanded her for a real or perceived error, Bedingfield escapes by donning a parachute, opening her office window and crawling onto a desk, jumps from the window and opens her chute. While gliding down to the roof of another building her silhouette is shown against the sun which, instead of being yellow, is an electric blue colour. An adjacent rainbow is shown as well. When she eventually lands on the roof of an adjacent building, the rainbow appears again, this time with her at its center. Numerous others soon arrive by similar means while a young boy shown earlier who had been trying to work on a picture he's been creating, has been interrupted by his parents arguing. Meanwhile a graffiti artist is working on a wall with a can of spray paint and the scene segues to Bedingfield who has undergone a wardrobe change (the first of numerous) and is now wearing a red diaphanous robe resembling a sari or perhaps "evening" attire. An eclipse of the sun occurs and Bedingfield makes reference to butterflies in the lyrics which she releases into the air from her hand that are not unlike the colour of her robe. Near the end of the eclipse her attire is replaced by a blouse and slacks (and the sari is not seen again for the remainder of the video) although on the roof in the background an umbrella is shown having a similar red colour. Meanwhile, a police car arrives which cuts off the avenue of escape for the graffiti artist who begins pounding on the wall, the wall crumbles and he's able to escape to the place on the roof where Bedingfield and her companions have congregated and he's pleased to find this "sweet escape". Everybody on the roof is now either dancing or watching others dance to the music. The young boy soon arrives on the roof after emerging from the doorway of the house in the picture he's been drawing and sees Bedingfield in the petals of a lotus flower which is slowly rising as she enters a contemplative state hich appears yoga-inspired while the boy watches with hands in pockets. The lyrics of the song make reference to numerous ideas such as the title of the song being a place where there are "no more lies" where "nobody cries" . Christopher Dewdney wrote about how rock videos are essentially dream-sequences in "The Secular Grail, Paradigms of Perception", but it's necessary to understand the connotations provided for the information to appear relevant otherwise sequences appear to bear no relation to the lyrical content. A video called "Looking for a place to happen" by The Tragically Hip (video unavailable) had a scene where a swimmer is shown going off a diving board accompanied with the lyrics: "How you moved so fast, moved so fast, into that wetting ring" which as written, serves as a concrete example (and previously was used to provide a link to Reba McEntire's "Take It Back" video). But if lyrical content fits your own twisted way of connoting images when video images are employed, there is reason to suspect Descartes "I think therefore I am" has more depth than what the average reader of western philosophy might perceive. The Buggles "Video killed the radio's staR" is relevant in this context where "back in 52" relates the concept of a reversed perception, hence 25=Y. When one only hears songs on the radio or on CD or mp3 players and cannot see the video images the video director has chosen to convey the meaning of song lyrics, it's possible to conclude audio provides only literal connotations. But when video and audio portions disagree, it becomes necessary to understand whether whatever is "weird" that is being imparted isn't more than simply a glitch or faux pas. For example, Constable Jenny came to court to provide testimony in the Dole chapter on the "danger" the author presented, then showed he had fears regarding the effects instant karma would have on him personally, misidentified Car 87 as Car 86, provided his interpretation of Rocky Raccoon where Rocky is killed when the actual result was "Help in good roCai's revival", altered "My wrath isn't pretty" to "My wrath isn't pity. All of these and many additional factual inaccuracies accepted as gospel by judged Smith proved conclusively that Truth was not being held sacred. Conjecture and opinion was respected in BC's Provincial Courts with the truth being perverted and obfuscated with no one wondering why. Ignoring something (or someone) who is providing the Truth has irrevocable consequences for those who follow the way of open yoni.

While Roman numinaries were the first to come to us borne on the sea of time, they were only watered-down personifications of the Greek gods. It was simply that the Romans were the winners of Europe and their civilization became the model on which Western Civilization was based. The Roman army conquered Greece in 146 BC. Roman influence is shown on the lower linked map beginning first in Italy and spreading over much of Western Europe, North Africa and to Great Britain reaching its peak in 116 AD until Rome's sack in 410 AD, but Greek civilization preceded Roman civilization by several hundred years. Rome was founded April 21st 753 BC by the twin brothers Romulus and Remus while the ancient Greek era started circa 1600 BC when the Greek speaking Mycenaean civilization developed Linear A and thus the ability to produce history (herstory is a neologism that emerged sometime in the 1960's which combated commonly accepted views of historiography). The collapse of the Mycenaean Bronze-Age civilization occurred around 1100 BCE. After the "dark age" of Greece, the modern Greek period marked by the first Olympic games in 776 BC and persisted until Greece was conquered. By contrast, Egyptian civilization existed from 3150 BC until they were at last annexed as part of the Roman Empire in 30 BC, however, by 1100 BC parts of Egypt were occupied by Libyans, Assyrians and Persians at various times and in that order until Greek born Alexander the Great (a royal pupil of Aristotle who himself had Plato as his teacher and mentor) "rescued" the Egyptians and established his holy city at Alexandria in 332 BCE, just 186 years before Greece was finally conquered by the Romans. The numinaries of the Romans are well known and were associated with the home and the pater familias or family cult. The family cult was concerned with the mysteries regarding family continuity in time where the ancestors (manes) were honoured and festivals held for the dead (parentes or di parentes) with similar festivals still being held in Mexico owing to the conversion of most Spanish-speaking people to Roman Catholicism. Hallowe'en is a pagan festival where all saints are celebrated and related to Samhain among Gaelic-speaking people where November is the beginning of the new year and thus related to Father Time often paired with Mother Nature (as the court transcript in the Dole chapter relates, the first bag of videos and letters I provided Benita were delivered October 31st 1992). "Under the Volcano", a novel by Malcolm Lowry, goes into the festival of the dead in detail from a subjective point of view in spite of the fact that Lowry was an alcoholic and therefore may have been undergoing some degree of psychosis. A music festival is held in Vancouver with the same name as Lowry's book owing to Lowery spending some time in North Vancouver's Cates Park after living in Cuernavaca Mexico where he observed and wrote on the festival of the dead celebration. There are places in Vancouver still bearing his name such as a lounge in the North Burnaby Inn known as "The Malcolm Lowry Room" (recently associated with a scandal involving the approval of a casino licence resulting in the resignation of premier Glen Clark).

The Romans had numina associated with various phases of the agricultural processes as well (Sterculius- fertilization, Vervactor- 1st plowing of the fields, Redarator- 2nd plowing, Imporcitor- 3rd plowing, Insitor- sowing, Messia- reaping, Convector- harvest, Noduterensis- threshing, (Conduitor- storing grain, Tutulina- resting, Promitor- removal to kitchen) and various numina derived from the mythology of the Greeks. While numerous Roman gods and goddesses existed following the replacement of the original Titans by the Olympians where the main gods were Jupiter, lord of the brilliant heavens and storms and his wife Juno Regina who was protector and special counselor of the Roman state, a 3rd individual, Minerva (also known as Pallas Athena or simply Athena in Greek myth) considered the virgin goddess of warriors, poetry, medicine, wisdom, commerce, crafts, and the inventor of music was part of a triad worshipped by the Romans and equated with Zeus and his wife Hera of the Greeks while Athena was the shrewd companion of heroes and the goddess of heroic endeavor.Mars was the son of Jupiter and Hera and god of war and equated with Aries of the Greeks, Neptune god of waters was equivalent with Poseidon of the Greeks and in addition, Faunus the patron of animal life and Silvanus god of woods were Roman male numinaries. The female divinities were Ceres, identified with Demeter of the Greeks, Tellus Mater identified with Gaia or earth, while Venus was originally a market goddess identified with the Cyprian goddess Aphrodite with Fortuna identified with Tyche of the Greeks and a goddess of luck, but either good or bad luck. She was sometimes represented blindfolded or veiled as Justice is often represented, an apt representation from my point of view, however I'd make her deaf as well, a bit retarded and Catholicjudging by a willingness to swallow bullshit offered as truth by COPs. Flora was goddess of flowers and spring with her Greek counterpart Chloris, Pomona was goddess of fruits with no Greek counterpart, Carmenta was a goddess of springs and birth, Mater Matuta was first a goddess of the dawn equivalent to Aurora who was first the Titan goddess as Eos who met her brother Helios at the ocean prior to him piloting the chariot of the sun across the sky, and then became a goddess of birth equated with Hera, Zeus' wife and sister. Two numinaries coming to us from the Romans are particularly noteworthy, however. Sator is the numinary involved with sowing, and Messia with reaping. To me it is no small coincidence that Satyr is extremely close in its etymology to Sator and relates to Satan through Stenay, a small town in Belgium in the Ardennes while Messiah and Messia (also known as Tutelina) are close to one another in etymology. While Messia occurs in the roman myth index, Sator is a notable omission. There was also the idea among the Romans of the procreative power of the male (his genius) and of the female (her juno, later being identified with childbirth and associated back to the Greek goddesses Hera and Roman goddess Juno, but the latter is also the name of a Canadian music award) which comes into being and ends with the death of the individual. Janus was said to be two-faced and capable of looking both backwards and forwards in time like the idea of the old man of the previous year giving up his control and passing the banner to the new-year baby (recalling "This door swings both ways" but also "(Nothing Changes) New Year's Day"). Interestingly, "The New Golden Bough" (where I had an edit of by Theodore H. Gaster (1959). Sir James Frazer's original 1890 work by its 3rd edition had grown to 12 volumes), Frazer noted that while Mars was considered God of War by the Romans, he was also associated with vegetation and was likely the first victim of truth when Greece was lost to Rome. The book's title was taken from an incident in the Aeneid where Aeneas and the Sibyl present the golden bough to the gatekeeper of Hades to gain admission.

The Roman husbandman prayed to Mars Silvanus (Mars of the Woods) to secure abundant harvests and it was to Mars that the Arval Brothers (a priestly order during Roman times) sacrificed a horse in October to secure an abundant harvest. The Roman calendar had Mars as the first month of the new year, and while the zodiacal sign of Mars has retained its position as first in modern-day horoscopes, January became the first month when the Julian calendar was adopted. Returning briefly to the Golden Bough, Frazer did something akin to Kinsey's surveys on sexuality in an attempt to delineate the shared elements of religious beliefs beginning with ancient belief systems and ranging to Christianity. Frazer's hypothesis, to which the data he collected was fitted, was that older religions were fertility cults that revolved around a sacred king who was both worshipped and sacrificed, and who was the incarnation of a dying and reviving god, a solar deity who underwent a mystic marriage to a goddess of the earth who died at the harvest but reincarnated in the spring. Frazer claimed the legend was central to almost all of the world's mythologies, or at least mythologies that are agriculturally-based, but there lies the problem. Prior to agricultural societies, hunter-gatherer societies existed and except for artifacts of hunting implements and cave-drawings from which explanations regarding sympathetic magic have been drawn, their mythology is largely unknown with all that remains of the mythology of hunter-gather societies being anthropological studies of North American indians and primitive tribes of Australasian and Africa. In 20th century North America, large farm implements to plant and harvest vast acreage have reduced the manpower and the requirement of general knowledge regarding agricultural practices to a point where mythological "clash" is almost bound to occur when a city-bred boy meets a rural girl like Benita. Furthermore, given her recent transplantation from a farm to "Big City Lights", she didn't appear to be faring too well judging by her frequent admissions to VGH. Unlike my own, Benita's "visits" could not be attributed to the sort of "Help" "psychiatric professionals" extend to the daughters of former (or not) good friends and "face-saving" for alma mater's whose tutelage and training provided Brown his "credentials". I think for a country girl, sex is something that is brought home at an early age by observing animals or at least observing how the men and boys on the farm keep them away from the birth of calves and piglets. The cycle of birth and death makes itself apparent early as well and "romance" likely consists of a local lad and her getting together sexually behind the barn, after a church social or after a dance at the local high school. Word travels rapidly through the community that a girl either "goes" or fails to do so. Eventually she meets a local boy in the community for whom having a wife and children is important enough to make a commitment or she ends up a spinster providing sexual entertainment until she reaches an age where she is no longer considered sufficiently attractive to be marriageable. But Benita and Brenda were going to be "big city girls" and take the city by storm. While both had illusions of becoming intellectuals at university, memorizing information you've been spoon-fed is not how one develops an intellect. Questioning the validity of what you've been spoon-fed is necessary for progress to be made. Furthermore, the "truth" is unlikely to be found in a milieu where liars control the information.

In the cult of the Roman state the counterpart of the pater familias (family's father) was the king and originally a god-king (indeed, The New Golden Bough has the first 142 pages of my Mentor soft cover edition devoted to "The Magic of Kings"). In the palace of the king of the Roman State, Vesta was the virgin goddess of the hearth honoured in a circular temple where a pure flame was tended by 6 revered women known as Vestal Virgins (but recalls "Whiter Shade of Pale" (v) originally by Procol Harum, where the lyrics were either "1 of 16 Vestal Virgins" or "1 of 6 teen Vestal Virgins") where the flame was extinguished once per year and relighted with fire sticks. There's also a reference made to "The Miller's Tale", the second story by Chaucer in Canterbury Tales. It's described in Wikipedia as a "vulgar, ribald, and satirical fabliau in stark contrast to the courtly love of the first story, the Knight's Tale." At any rate, on assuming her vow a Vestal Virgin was clasped by the chief priest of the city who said "Te, Amata, Capio" meaning: "My beloved, I take possession of thee" and the two became symbolically man and wife ("The Secret Marriage" by Sting comes to mind with regard to what transpired between us in Camosun Bog as being something similar). The garb of the vestal virgins resembled a bridal gown and if the Vestal broke her vows, she was buried alive (hopefully in a similar manner to the way I berried Beni near Camosun Bog). Her vow was that she would serve the church and keep the sacred fires burning in addition to keeping a vessel full of pure water as well as maintain her virginity according to Wikipedia. But what is the church? Another account that I recall reading regarding the vestal virgins, likely in one of Joseph Campbell's books, was that the Roman priests ran what amounted to brothels where prostitutes functioned to tend to the sexual urges of the male population. Prostitution has its ultimate basis in the will to live and the instinct for reproduction where the former is in the interest of the individual, the latter that of the race. In true sexual passion, as Schopenhauer pointed out, the advantage of the individual is subordinated to the needs of the race and prostitution offers, through abuse of the sexual instinct, a means of livelihood to be obtained by women. But the problem with Shoppehauer's view is that it fails to consider neodarwinian explanations. If we are simply vehicles for our genes, individual or phenotypic explanations fail to apply and sexual passion is ancillary to kin selection explanations if only a single family exists. For example, assuming Cleopatra was aware of the drama going on in her father's life where she would have still been preschool age and therefore entirely inexperienced sexually, she would have been cognizant of my not passing by the DD Motel and would have thus been aware of my Love for both her mother and Benita in spite of her mother's betrayal. Returning to Vancouver and taking our walk through Camosun Bog and me asking to take Benita's hand and the blackberry I gave her symbolizing my heart, Cleopatra would have been aware of what transpired as a sacred marriage. Cleopatra would also have been aware I'd already passed up an opportunity for a one-night stand with Benita when she asked me to stay to watch the "laid show" when Brenda went to work and hence, been aware of the mutual respect I was attempting to foster. Hence, she would have realized I didn't view Benita as merely a receptacle for sperm or that the fires of my heart(h) had anything less than pure intentions (something Jenni (sic) identified as dangerous while repeatedly distorting the truth under oath showing Benita, no one and his oath would all be of secondary importance to the less than divine intent of his penis). The correspondence of the vestal fire goes back to the stone and bronze ages and while no written material is available documenting their rites, Joseph Campbell went into some detail regarding these in Primitive Mythology (but the movie "Quest for Fire" rings bells too given its mention in my letter to Dr. Southwood at Oxford where women of the most advanced Ivaka tribe are fire-makers). Going back to the divine artificer idea, I don't think I really understood the artificer idea until I met Benita. I knew I'd been illuminated at 19, but never really ended up seeing myself in the mirror that was nature except for rare glimpses, for example the bird in Amsterdam whose eyes flashed, the hammer ping at my parents after the purple strobing ? (where the latter was not unlike the paper bag that appeared to be glowing in the closet of the house on King Edward when the music was "breaking") and the Devil on the TV set when I let Max up on the couch. As for the demiurge described in Plato's Timaeus, it's simply divine mind or nous, although apart from philosophy it is simply mind or intellect. Zeus is the psersonification of the demiurge and the first emanation of The One who discovers by trial and error, direct experimentation and numerous manipulations to be the source of All.

As noted by Joseph Campbell, the mythologies associated with agriculturally-based civilizations are different in character from the mythologies provided by more prehistoric hunter-gatherer or nomadic societies such as the Bedouins . Indeed, the Christian creation myth involves the prohibition by God of eating the fruit of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil. When Eve eats of the tree and Adam does too, they are banished from The Garden and forced to survive through agriculture "by the sweat of [their] face". I view the latter as losing face as the tree is also known as the "tree of conscience". Benita testified against me after having a sexual relationship with Jenny. Jenny got few details correct under oath and Benita did no better in spite of only being asked a single question by Doyle so the state had identified her as a witness who would not be particularly useful to presenting their case. They were counting on Jenny and the case proceeded with no one there to suggest anything untoward had happened by directing Formby to ask if Jenny's visits were "just about every day" as Benita had claimed in VGH . As Benita said under oath "so I made my choice, and that's when I stopped returning his calls". Dole's single question demonstrated to me his acumen and the years of preparation that had gone into producing such a keen intellect with such lucidity of expression. Dole asked Benita: "My friend just asked you a question about being -- you felt more -- essentially I think the evidence was you felt more threatened outside of VGH than inside of VGH. At the time inside of VGH was it -- is it really the factor that -- that you were inside of VGH earlier on and then outside later on, or did -- comments in relation to change between you and Mr. Donnelly that caused you to have --" to which Benita replied "I think -- I think he had changed. Like, I felt safer inside VGH because he was more controlled, and after we were outside of VGH Wayne was a lot more -- he was just weirder and he was getting -- he got more out of control and more sick". When Benita and I were in VGH when the restraining order was broken owing to McGill and Mac's intervention she looked straight at me over the table and said "I'm not afraid of you, you know" (probably because she had the assurance of Jenny to "hold onto") . Yet a few months later in court Ruse was bringing the charge of violating the restraining order up when it had already been violated because Lord at the MUC and McGill decided a psych ward was where an individual who'd paid tuition for training and been assaulted belonged. The idea that I had been "played" by Jenny and now Benita owing to their sexual involvement which his description of a "rival male" in Rocky Raccoon's lyrics imparted along with Benita boasting "just about every day" in VGH when the restraining order was violated left me with no doubt regarding her violation by "Eric" as she called him on the witness stand. While I was pissed at her colossal gall for thinking she could have me convicted as someone who was dangerous when she'd already taken the investigating officer for his genes, I did want to accomplish the dual purpose of letting her off the hook as well as let her know on no uncertain terms that she hadn't fooled no one (me). Jenny had lied and introduced numerous factual inaccuracies under oath and she'd revealed herself as someone who wasn't averse to pinning blame on me after gametes had already been exchanged (again, something that is a one way street, Jenny received none of Benita's gametes. It's why Jesus is referred to as the "One Way" and similarly why being "Right!" results in damning perceptions of anyone who'd oppose it. "Right!" is an absolute). Business as usual (where Jenny saying on October 12th "She was quite businesslike when I first met her with regards to her dealings. She -- she appeared to be not comfortable with the situation but in control, asked questions which appeared to be -- to reveal somebody who was interested in answers rather than anything else. Her emotional level was stable. I was simply chatting with a concerned citizen with a problem" wasn't lost on me. He viewed the woman I Loved as a sex worker and probably did everything he could to prove it and she wasn't clever enough to know what she was letting herself in for). Meanwhile, I'm doing as The Bible says while trying to provide Love and comfort eschewing sexual involvement until mutual trust is established while Jenny gives more weight to his dick, 13 years on the Farce and a psych BA than my reputation and 17 years of postsecondary education. The fact that I was also Mr. Right and concerned that Benita's mental health might be further jeopardized by having to listen to her own machinations in song lyrics (which is another of the reasons I provided her with "6 is 9" having the inscription that she'd "Always mean nothing to me"? The Bible says "nothing can remain hidden". Indeed, this is why I'd written "I can be very wrathful as well, and my wrath is not pretty. If someone harms me they're actually inflicting that harm on themselves." I'd had little time to appreciate the repercussions of what the "men" at McGill and Mac had achieved and had lived with a clear conscience for years only by being extraordinarly careful since 19 because as I related under oath "). Then the pair of them have the unmitigated gall to call "Right!" dangerous and attempt to have no one viewed as guilty while bringing their sordid "affair" before the courts? "Right!" is only dangerous when you identify yourself as anti-Right and therefore, against Love, Truth and Light. All of which became apparent to me at 19 but may be something few people on this planet will know at the end of their lives given my treatment by them. Finding their own ways back into human bodies may not be as easy as getting laid while receiving a taxpayer-funded salary and subsequently attempting to conceal it after being sworn to tell the Truth under oath.

After I'd left her the message saying I'd always Love her, I called again a few days after Valentine's day on Feb. 20th 2008, the day of a lunar eclipse, and left what was apparently 105 minutes of recorded messages on her answering machine (I figured a lunar eclipse day was ideal, given 50% of the population is ruled by the moon and Moses was considered a lunar influence which meant the moon shone owing to reflected light. Moses was illuminated and thus been the sayer of The Word and was therefore "Man" (soMe S), and as for "the Wh(or)iskey burning" from the previous link, I was hoping Fraud was enjoying my "training" as much as I enjoyed his). I'd left a batch of letters and tapes at Benita's place at Mayfair (v) on the day of a previous lunar eclipse which was likely Dec 9, 1992. There was also the message behind "Brain Damage" (the dark side of the moon is never seen from earth and represents no one, the "Right!"). In the message I also related what had recently happened to Blair as what I thought leading a double life as a good Christian family-man while having trysts with prostitutes on the side had provided sweet little Stephanie (the trial ended on Feb 14th 2008, the anniversary of the date where 16 years previously, Danielle had given me a restraining order on the same day Wayne's World opened in theatres). I told Benita the "battle" that has been raging between men and women for generations is a genetic one. Men having financial resources pay for sexual access and then come home to their wives and children and say "I had a hard day at the orifice today". It's something the family of man (at least me and my house) have no interest in perpetuating regardless of how "cool" it may seem to treat other people's precious children like objects so sexual gratification can be obtained. If everyone viewed their children as being as priceless as I know mine to be, there would be no adultery and males and females would mate for life. I also told Benita that regarding of whatever happened between her and Jenny, I didn't view her as "damaged goods". The lyrics of the latter song describes lust as the sins of the flesh. I told her that the reason I'd gone busking was so I could escape from the "pressure" Blair had let himself in for (where "Midnight at the O as is" by Maria Muldaur has lyrics revealing "Send your camel to BED". Joseph Campbell's analogy to young men starting their lives as camels saying "Put a load on me" was a role that I stopped playing when I wrote my 29 page letter and 6 page "pome" to the "men" at Mac and McGill where the load I'd borne was something no one decided anyone who'd suggest I failed to "measure up" would measure the amount of erectile tissue they possessed in subsequent incarnations as 1/6th of what they have now at best. My brother's initials are BED). As I saw it though, the affairs she'd spoken of with married men considered "cool" by her were trysts giving no consideration to the wives or children of the "married men". Furthermore, she'd obviously used my life as a bargaining chip just as she'd used her sexuality to get Jenny to do her bidding (permanently losing Jenny and his allies "membership in "the club" of those giving more consideration to their hearts than the need to get a load off). The lyrics "You said you're cheap but you're too much" in the song regarding "damaged goods" fit because at that time, there appeared to be no "Right!' in Benita. Whatever she could get away with, she would in the same way Jenny used the circumstances of my being in Love with her to have him visit her "just about everyday" while I was prosecuted for leaving her gifts and letters. When her mother and Henry had gotten married, she related her mother had received 2 letters from him. I think that's why the first anniversary is celebrated with paper. People who get married should still be trying to communicate while Benita hadn't let our relationship go any further without delivering ultimatums. Given she assuredly learned such tactics from her mother and she had 3 female siblings and a single broter, I was beginning to see why Benita's father wasn't still alive (getting pushed around by 5 women having attitudes similar to Benita that it was impossible for a woman to be wrong when "Right!" is an absolute and something women likely only ever know indirectly). Benita had used Jenny to tell her what she wanted to hear. She wanted to hear I was crazy for loving her with the "obsession" I'd shown. In return, Jenny would spare no stories about how a psych BA qualifies its holder for superhuman insight into the human psyche, particularly how he'd learned from Freud that "everything" was about sex. I wonder whether Freud's centurion alter-ego also told her about Stanley Milgram's experiments in social psychology?

Stanley Milgram did important social psychology experiments to determine how social conditioning could result in the removal of socially-sanctioned prohibitions. "Teachers" were asked to deliver electric shocks that increased in intensity when "learners" gave wrong responses in structured learning trials. During the trials, the researcher in control of the experiment assured the "teachers" the shocks were "not serious", that the "learners" were "overreacting" when they said things like "Stop, I can't stand it anymore" or "Please, no more, you're killing me". The "teachers" were also reassured that the "learners" were "dumber than usual", that the "learners" "wouldn't learn as quicky" without high voltages being applied, that it wouldn't be "properly scientific" to stop the experiment, that "only a few more" trials were necessary before the experiment would be finished, or any other excuse that would cause the "teacher" to up the voltage control (which was a placebo, no shock was being applied and the "learners" were actually paid actors). Indeed, "teachers" appeared willing to put their consciences on hold providing they'd been sanctioned to do so by the "research directors", and indeed, many of the "teachers" actually appeared to enjoy punishing the learners. Not having to worry about the consequences of hurting someone because it is sanctioned by an authority group is the great equalizer that can result in a bunch of people who have little education, acumen or much else to recommend them in terms of their ethical standards harming others who are every bit their equals, and may ultimately be their judges (women are provided roles as executioners). I think war is the best example. Countries claiming to be one nation under God such as the USA "indoctrinate" those they "hire" as hitmen to treat others halfway around the world as if they are members of another species. Meanwhile, those who've been indoctrinated as hitmen are deemed by those who've indoctrinated them as being less important than politicians, generals and their wives and children, which are obviously sacrosanct. But those responsible for the indoctrination have to overcome a dozen or more years of teachings from The Bible that have been inculcated where they've been told "Thou shall not kill". One of the repercussions for those coming back from war is that they have to make peace with themselves after having taken the lives of those who've been sufficiently dehumanized by those who've indoctrinators them to transform other people's children into "gooks", "ragheads" or simply "animals" and the process goes both ways, the "hitmen" are themselves referred to as "animals" and while it is true that human beings are "animals", they are not only sentient creatures having the capacity to know or feel pain themselves, but are capable of reversing sentience and thus, knowing the pain others must be feeling. Previously in Europe, countries such as the French and English would go to war against one another when it was not unlike the civil war in the states where one closely-related kin group was killing members of the same group separated by something as insignificant as geography, language, a narrow body of water or the belief that one man should not be enslaved by another. Tell someone who has worked in a call center run by a large US corporation that slavery has been abolished.

Were all people in the world more than a single kin group, there would be pre- or post-reproductive barriers that existed that prevented successful reproduction of say American Indians and Australian Aboriginals, and while language used to qualify in that respect, with English being spoken by people around the world, language was no longer the reproductive isolating mechanism it once was and it appears that currently religion is being singled out as the line of demarkation between "our" and "their" people. The war being fought on my turf was whether it was fair to make a promise of "a living wage" and pay someone 5¢ an hour, provide assault when the employee is the spouse of another faculty member questions your veracity, tell them they failed "to measure up" to your "standards" and because of your lack of approval of their work (which you lacked the skillset to assess and besides, wanted to gain "Brownie" points with someone on an NSERC funding committee that would provide you with a larger operating grant provided you helped to slay McArthur and Wilson's vindication) result in the destruction of their life. Furthermore, when they complained about your treatment of not only you and other students, the colossal gall to suggest the victim of disregard was insane when what was truly insane was thinking "a living wage" could be promised and 5¢ an hour wages delivered without repercussions. I'd wanted to believe Benita had fallen for the "protection" Jenny was overzealously providing if her description in VGH of seeing him "just about every day" was closer to the truth than he offered of "2-3 times a week" under oath. The fact that I hadn't seen Benita from the time I'd dropped off the coffee and offered descriptions for why each type related to her and I which she'd chosen not to accept until I saw her at the liquor store and then finally at VGH where she presented a smug attitude provided me with the certainty Jenny had been properly "compensated" for all his "selflessness" (like changing the "Revolver" tape I'd given her into "that gun" and invitation to suicide in the "Executive Summary" I obtained prior to defending myself before McGivern in the chapter that follows this one). I told her in the message I left that she was really the only person I'd ever been with who made my loneliness vanish entirely. I didn't relate that even when I'd been with Danielle, I still didn't feel there was a connection between us. I'd look into Danielle's dark brown eyes and there was no brilliant light beckoning me to come in. There was a darkness where I knew my light would have a home for as long as I complied with her wishes, satisfied her and her family's endless demands and withstood her and their criticisms but it seemed there was no "Right!" in her or any of her kin. Only expediency. I also told Benita that I needed a wife but in a bit of a different way by quoting the lyrics to "Ironic" where I related the lyrics "10,000 spoons when all you need is a knife" and told her I wanted a knife that wasn't plastic that would last me a lifetime. Even if it cut me sometimes. And given that there are undoubtedly "10,000 poons" in my general vicinity, I thought better the Devil I knew than the one I didn't. Furthermore, I thought Benita might be contrite given my catching her red-handed in a betrayal not too different than the one Danielle engineered with Brown's assistance. Benita's inability to make her own decisions and imbue Jenny with superhuman insight was a role males are accustomed to being asked to play. Provided Love is seen as the highest good, they're capable of playing the role authentically because they're able to see things from both sides, how their X (child) would feel, and how their Y ("Right!") would feel too (with the latter coming from their fathers where "Right!" is, or should be seen as an absolute). While Jenny left Benita with protection of the sort that would discourage most males by having injected his worthless sperm into her and providing me with 3 trips to jail in exchange for losing his genes, the charges were either something she'd done because Jenny had manipulated her or something that had her full cooperation. Either way, I'd find out eventually. But all Jenny had done was prove his genes and ideologies were as worthwhile to the race as those Fred had demonstrated ("Freedom 90" by George Michaels (v) comes to mind having the lyrics "sometimes the clothes do not make the man". Michaels used supermodels including Naomi Campbell, Linda Evangelista, Christy Turlington, Tatjana Patitz, Cindy Crawford, Todo Segalla and Scott Benoit in the video to mouth the words of the song and didn't appear in the video himself). Like postgraduates would lose the salaries promised and fail to obtain their degrees if Fred had obtained tenure, Truth would be sacrificed as long as Jenny was a COP. Furthermore, all who accepted Jeeny's testimony as Truth were no different as far as I was concerned and would have no further access to Truth ("Right!") and therefore lose access to the SRY locus if male. Benita's excuse was that she was a woman and therefore, someone whose only access to Y came from a penis, but because of my "Right!", she'd been facing the music too where songs like Melanie C's "Carolyna" (v) had lyrics making reference to "Nobody said you're beautiful, you're beautiful the way you are" as well as making reference to a girl who was "17", similar to Kid Rock's "All summer long" (v) where the boat he pilots in the video has the name "cowboy". A song recorded by Mitsou (Mitsou Annie Marie Gélinas) comes to mind relating to the Cowboy reference was Bye Bye Mon Cowboy (v) and had lyrics relating to someone leaving who used to make love to her, but only in her mind (I wish I could find a video of "A funny place (the world is)" but could find only the lyrics). I also related Brenda's and Benita's absence in court on October 13th 1993 as indication that they'd showed their "care" for me and my fate. Get me into trouble with a bunch of bullies, liars and thieves and don't even follow-through by assuming my guilt "proven" in the same way "Regina" was assumed to be have triumphed over no one? As I saw the proceedings, any judge who'd accept Jenny's testimony or the testimony of any COP without questioning sexually-related ulterior motives (why do you think I had Formby ask the question regarding "just about every day when I saw Benita only once in 4 months Smith, you worthless piece of garbage? You can go back to sleep until you get paid more for "sleeping" on the job than you currently do mouthing standard bullshit of "not relevant"!) should permanently lose access to the SRY. Smith accepted Jenny's "I spoke to Miss Kloosterman on a number of occasions during the month of -- during the month of November of 1992, Your Honour, and they were -- every visit was with the sole intent of advisal with regards to what was occurring" cock and bull story without question. A dozen visits based on a couple bags of tapes and letters if his 2-3 times a week explanation was the truth. But why would it be? There was no truth in Jenny and whoever believed him (except for Benita) can lose their relation to the SLY locus (decrypted). The same is true of anyone who couldn't be counted on for true testimony or obeying their oaths. Swearing an oath removes your freedom to act in self-interest without defaulting on the oath sworn. So the problem was the proviso "as long as Love was put as the highest good". Benita had trusted the wrong people. Hell, McGivern didn't even know Benita's name or address but said repeatedly "I'm prepared..., I'm prepared...". He was prepared for dick and in his next life, his little open yoni can determine preparation requires making sure you're always carrying two "purses". One between your legs and another over your shoulder.

I also told her that "Another postcard" by BNL fit my circumstances, but likely fit Benita's as well. For me it seemed all of the codes were so simple I didn't know why it had taken me so long to figure it all out. I related the fact that the no one on the card I'd given her was related to the no one found in the cave at Calvary and there were 3X chromosomes (with the Y hidden inside the "cave". The latter linked video shows Madonna sticking her head into what looks to be an operating theatre lamp on a pedestal prior to the lyrics "No one's gonna show me how" are sung). Since Benita had likely not decreased her level of sexual activity from the time I'd escaped the "laid show" at her Mayfair address, she was assuredly receiving the boon of regular "male" delivery from those she'd met in New Westminster and elsewhere who'd found a woman for whom sex was simply "business as usual" was a boon. But all her "lovers" were still linked to my Y. It was like Steve Martin's remake of Cyrano de Bergerac " Roxanne". If those who were providing her their father's or mother's X and 22 autosomes were acceptable to her, but she rejected the Y and has it jailed (when it is what will get her and them back into the "game"), it suggested the time to either stop accepting male delivery had come or the "cards" she'd receive would become bloody nasty (Alanis Morisette's lyrics to "Underneath" and its video revealed her and Brenda's hypocritical actions in addition to making similar equivalencies as I'd made using Temurah where Earth=Heart was something I'd given Benita in my letters to her). Benita's current crop of "toys" probably didn't profess Love for her, and were they to do so, it would likely make her uncomfortable enough to break off whatever sexual access she was providing. When I knew her at the age of 23, Benita didn't want Love. The latter seemed to be a "loaded" word having unpleasant connotations, perhaps associated with her having provided sexual access in the past when the "magic word" was said by posers and she subsequently got dumped, or worse, developed a reputation for being "easy". Perhaps sex with Benita was without passion. Just a job that had to be dispatched like doing the laundry in exchange for the opportunity to drink someone else's beer. Maybe that's something women experience as a gender as time goes by. I wondered after years of "the act" whether women's vaginas end up feeling like welcome mats ("did you come well?"). Likely she was playing her "roll" of taking men for their genes without realizing there was anything "special" in the 400-600 million sperm deposited into either the ends of condoms or her vagina. When I told her of my "Another postcard" realization, I didn't mention her roll (sic) even though I'd been "told" Benita had a "lot of toys", something I interpreted to mean different male companions or "lovers" as she'd be likely to call them. I viewed them as opportunists and no more (access to the SRY locus). If you're a male and the woman you're losing your genes to, or you're a woman and the man who provides you his genes isn't someone you'd considering marrying and having children with someday, you're abusing the source of the genes you've been provided. Love should be the only reason men and women get together in a sexual sense. If beer is the medium of exchange a man provides to a woman so an opportunity to lose sperm is obtained, the male obviously doesn't have anything worth taking him for. If the ante is raised beware. His genes are likely a liability. I also related the discovery I'd made about the UK version of Revolver. How Dr. Roberta, which wasn't present on the US version I'd given her which Jenny took control of ("I found a cassette case and a piece of notepaper, to my recollection". The "Dole" chapter of 6 is 9 is where that excerpt can be found), had validity in her healing my heart when Danielle employed Brown to dump me in VGH. I related that there were 2 songs having 301 times following one another on side 1 and two more with 201 times following one another on side 2 on the UK version of "Revolver". I also related the presence of the song "For no one" on Revolver and explained that was why I'd given her the tape in the first place. Jenny changing it to "gun" in his "Executive Summary" left me with no doubt regarding his ill-will towards me as "a rival male" and his intentions towards Benita were revealed in his admission regarding what worried him should "Instant Karma" come to pass where "Karma Police" describes my benevolence towards Jenny and others who've sowrn oaths who'd reveal similar motives and lack of veracity after swearing an oath 13 years previously (a wortlhess piece of Ass indeed). Jenny was a selfish bastard who'd take what he wanted, even if it meant lying to Benita regarding my intentions towards her so he could get laid while lying to his employers regarding what his "valuable patrol time" was being used to achieve . Being totally fearless regarding bearing false witness under oath, he should have considered the no one (=All) he'd sworn his oath to serve. Benita should have seen my identification with no one as the "End of the Innocence" (the solo in the video shows a tuba and trombone playing, neither could play the solo). But I thought it strange when Jenny gave his testimony he recounted the questions he'd asked when he'd come to my apartment of: "You told Benita you think you're God." to which I'd replied: "Only at times" (if God is Love, my thoughts toward her were Loving, so my claim was true regarding her and as for "you think", it was something Jenny showed he didn't have the capacity to do himself and in future incarnations, he'll be doing as Benita has done. Let his Y come from a cylindrical piece of anatomy affixed to members of the opposite sex). Now I had the "key" to "Rocky Raccoon" of 333 (not to mention other songs such as "World We Know" (v) by Crash Parallel also having a 333 time and biological imagery including two elk locking horns attempting to settle a dispute using conventionalized methods (when either could do permanent damage and cause injury up to and including death of the other given the size of their racks if they weren't more "civilized" than humans). The two new keys on "Revolver" had appeared precisely where and when I needed them. It was enough to get me believing what the "voice" had told me when I left the detox center (on the day Dan demonstrated "Train in Vain" was her philosophical outlook regarding her wedding vows) regarding "no limits". In the message I also related to Benita the fact that in the courtroom only Brenda and I gave a good goddamn what happened to her and told her I'd Loved her from the time we'd first met in VGH and related how the song "Afternoons and Coffee Spoons" by The Crash Test Dummies fit our time there, but also related not seeing her and Brenda in court on October 13th demonstrated how much they gave a damn about what happened to me. I also related the symbology of 3's as explaining why there were 3 Alanis' in her "Ironic" video and the"Rocket Man" video announced by Bernie Taupin at the 1978 Sci Fi conference featuring William Shatner similarly had 3 clones of him shown in the video. Again a 3 to 1 ratio was described where no one was hidden in the card (and my "hideaway" from the courts went undiscovered as indicated in the lyrics of "Too Bad" by Doug and the Slugs, the video has a 3:34 time). I also told her that I believed in freedom and that I wasn't going to, and indeed, couldn't force her one way or the other to become my wife, but that she'd always be "in the music" (although at that time, I didn't know how she'd be viewed by those who knew what she'd done or her motives for doing so where I viewed the my life having been bartered so Benita could obtain the genes of a lying COP). I thought David Usher's "The Music" was amazing given the correspondence of it's lyrics to th situaton which related "Beni Baby, Please don't cry, wipe the guilt out from your eyes, leave your conscience on the bet, there's no one innocent here, In the mirror you'll find faith" which, as no one, seemed to absolve me of guilt putting the blame squarely where it belonged. Benita placed her conscience on hold figuring a COP was a safe bet. Benita only had to glance in a mirror to see she wasn't nothing (just no thing). On the other hand, Jenny and the courts viewing someone eligible for prosecution for leaving love letter and gifts was only (T)reasonable after having sworn oaths to hold truth sacred and (nothing=Love is sacred). The assault and slave wages I incurred and my former wife's failure to obey her wedding vows resulting in Benita and I meeting in the first place wasn't seen as a problem provided it came from an "approved source" like my "living wage" and "training" had done. Jenny's lame attempts at defending dereliction of duty in the best interests of his dick were what COP's had promised to deliver when they'd sworn oaths "to service and project" (NOT!!!). I wondered why the fuckers of the courts thought no one had made an appearance on the greeting card? So they could sleep through being judged as they had when they swore their oaths and apparently ignored the penalties that would be incurred if they did renege upon the oaths they'd sworn? Showing me the Truth would not be heard, much less sought, and as for being held sacred, all that appeared sacred were the lies Jenny told. Truth wasn't considered relevant and being repeatedly interrupted hasn't added to my pleasant recollections of any of those I met in Court (where the bandname Cribs of the latter link suggests 3 ribs, or if you wish, XXX. The lyrics imply Benita's dream was living outside her means by catching a free ride on someone like Jenny having cash irrespective of whether he was "Right!" or Not). The genes of those who participated in "affair trial" have attained similar non-relevant status. When they're endowed with nothing between their legs in future incarnations, they too will be permitted similar opportunities to live well outside their means in a manner similar to what 50% of the population currently do provided their lifetime of neglecting others' "relevance" hasn't been objectionable to the point where human status is denied.

I told Benita if she did assent to be my wife though, I expected her to be 100% "faithful" ( Rihanna performed the linked song at the June 20th 2008 MMVA's where she wore a policeman's cap as part of her wardrobe) as I'd been to Danielle and related the fact that I was on the rebound from a relationship with a woman who took courting too literally, something Benita would have heard had she appeared in court on October 13th 1993. I'd had no relationship with any woman except friendships in the past 15 years, and indeed, until I wrote my letter of resignation at the aquarium store (prompted by a good deal of reflection on a Natasha Bedingfield's recording oof "Unwritten" with the lyrics "I am undefined" which I interpreted as relating to mathematics), I thought I'd continue being a prisoner of the circumstances that fell on me at 19 which only made themselves fully apparent when returning from Amsterdam and pouring out my essence in addition to completing the instructions to "invert the pyramid" encountered in "While my guitar gently weeps". But after writing the letter of resignation and hearing "American Dream". I knew it was OK to resume my life and try and find happiness in the time remaining to me. As for Benita and the way she might be viewed by others, I'd heard a Willie Nelson song suggesting someone without an heart wouldn't be susceptible to Love, but I knew when she heard my voice and hung up and called again seconds later and she answered but was sobbing, that wasn't the explanation. She did have a heart but it was "backed up against the wall" as Sara Bareille's song "Bottle it up" related (where Sara's head moves at that phrase to result in a flash of blinding sunlight) experiencing justifiable remorse for having betrayed me for the short-term gain of having Jenny, who she was sure was "the better man", visit her until he dumped her. When I'd seen her in VGH and proposed a relationship with her even if sex wasn't part of the bargain and she'd told me "You'd still want it", I realized she'd likely been admitted to VGH because she was feeling used and was in a turmoil regarding why it hadn't worked out between Jenny and her. Why? Because it's a lot easier to believe lies from a COP than the fact that the VPD would hire a selfish bastard not too unlike most women. Our system exists because of similar centurions. Men whose best defense is being offensive. Women on the planet deal with defective cases of Y in men such as Jenny every day and the reward to those like Jenny is to return here as women taking everyone who they can convince to follow the Way of Open Yoni with them in a manner similar to what Benita had intended to do with me and my genes. Bye-bye where the latter link is to a Mariah Carey song that was released as a video after I'd left Benita my telephone message (it was on Mariah's album E=mc2 which seems perfectly logical coming from her. NOT!!). I was beginning to see my letter of resignation had resulted in a lot of very depressing music, although I felt fine myself. I also informed Benita that I'd passed the test of "true love" but didn't relate anything regarding what I'd discovered about the universe as revealed in late 2007 and mentioned in 6 is 9. If she thought me crazy for saying John Lennon's music and I were connected via my own experiences (and now I'd be hard-pressed to find any lyrics where I didn't see my influence), she'd think I'd certainly gone off the deep end if I told her no one was where space and time ended and had its beginning. What prompted this latest call to Benita was a dream I'd had a few days before where all I heard were the last few seconds of a one-sided conversation with Benita's voice talking in an excited manner (again, my dreams have been utter blackness for years now so recalling anything was a rarity). As I was waking I said "I Love you Benita". In retrospect, after being happy we'd made contact, it started to really bother me because it was similar to the trilogy on "Abbey Road" prior to "The End" having the lyrics "Oh yeah, all right, are you gonna be in my dreams 2nite". I recalled to myself how she'd related a dream in VGH about a Michael Jackson concert she'd been to where I now assumed she'd simply tapped into my feed similar to this latest dream. What bothered me about the dream was that it didn't make sense she should have me jailed 3 times and now trespass on my dreams. How did I go from an insane criminal to a trusted friend and confidante who tells her he Loves her? Her behaviour was unacceptable the first time she had me jailed, the third time after provding sexual rewards to a lying bully who didn't care whether I was left with a criminal record and she ended up in a psych ward for the rest of her life providing he got laid, she'd proven conclusively her friendship had the same value as Danielle's. Furthermore, Jenny revealed he had no qualms about ripping-off taxpayers by exhibiting dereliction of duty, then suggesting on the witness stand I had to be crazy for loving Benita and that medication administered by a shrink was somehow going to change the 34 years of my life I'd seen disappear, the latter being something he didn't view as a problem. I decided Benita would no longer be provided access to my dreams until her attitude changed (where "Now that you're gone" by Sheryl Crow fits). If her attitude failed to change, Benita was in the same position as Fred, Jenny and their allies where, if I never saw her face again and she, her ally Brenda and both of their lineages were lost from the race forever similar to what The Unicorn song related (an animal I'd suggested resembled her in my earlier writings), was something I'd be willing to take the responsibility and blame for having decided. I did leave her with an out though. I told her in the message that if she couldn't be a faithful wife, she couldn't be with me or the other women who I shared myself with (if only a single Y chromosome is shared among men, it follows there's only a single Y that was provided to women who've accepted "donations" from men. Furthermore, the Y fails to consider Cleopatra's X derived from my genes). I also made it no secret to Benita that I viewed "affairs" with married men as really sleazy. Since my message and disclosure, Martha Wainwright's album "I know you're married but I have feelings too" has been released with "You Cheated Me" the first video from the album. Having a wife I couldn't count on for fidelity, I'd not only worry about uncertainty regarding my own paternity if children were conceived, and even with no children, I'd have legitimate worries about obtaining an STD. Furthermore, while I could imagine a polygamous relationship with different women (and indeed, if enlightenment makes one the holder of the SRY locus, every woman on the planet having received genes from men had obtained or would obtain my Y), I couldn't stand being in a relationship with the woman I Love having sex with men other than myself. It therefore wasn't reasonable to expect any woman to approve of me making Love to more than one woman. My genes are different than my heart. Were Benita to choose the role, she'd be All women. Furthermore, Benita had already proven herself untrustworthy numerous times in the past and furthermore, acted as if being an easy lay was something she should be proud of. If she couldn't be faithful, it would be like having a wife who kissed me in the morning as I went off to work and then proceeded to have sex with the mailman, milkman and whoever else she seduced. When I came home, she might kiss me and when I complained about the hard day I'd had, she'd say "her day" (meaning the men she'd seen that day) were "really hard" too, but thankfully now that I was home, it wouldn't be "hard" anymore (meaning she'd have no use for me, she'd been "reaping" all day). I'd seen a video by Alanis Morisette which I made indirect reference to called "So Pure" (v) having lyrics accusing her dance partner of being "so relevant" (too bad Smith and McGivern failed the test, the owner of the SRY locus doesn't like men who label what he says as irrelevant and the SRY locus becomes something that, like giving Love, fails to be relevant in the future). The video from Alanis' "Supposed Former Infatuation Junkie" (referring to Benita as my heroine habit) showed Alanis dancing with a man having a card on his back with the number 101 on it. The lyrics also revealed New York as the setting, similar to how David Usher's "The Music" (v) and Plain White T's "Hey There Delilah" did . When I'd had the revelation after watching the Tragically Hip DVD as a result of being frightened by the song order on the radio station I'd been listening to and went to see my mother at 4 AM in the morning, I went back to my mom's place and listened to a jazz radio channel the next day and was "told" I'm now a resident of the Big Apple. As if I could be living in one city and simultaneously be identified with another. I suppose Time's Square being in New York makes a modicum of sense in that regard and further, hides my true location. Again, reviews bother me, particularly when I'm hearing I'm "the only one who passed every test" as Christina Aguilera's "Ain't no other man" relates. With regard to the "So Pure" song, I told Benita all my courses were 101 and if she wasn't interested in what I offered, her life could stay the same. I felt Benita had already taken betrayal to an art form. She knew I'd met her in VGH because my former wife (now "Daughter") of 16 years had me woken from a warm bed and committed to obtain her heart's desire (collegiality with a family of similar liars and thieves she can hobknob with until she reaches the end of her life and is forced to come in from the cold), knew I'd met her in VGH again when the restraining order was violated only because the "men" at McGill and Mac had received letters that condemned their actions using rock music lyrics that precisely fit the names of those involved and dovetailed with The Bible (that she'd received copies of and therefore had the whole story), and whether she read and understood my letters or not, she saw Jenny and the courts lack of concern when hearing about slave wages and assault and decided if they weren't concerned, provided her life wasn't adversely affected, why should she be concerned? Furthermore, I'd left her videotapes and love letters and that was the real danger. Politicians should run on a similar platform and see how far it takes them. "If elected I promise to abolish birthdays and Christmases, no more Easter, down with Valentine's Day too. No more of this gift-giving. And we'll offer tax breaks to companies or institutions who provide their employees wage cuts over 75% so it becomes impossible for families to persist. Assault of male employees by their superiors on the job will be one of the perquisites of managers, and managers being permitted to have sex with female employees will be a condition of any woman's employment. Once wives or female employees have given up on saving their marriages and reneged on their vows, they'll become concubines for the company's managers, minions of the state like Jenny or anyone else that's interested once they've been passed around a bit and everybody has had a bit of fun. Children will be put into foster care because their fathers can't be depended on to provide for their families and their mothers have demonstrated they're no better than sleazy whores. I can well see Jenny's World, or Ass World as it might be called. But this is Wayne's World and Jenny's watch was over in 1973. When Jenny's receiving hot meat injections in some future incarnation, he shouldn't expect to see where it's coming from. As far as I can ascertain, there's so many who want to see him on your back with his legs in the air or on his hands and knees like a dog (preferably with barking and yelping), he and his "brother constables" may be similarly occupied for 1000 lifetimes.

Back to Benita's phone message, I told her that there's only a single family on the planet and forgiveness is something we have to extend others if the single family is going to persist (Jenny and Fraud are the expections to every rule). As for her telling me she couldn't forgive me for what I'd written to her and her judging what I wrote as "Well, these -- I mean, to me as love letters they lacked. I mean, they were -- they weren't love letters, they were -- they were treatises on -- I mean, on Wayne, whatever -- how Wayne saw the world. I saw them less as love letters than as just ramblings". Such lucid expression. It wasn't unlike her 2 word analysis of "Romeo and Juliet". "Suicide packed". I suspected she'd became such an expert on Love letters by reading single word messages like "Shiek" and Trojan" on small plastic packages. I told her Love is and who was she to presume to stand in judgment of the expression it took? I should have told her if I were to stand in judgment of her Love, she and her kin would be banned from the soul forevermore since I'd already decided there were a lot of "men" she'd introduced me to who'd only obtain protection from my wrath were they to return to this planet with vaginas, and like her, a willingness to use her panties as ankle warmers a good deal of the time. I related Leslie Feist's "1234" (v) and the lyrics told the truth: "Money can't buy you back the Love that you had then" (when we first met in VGH). Not after she'd impugned my sanity and betrayed me 3 times by having me jailed when all I'd done was tell her the Truth. The lyrics of Feist's song also related "You know who you are" and I felt if by now Benita didn't know she was "the subject" of songs and that the music she'd been listening to for years was "All for you", she'd better realize it now and act accordingly. Bernie Taupin related as much at Elton John's 60th birthday concert at Madison Square Garden when he said "the subject is naive". I mentioned "Beni and the Jets" that I'd seen at my Mom's place a couple days before and the green eyes I'd seen resembling Beni's on the video screen with that song being followed by Elton John's "Empty Garden". And the lyrics of the former song did reveal Benita and everyone she'd gotten involved with as "faithless". Impugn the best of intent and attempt to prove anyone who Loved and cared about her must be crazy while pretending to have insight into the motives of the "Right!" when you're nothing but cheap predators pretending a book you've sworn on gives you the authority to act as if your own shit doesn't smell? Sound's like "American Television". Love always finds a way. I also said I thought it was really strange that in Great Britain, artists get Knighted for writing songs about "no one". In Canada people get jailed if they're no one (and jailers end up in a prison where Y is a "crack" addiction guys have where money and an opportunity to reap genes seems too good to be true). Furthermore when she'd told me "I'll never be able to forgive you for what you wrote" in VGH , I thought she might be blaming me for her "affair" with Jenny and was actually saying: "It's all your fault I ended up having sex with Jenny. This hospital admission after he dumped me is all your doing. If I hadn't put a restraining order on you, he'd never have spent nearly every day with me and gotten to me". Then again, maybe she was thinking "I'll never be able to see you in the same way after having betrayed you with Jenny, and besides, if your wife betrayed you, that's what you deserve". Talk about "twisted" not to mention "more out of control and more sick". Only if she was willing to forgive me, although for what I have no idea unless it was the card I'd given her that became Exhibit 3. Had she asked me about the card I would have explained the inscription using The Bible (t), but she cut me off with no explanation possible. Again, it was a defensive posture I had the foresight to prepare and there was no malicious intent. Had I not prepared the defense of the card, Jenny's lies might have stood up to scrutiny. As it was, no one judged Jenny and his selfishness and factual inaccuracies and found neither he nor the club of pretenders to "right" he claimed affiliation to (who did nothing to deny his membership in good standing and failed to object when he referred to a woman constable as a "brother" (where my "sisters" obtain access to the Y only if they're willing to accept hot meat injections) being any better or different than a bunch of opinionated women who, like Fred, could be counted on to either lie or exaggerate and prove themselves reliably wrong when "Right!" could only marvel at the machinations. Although Jenny did add the additional perquisite of his self-assessment as a selfish bastard whose instant karma returning to him was something he had no doubt was a threat. I hope Benita didn't get too attached to his dick or the masculinity of his cult of personality in the persons of Luse, Do|le, Smith and Son of Give LN (I think nursing children was something former Judge McGivern will be prepared for if provide the appropriate "equipment", slip the letter "P" or "V" in there and a career as LPN or LVN will probably better suit his temperament). My X and Y saw all of them as two-faced bastards having no Truth or Love to recommend them. Jenny and his "friends" and "brothers" who appeared fit only to offer criticism and abuse obviously didn't share my sentiments that "Love is a very important thing", and when I raised the ante to "The most important", it didn't have the desired effect of making anyone present view themselves and their penis' and testes as "Love dispensers" (Sheryl Crow makes reference to hitching a "Right!" with "a vending machine repairman" in "Every Day is a Winding Road"). Given the absence of Y chromosomes in women, if only a single family of Homo sapiens exists, women require reminders there is more than simply the X tribe on this planet. Apparently agriculturists have said that were all of the matter on the planet to suddenly disappear with only worms being left, there'd still be the outline of all previously living matter present in the nematodes that remained. The Y chromosome is similarly important. Were everything on this planet coming into existence owing to the XY pair of men on the planet to suddenly disappear, no buildings, no motor cars, no printing presses to print magazines, novels, reference books or poetry, no musical instruments and no electrical or electronic devices, no farm machinery or satellites in orbit would exist. Where would people be living? What would they be wearing? Animal skins? Who would kill the animals given the hunt has traditionally been a male-initiated enterprise? And given that women generally treat one another most foully (although this might be owing to competition over males), who would treat women as if they were special creatures under God's creation? The consequences of the loss of technology on the planet would be babies crying all over the western world as they currently do in 3rd world countries owing to lack of food and creature comforts. I wanted Benita to know I could forgive her for her betrayals (accuse me of being dangerous and have me jailed when I was "Right!" by definition? Benita and Brenda needed to realize eternal damnation can be owned on an individual basis and while it may be easier for two to bear than one man to defend Love and Truth from bastards and liars, at least I can claim it was what I was made for) and asked her if we couldn't start again? I told her I felt it wasn't coincidence that I'd met her in VGH twice. She'd only been there the second time because I had to decide whether I Loved her sufficiently to still want to be with her after the betrayals she'd already been responsible for, not to mention using sex as a weapon so Jenny would do her bidding. I told her "Sister Golden Hair" by America, "Levon" by Elton John, and now "Case 795" by John Mellencamp told me it was the "family plan". With no reproductive barriers on the planet, it made sense of the family cults of old. A man can't have sex with a woman who isn't his "sister" since it's a single family we all belong to, and it's not only humans, but cows, horses and sheep as well as those having feathers and others with fins who are part of the single homologous group of DNA on the planet. The corollary was that for a man to pay for sex with anything more than his gametes was not unlike paying twice. The woman gets access to your genome if you're male, do you want to lose more than the blueprints to your body and the blueprints to the bodies of all your relatives? It was also the fact that Benita ended up in the same room in PAU I'd just left on my second admission there and it was room 15 when my trips to the interior had already identified what the reference to "O Boy" in "A day in the Life" meant. So which was "a" day? Was it the day I wrote my letter to Fred putting the line through the "a" of beast leaving the other loose ends in the letter that could be returned to in my subsequent 29 page letter and pome? Or the day my mind screamed ""Right!" at 19? Or the day I poured out my essence at Lakeshore General after I was told "John is with you now"? Or the day I made my trip to the interior and was told "Daddies take care of their children through time? Or the day I went before the courts with the card that became "Exhibit 3" identifying myself as "truly no one in particular, the next move is yours my friend"? Or my resignation from the saltwater fish maintenance job that indicated that having encountered Omega, the circle was closed and my work was at last finished? Again, it was like meeting Benita in VGH when the restraining order was violated owing to McGill contacting Brown. Had everyone done "Right!", Fred would have been charged with assault, Gus MacKenzie would have replied to my letter and poem and apologized for what had happened, Danielle would have said "It's good you did what you did, someone had to stand up to them", Benita would have said "I was wondering why it seemed you had the keys to the songs based on the statistical longshots regarding the occurrence of proper nouns in songs and identities in The Bible". It was a cause-effect chain and had 19 not happened, none of the rest would have happened either, but now that no one had come before the courts as Sol Invictus and not been recognized, and indeed, no one had been totally ignored and I'd seen the regard which those who'd sworn oaths discharged their responsibilities, the circle was unbroken with no thanks to anyone but the brilliant musicians, lyricists and video artists as well as VJ's DJ's and a smattering of novelists and movie-makers who documented everything. I also made reference to the trip I'd made to Merritt because she'd asked me at the time where I'd disappeared to for what was 3 days. I asked her if she could keep a secret to which she'd replied "Yes" (seems those letters I wrote that I ended up defending belies that notion). I replied "So can I", What was I going to tell her? "I just did an experiment where John Wayne told me 'Daddies take care of their children through time' and my wife is really my daughter and I found out I Loved you enough to lose eternity but don't really seem to have lost it"? Instead I told her about the trip and that I seem to be responsible for "making days" where watering the garden at the house where I lived with Graham and the days following my resignation were relevant. Indeed, the more information I revealed, the crazier I'd seem to her. And maybe she was right in deciding I was too weird for her. Perhaps I was too weird for anybody except John Lennon and a few others who I seemed to share both information and experiences with. I also toold her that we were "linked" by her and I holding hands in Camosun Bog and that she should feel better physically than she'd ever felt before. Indeed, an AC/DC song called "A Touch too Much" likely fit.

As for Benita, I was to decide whether she'd be just another woman who was asleep (N@90) or the Q (where the little tail on the O resembles a sperm). I told her that I thought she'd been chosen for me by God and tried to explain that God is All who Love. I was just "the man" whose mind had screamed the Word who All had entrusted their Love to because they knew I had no choice but do "Right!". Going on in this vein without having given voice to any of it, even if it meant charges of treason, I'd still do my utmost to bring down liars who'd sworn oaths to tell the Truth if they accepted Jenny's lies under oath as "the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth". I understood now why early Christians had been willing to be fed to lions before they'd renounce their faith. They'd made a promise to All as I had, a promise that could not be reneged upon. Being eternal, it's better to lose your life than your soul. Although if the soul=sole=Y, it's not really eternal. But it is something that has been in existence 300 million years which is good enough for me. Besides, the courts didn't have "Right!". Their functionaries had sworn oaths that truth would be held sacred and were letting lies and factual inaccuracies introduced by COPs anxious to get their wicks wet at the expense of my reputation and Benita's trust get accepted as gospel while bilking taxpayers in a manner similar to the scientist at Laval who'd received renewal of a million dollar grant to produce worthless algal biomass. All the courts had was a book likely to have been written by Greek philosophers that had been misappropriated by a materialistic church that had only come into possession of the church in the first place because Roman soldiers conquered Greek city states. The Roman blueprint is the one currently used to define civilization when the Greek philosophers were those who'd actually known Truth. Stealing truth and knowing it are two entirely different things. And when I appeared in court more of the same Roman centurions believed because they had The Bible in their possession, they were invincible and would use their affiliation to the Vagina (someone related to the Y only by sperm donations provided by Prince Fill Up) to lop off their own balls and penises. There's a big difference between stealing a plane and knowing how to fly it after getting your "hours" on "playstation". The Roman Catholic Church still elected God's representative on earth when God's (=Love's) representatives are children, not adults playing power games where truth is sacrificed so COPs can get laid at the expense of no one's reputation (but their own) and all at taxpayer expense. The Greek philosophers were certainly similarly enlightened as I'd been at 19 ("Right!") and had written The Bible to protect Truth from the accusations of liars such as Eric Jenny where what they'd written had special provisions for dealing with anyone found bearing false witness and all liars, not to mention those who swore to hold the Truth sacred before taking up their posts (while there are only 9 occurrences of "liars" in the NIV version, there are 14 occurrences of "liar" in the singular for 23 occurrences in total, the same number of chromosomes humans have. Imagine that!). I also explained to Benita after all that had happened, everyone wanted our happiness and related the lyrics of "The blood of Eden" by Peter Gabriel and that the past 50 years of music had been "for the union of the woman and the man" (but it was similarly true of Jenny and Benita who'd both been lying, an unholy union where the only reason I was in court was because of ulterior motives and given Benita's and Jenny's pelvic affiliation, the charges should have been dropped before the case went to trial). The lyrics of the latter song related: "the man in the woman and the woman in the man" which I couldn't understand at the time but in the next couple of months it became apparent what was meant in Rihanna's "Take A Bow". Gender roles had been reversed. Rihanna's lyrics accused her boyfriend of being someone who could "never be faithful" and related "don't say that you're sorry 'cause you're not, you're only sorry you got caught". I wondered how stupid Benita thought I was if I too had an X chromosome, one that was capable of playing an "oh poor me" song, but a song that wouldn't be heard because it was masked by a Y chromosome. George Michaels' video of "Faith" is relevant which shows him wearing a "BSA" emblem on the front of his mot or cycle jacket. Michaels says "And I know all the games you play, Because I play them too" and turns around to reveal a "Revenge" insignia on the back of the jacket. Benita seemed vengeful and I wondered why, but also wondered how she was liking what I could do, where up until now, I'd been patient and understanding. But now that I'd seen her machinations, she could be on her own and find her own level "AS B" and go from being the woman no one wanted to spend forever with, to being in the cold for eternity like Fred and his all lies (sic). Furthermore, if she'd been hot to trot and I had to escape from her place to miss "the laid show", was it likely to be the first time she'd been hot to trot? And Jenny who'd lied under oath would be too principled to take advantage of the situation if she presented herself? Mr. Adjacent having karmic angst finally comes through with principles? California sliding into the Atlantic is more likely (wrong ocean). But I did tell her why I left that night. I didn't want to end up being a one-night stand or her being a "date ripper". I told her I'd been in Love with her since I'd met her in VGH. I'd end up with a broken heart if and when she dumped me, and from what she'd demonstrated in VGH the second time we were there, she was far more interested at the age of 23 in the chase than catching any particular male in a matrimonial sense. Benita seemed to approach romance like a philatelist determined to collect the genomes of as many men as she could in her sexual lifetime, but her best years were close to being over at age 38 and she was approaching that age when cute looking "toys" aren't likely to be too interested in a cougar. Indeed, she struck me as a female version of Chachi. I don't have any idea why she wasn't looking for Mr. Right, but like Sleeping Beauty, Benita seemed determined to sleep her way to either the top or bottom, where the latter was close to where Jenny had left her. I was telling her now if she wanted to be in my dreams, she'd have to be in my life in a substantially different way than she had up until present (t), and while the latter video by Garou was somewhat frightening, at least it employed a double negative, similar to the one I'd provided in the preamble to my defense before McGivern in Case 59275A. Besides, like most women, she wanted it all and wasn't going to settle for someone who had information, she wanted what information buys. She should tell that to someone who has children who is asked to come up with an appropriate selling price for one of them. I also said that it was true sometimes I wished I'd never been "born" (enlightened at 19) where lyrics from "Bohemian Rhapsody" fit . And it's true. I had to live on 5¢ an hour for 5 years and received assault because everybody had been too fucking afraid to rock the boat and do what I'd done. Dress down a bunch of women who had no information but had amassed a lot of dirty tricks (where the dirty "tricks" are the men they'll encounter in their next incarnations they'll be reaping the genomes of). When my attempts to put my life back together were thwarted by a COP whose primary concern was the no thing Benita had between her legs, he and his "brothers" won't know a substantially different fate than Fred and his "all lies". Furthermore, when Jenny couldn't be counted on to visit me the next day as he said he would (something he later covered himself on when he was on the witness stand so his employer had surely been left with the impression he'd done so in his daily report) and Benita revealed she had no problems with anything I might be growing in my apartment being discovered and later left me cooling my heels in jail before Christmas but accepted 1 of the 2 joints I'd left her when I delivered 6 is 9, it was high time for no one to make a reappearance. Jenny promoted himself from a psych BA through an MD to psychiatrist with no one present seeing Smith had as much business being a judge as Jenny did a psychiatrist. Sarah Slean's "Get home" fits a bit too well with its lyrics repeating "you know, that you'll never change, oh you'll never change, and I don't play the game, with liars and cowards" but also mentioned something about "mister masquerade" fooling himself with talk of poetry, who has to stand next to the "real ones. who shouldn't dare pretend to be sorry and that to her he's "just"a tourist" (also shown by Sarah Slean is "Lucky Me" along with its lyrics). Tourist status is what I'd confer on both Benita and Jenny who didn't see assault and 5¢ an hour as a problem, nor me losing access to my children owing to a former wife now demoted to the status of daughter. They only saw a possible increase in status might be available for themselves, Benita might claim having someone writing her 250+ pages of letters who provided other gifts was something she saw at 17 from the "men" she was accustomed to having as "lovers", with Jenny claiming a psych BA that he'd likely not used in the 13 years since he'd joined the VPD except to get laid provided him with the credentials possessed by a psychiatrist, not referring to an imposter such as Brown, Laycraft, Orlaw or Andrews whose skills in psychotherapy were never as evident as their lies (fortunately the Hippocratic oath is sworn to Apollo and while doctors don't swear on The Bible, Apollo is just another name for "Right!"). Phenothiazine tranquilizers were the remedy all the former viewed as a panacea for people who had legitimate complaints about inhumane treatment while tuition fees and taxpayers their tax dollars for the privilege, but Freud, Jung, Maslow, Szasz, Dabrowski and Adler are my models for "real" psychiatrists. Imposters such as Brown who lie to a psychiatric review panel and invent the fiction that "You had to be removed from your supervisor's office" (how would you fucking know you heresay acceptor now guilty of heresy) have the same authenticity and psychiatric credentials as Eric Jenny obtained with his psych BA. None. They have an identical share in the Y.

No one had arrived in court Oct. 12th 1992 to ascertain whether the correct people had received Y chromosomes and were obeying the oaths they'd sworn in the case of judges Smith and McGivern. They should have been just as critical of Benita and Jenny's motives as my own. People who've only had a single charge for a hash pipe 20 years before don't suddenly become mad dogs. Usually a bite from another mad dog or consuming some very bad Wh(or)iskey (t) is required to "change" them as Benita claimed of me. Fred's willingness to provide an associate's spouse assault and reap a 99/1 payoff that the "institution" would receive so they could get a 50% share determined the "share" they'll receive. If there is only a single Y shared between males (as the symbol for peace designed by Gerald Holtom would imply) none of the "men" I've dealt with in positions of authority since leaving SFU will obtain any share in Y (I thought women slept their way to the top? Sleeping to the bottom eh? The Tush is on). As for being "a tourist" as implied by Sarah Slean's song, getting involved when an injustice occurs either stops those who are in the habit of committing injustices from doing so again, or at least makes them think twice (where Xx is relevant). Those thinking they have "no thing to lose" seem more willing to provide others with trouble than those simply trying to retain what little they have. Ambition bites the nails of succeess. As noted elsewhere, other species use conventions to settle disputes. Fighting to the death doesn't occur within other species, but in human beings it appears invariable because everyone believes themselves to possess either "perfect" information or have a sufficient number of other compensations so perfect information is not required. For example, how could Fred lose if he controlled the letters going on my file and opinions of his colleagues and was able to stack my committee with his "friends". Encountering "Live and Let Die" attitudes invariably results in reciprocity. Next time both Jenny and Fred should pick another game to play. In tiddlywinks the worst possible outcome doesn't involve losing permanent access to the SRY locus for both themselves and their "brothers".

I also told Benita Love songs were much more pleasant to listen to than songs of lies and betrayal and pointed to Whitney Houston's "I will always Love you" as one song whose lyrics made me cry almost every time I heard it after me telling her the same over the telephone when she cut-off contact with me and put the restraining order in place. I also pointed out Natalie Imbruglia's "Torn" as a song that should have provided a similar amount of angst for her after I'd found she'd moved from 3575 Mayfair where Stabilo's video of "Everybody" (v) showed the numbers 3573 (add 2 and Benita's Mayfair address is obtained) where a framed picture of a girl is shown having white letters across it saying "Policewoman" (the video is a remake, however, I'll insert the version the band produced when it's available) and asked her if she wouldn't prefer to listen to "I was meant for you" by Jewel. Indeed, as men and women in relationships with one another, shouldn't we be making beautiful music together instead of sad songs or song of betrayal? I also told Benita not to watch video channels like Much Music. It was better for her psychological health to listen to the radio without visual imagery. Would she listen to me? Probably not. She was sure she knew better in spite of having only X information to go on, and if she needed Y, she knew like most women she could get that from just about any male (for the next few years anyway, after that the "pickings" would certainly get slim and then nonexistent for what might be a couple decades). When I'd seen Benita in New Westminster outside her apartment on Louellen, I saw she'd retained her slim figure, but before she'd resembled the blonde girl with the VPL seen with Paul Simon in Annie Hall. More recently she'd begun to develop jowls, but again, I wasn't concerned with what she looked like on the outside as how she made me feel inside. As for quality of information, Benita thinking lies were every bit as good as Truth is not a valid way of seeing the world or relationships between men and women. Not when children are involved and whether they aren't apparent to me as Cleopatra and Frankie are not, my genes are still linked to Cleopatra and Frankie still has a piece of my heart. I also told Benita that "Baby" was another of my id's (although in the latter-linked Britney Spears song, at least she says "Baby Baby", not unlike citing a double negative), an id I'm as crazy about having as 19+He=She. No one has very little control regarding how others view him or the nametags they've employed. Indeed, I was beginning to wonder what "Rocket Man" really meant to Bernie Taupin who'd written the lyrics. But how badge number 1701 was viewed by "Right!" was something I had total control over. To think I once liked Star Trek. Gene Roddenberry always sounded a bit too close to Rottenberry for me to view Jenni's (sic) badge number as indicating anything more than a blighton the human race.

Something funny had happened too when a former coworker at the aquarium store where I'd been a service tech came over with his young son Ethan after I'd quit my job. Ethan was only two years old but whenever he came to my place with his parents, I'd make sure to get him a glass of juice before serving the adults. I've observed children are apt to get unruly when they think they're being ignored, as they often are at social gatherings of adults. However, when their needs are met immediately and they think they're the guest of honor, they calm down and are likely to interact in a more adult manner. Ethan was standing beside me on the couch and looked into my eyes and then pointed to the wall in my living room. My living room is painted yellow and like the rest of my the house where I live, every color is a primary color and not in the least pastel. But Ethan provided me valuable information. Why he saw yellow I don't know. Yellow is a cheerful color but is easily angered and I was able to relate it to Donovan's "Mellow Yellow" having the lyric about "electric banana, sure to be the very next craze". Furthermore, when I'd written my final letter to the "men" at Mac and McGill and related that yellow is the psychophysical sensation obtained when an absence of blue and equal stimulation is received by red and green cones simultaneously (since there are no cones to detect yellow per se), I related red and green as Christmas colours. So I told Benita I was the man with the yellow light in his eyes and that I'd seen she'd chosen to paint her living room red, something which was apparent while looking up at her apartment window from 412 Louellen. She'd probably been advised to vacate the place on Mayfair by Jenny or another one of Vancouver's professional liars. It wouldn't do to have someone who was persistent contact her and tell her she'd been duped and taken sexual advantage of by the people who'd sworn oaths to protect her. I also told her that I'd seen her walking around by Louellen a couple times but didn't contact her because I felt the time wasn't right. I told her that there wasn't a single day that I hadn't thought about her, and it was true. Some days all I did was think about her. I was so angry at times with Jenny and the Court system that they presumed to stand in judgment of the expression my Love for Benita took and then resigned myself to the idea that anyone wanting to judge me would have their story playing on the airwaves and given that I was sure it was mine, anyone who judged me would have to equal my "Right!" and if they failed, they'd either end up on the Xx side of the genome in perpetuity or failng to measure up to women. simply be ousted from the class (Mamalia). I also said I thought it very strange I'd been given a set of red sheets by Marty that matched her red living room colour (which seemed to fit The Cult's "Fire Woman" although I'd make it "Fi or Woman"). Being unable to see matters from both sides results in a perspective where you're forced to wonder why "they" advertise sanitary napkins on TV when everyone has to buy them neWay, something both Benita and Danielle said to me. Guess again, 50% of the population doesn't buy them, and treating others as brothers and sisters if you're male means you never have to spill blood.

On December 28th, the day of Benita's birthday, I'd quit my job s an aquarium maintenance tech and just laid on my bed trying to provide her support because she'd complained she always had problems just getting through to the next year (I think her words to me were "I wonder why" when I informed her that McGill had Brown contact me on my second admission to VGH). Again, zero is a strange number. When any other number receives its support (i.e., zero as the denominator) the number above it goes to infinity. I also mentioned Sara Bareilles in the message because I'd only recently heard of her. I related no particular song but made reference to the fact that I hoped Benita did have a crush on the guy at the liquor store, which outside of court in the case Ruse prosecuted and McGivern had presided over, was the last place I'd seen her prior to my delivery of 6 is 9 having the inscription "You'll always mean nothing to me". Although the reference to the guy at the liquor store was made in the lyrics of "Fairytale", the end of the video resembles a scene from "1001 Nights". I'd seen the videos of "Love Song" and "Fairytale" and both appeared to fit the circumstances between Benita and I. The piano Sara plays on "Love Song" bears no small resemblance to the piano I played at VGH. It was an upright grand having very stained keys, and the lyrics made reference to "blank stares at blank pages" which likely fit the "Lovers" Benita has had in her life. And while it certainly fit me as a writer, my pages don't stay blank too long. In the video swirls and patterns seem to appear on the pages on the piano's music stand while Sara is playing (while undergoing wardrobe changes). Indeed, I'm years behind and only catching up in this book to events in 2008 because no updates have been done in the 7 years since I first posted this book on my website. I'd be afraid of forgetting details if there hadn't been a permanent record laid down in songs. With regard to "Fairytale", I'd told Benita in VGH that she deserved a "fairy tale romance" but she'd decided she wanted another story. Herstory, where most of the details were lost in an alcoholic haze impaired by what she called "psychosis" which was simply the inability to get any of her facts straight as she continually restructured recollections of past events. Telling me "I'm not afraid of you" in VGH (because she'd slept with Jenny) and then a few months later, proving the converse by having me arrested left me with the surety she had no control over her own life but was happy to see jerks like Jenni (sic) control mine. Since leaving the message recorded on her answering machine (about 3 months ago) Sara Bareilles came out with a new video called "Bottle it up" where the lyrics refer to bottling up "your soul". Interestingly, Sara is shown in the video with numerous keyboards in outdoor and indoor locations similar to me leaving Kawai playing "Piano Man" on Benita's doorstep when 6 is 9 was delivered with the fruit bread, deck of cards and 2 joints, only 1 of which appeared as evidence (so I again lose 50% of what belonged to me with a charge levied that I'm dangerous? Where's my beer? Steal the equivalent of twelve days of work when I was a PhD student away from me and call me dangerous?). But my message in my letter of resignation to the owners of the aquarium store was relevant as well. I told them I could no longer provide them my support (with the same now being true of Benita and Brenda). The owners were a cos+ function and expected me to put my own and their client's (and the welfare of everyone else on the planet) below their own. The wife of the owner had said prior to their diving holiday in Hawaii a month or so before Christmas: "We haven't been to Hawaii diving for 2 years". Clients were charged $65/hr for service tech time. Techs received $12.50 an hour to start and were expected to use their own vehicles with mileage compensated at a rate of 32¢ a km. When the rates client's paid went up $2/hr, clients were simply billed without notification of the rate increase. As techs, we were expected to keep the clients satisfied. The owners never contacted the clients to see if they were happy with the service we provided. At the time I quit, the owners were worried about the loss of profits in the past few years. Their retail margins ranged from 150-250% with all the other stores in town charging less for the same equipment or supplies and livestock was generally priced higher at the store by several dollars. You'd think some of the profits would be shared with employees but my personal insurance was responsible for any accidents I had while driving up to 100 km a day on the company's behalf. The owners expected us to lie to our insurance companies if we did have an accident claim and say our vehicles weren't being used for business, but I was paying $300 more per year for insurance than if I'd used Grey Power which I qualified for. Furthermore, if called out on an "emergency", the company would receive 1.5 times the normal rate from the client, but the tech would be paid straight time. If I only spent 2/3 of an hour on a job, I'd get paid for 40 minutes but the client would get charged for a full hour. When Love, Right and Truth rejects you and your enterprise, it doesn't matter if you claim you're good Christians (as they did), go to church every Sunday or have The Pope as your brother (the latter might be held against you). The owners requested a pre-Christmas meeting and had everyone appear at work on a Saturday at suppertime. "Randy" told everyone how important it was to make a lot of sales at Christmas. The incentive if we did so? We got to keep our jobs. I could see the incentive. They went diving in Hawaii nearly every year, we got to keep the jobs that left $200 in my bank account two weeks before Christmas. Randy stood behind the cash register and everyone who attended the meeting stood for 2 hours listening to him. No food or refreshments were provided in spite of the meeting being held during the supper hour. The owners had a Christmas party a couple weeks later where I discovered everyone got a gift but could have it stolen away from them by someone else. It was referred to as a "White Elephant Gift Exchange" or "Chinese Gift Exchange". Apparently many people find the association of the Chinese to this gift-exchange practice downright insulting. The exchange seemed to fit the ethics of the owners, but having been stolen from all my life, this minor grain of veracity wasn't overwhelmingly to their credit.

I'd also told Benita to stay away from video channels such as Much if she wanted to listen to music because I anticipated the shit was about to hit the fans. Women who consistently betray that which links them to eternity fail to survive in the same way as the genes of men who consistently choose the way of opinion over Truth. Jenny who appeared to glory in reneging on his oath and causing trouble for no one only to lay the groundwork for losing his genes on taxpayer-funded resources chose the Way of Open Yoni for obtaining Truth in future incarnations like his "brother constable" Winson-Jones did in this one. The Yoni just has to figure out whether the truth provided is valid and verifiable. Good luck on that girls. There's only one truth and 3.5 billion men on the planet. When I was contacted the next day by New Westminster Police and was informed Benita wanted me arrested. I realized women like Benita and Danielle have no internal sense of morality. Indeed, this could be a truism of women generally, but I hope not for the sake of women everywhere because it would be disturbing to think no one learned anything this time around. In any event, Danielle and Benita had demonstrated the will to harm me in spite of me having only Love for them both and I could see why a place called Hell (=Her) must exist. In Benita's case there were already 3 instances of X (given my own status as "Right!" where "Coming Home" by kd Lang on "dehsretaWatershed" is relevant). Benita had been pitched 3 balls and already had 3 strikes against her and was out as far as I was concerned (there were no "balls" to consider). I told the "off as her" there was "unfinished business" between us and I just wanted to clear the air of problems Benita felt she could create with equanimity. I told him I'd have no further contact with her and meant it. If she contacts me, I'll talk to her and try to be civil, but she'd taken it to the point where I could no longer condone what she'd done and would continue doing with the cooperation of the police (any of whom are damned if they'd agree with Jenny that 5¢ an hour salary and receiving assault for tuition paid shouldn't be seen as a problem). If you wrong those who have only the best of intentions towards you, the opportunity to ever do so again may forever be lost. Over the next few days I considered calling her back and telling her something akin to what I'd written to Fred like: "If I Never See Your Face Again I don't mind", but she'd seen my letter to Fred and was clever enough to put the pieces together. Besides, she had no equipment to lose as Fred did. As for Jenny, he was clever enough to insure Brenda and Benita now have lawyers, university professors, psychiatrists, judges and COPs from all over the world joining them on the Xx side so they'll never be lonely. I quit waiting for Benita's return call but expect I'll see her even if she doesn't see me as was apparent the numerous times I saw her outside her apartment in New Westminster. A lack of conscience seems to imply possessing similar powers of observation. Maybe she'll come around too. She has the remainder of her life to decide and all the musicians and entertainers to push her in the right direction, not to mention commercials. Besides, given I've never done anything to harm her, she may decide she likes me too much to hide forever although Mika's song Grace Kelly (v) is relevant too given how wishy-washy she's proven herself to be. And she used to think of me as a p(h)ony.

In Roman mythology, numinaries of the larder (penates), household effects (lares), guardians of the hearth (Vesta previously referred to) and of the door (Janus, personified as a god of gates, doors, doorways, beginnings, and endings) all existed but as revealed by the logo of 6 is 9, the door of Janus swings both ways and therefore, language and numbers should be considered from both sides, as should relationships between human beings if the Way of Truth is not to be irrevocably lost. Interestingly, the idea of the hearth is expressed in "Going to California" (v) by Led Zeppelin having lyrics that relate: "Seems like the wrath of the gods got a punch in the nose and its starting to flow, I think I might be sin king" (where I'd make "wrath" in the lyrics "hearth") . The idea is also expressed in the lyrics of "lookin' for a Queen without a King, S'he cries and plays get R (666) and sinGs" as well as "Lookin' for a woman who's never been born" which relates to biology since all men contain a woman (X chromosome), but women are born without a man (Y chromosome) in their genetic makeup, but may have either an X they received from their father, or an X received from their mother, but only one X is active (however, production of a "S'he" is possible provided an "he" capable of independently deriving Gematria is the starting material ("Right!") which makes sense of a woman never having been born, but instead, having an X chromosome present at enlightenment. John Lennon was apparently similarly-obsessed by numbers). It also makes sense of the difficulty of finding a woman (Xx) unwilling to sell the investment a man has made in his life away so short-term gain can be achieved (women appear to invariably demonstrate ethical poverty regardless of how much Y information they process, they still appear to have no conception of eternity. Kathleen Edwards' "The Cheapest Key" fits). Furthermore, starting from Dec 31st 1973 or Jan 1st 1974, Truth and Right became synonymous for me, but so too did a time lag since I was "newborn" and therefore, my "clock" was not calibrated as others who'd undergone a "normal" childhood without experiencing enlightenment at "Childhood's End". As I view that moment in retrospect, it was outside of time and eternal. That was the beginning or singularity and not too different than the "Big Bang" of cosmologists. Furthermore, as the summer solstice party revealed soon afterwards, I identified with either the solar god or the earth by lifting the little girl and spinning her around while I remained stationary at the center. The mythology of the Romans was borrowed (OK, stolen is more appropriate) from the Greeks who themselves had the idea of Cronus (or Kronus, from whom the words chronometer and chronological were derived) written of in Hesiod's Theogony (c. 750 BCE). and the god associated with time and father of all of the gods of the ancient Greeks (where Rhea was their mother and sister-spouse to Cronus). Cronus apparently anticipated his overthrow by Zeus, the father of mortals and gods (after being informed by his parents, Gaia his mother and Ouranos (=Uranus his father) and he swallowed all of his children (which Rhea was said to be unable to forgive, recalling what someone Else told me regarding never forgiving me for what I'd written. But the baking-pan sequence on King Edward is relevant, I saw my actions as a message to the world that children were being consumed by those who their parents trusted in spite of the malicious manner in which Danielle and Brown interpreted my actions, Hansel and Gretel is relevant with regard to the hardships of medieval life). These precautions that Cronus had taken would insure that from the line of Ouranos, no one but he would be King (which is not unlike time=Right having absolute control over the SRY locus). Rhea being advised by her parents of his plans to eat her children, she substituted a stone for Zeus which Cronus swallowed instead. When Cronus vomited up the stone, Zeus (who had escaped notice somehow) planted it on earth of the wide way at holy Pytho (omphalos stone) to serve as a wonder to mortal men thereafter (and recalls "The Lamb Lies Down" by Genesis). In Greek, the word omphalos means "navel" (compare the name of Queen Omphale). A similar stone exists in the Church of the Holy Sepulchre in Jerusalem, a city Jews view as the naval of the world. Releasing his brothers, Zeus was given thunder, the smoky bolt and the flash of lightening which Gaia had previously hidden. With these to support him, Zeus was said to be undisputed lord over mortals and immortals (where "Crocodile Rock" was already related in this chapter, but another feature of crocodiles should be noted as well. The sex ratio of their offspring is determined by incubation temperature and not the SRY locus).

The Mithric cults came into existence circa 100-400 AD and offered seven rites of initiation bound up with the orbits of the seven visible spheres, the Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn and the Sun where these bodies were thought to come into the sphere of influence of the earth. The god Mithra always appeared in association with Varuna in Persian mythology, such that the two are given a dual noun as Mitra-Varuna or Mitranvarunau who are oath-related deities and protectors of the righteous order of rta. The philosophical foundation for the Hindu conception of dharma is bound up in rta. Currently the term has been replaced by dharma. Rta became deified as father of justice and righteousness, unyielding but eminently fair. Radhakrishnan states it grew from natural to moral in its purvey. Rta was morality, the equitable law of the universe. Derived from Vedic roots, Mithra has a number of parallels to both Christian, Egyptian (such as Horus from c. 3000 BCE, see "Zeitgeist" for other parallels) and Zoroastrian themes from whom Nietzsche derived "Thus Spake Zarathustra". The latter led to Strauss' popularization of the book title in his music "Also Sprach Zarathustra", the theme from "2001: A Space Odyssey", Stanley Kubrick's homage to Arthur C. Clarke's science fiction novel. The novel appears to possess common components, in particular, how the failure of the alpha echo unit predicted by the HAL 9000 series computer was used as a means to eliminate human members of the mission. HAL believed the mission too important to let it be jeopardized by human error. Initiates to the Mithric cults were first indoctrinated as Raven (recalling "Rave on" by Buddy Holly) identified with the waxing and waning of the life-round of birth (and death) associated with the moon, and upon flying through the lunar gate to the second sphere of Mercury (Greek Hermes; Egyptian Thoth, Germanic Woden), identification with the sphere of occult powers, magic and the wisdom regarding rebirth were achieved. The element Mercury was originally known as quicksilver (the rock group Quicksilver Messenger Service (v) comes to mind, but so too does the song "Spaceship Superstar" by Prism with the line "On Mercury they're crazy about our S'tell or Rock and Roll"). In a second rite the initiate known now as "hidden Master" passes from Mercury to the influence of Venus and assumes the character of "Soldier" (miles, the latter video was recorded 3 days after Benita was born) where he is able to pass to the circle of the sun, the realm of intellectual arrogance and power upon being given a sword and crown (the video of "King Nothing" by Metallica comes to mind). Having done so the initiate becomes associated with "Lion" and passes to the fifth zone of Mars (which "Spayship Superstar" relates "Martian Ass-Troll Bowl", something Jenni's (sic) testimony revealed regarding what his "valuable patrol time" achieved) of daring and audacity thereby becoming identified with the Savior Mithra who assumes the title "Persian" (where Babylon is a possible association, "Fire on Babylon" from Sinead O'Connor's "Universal Mother" album comes to mind). The two remaining transformations were to pass to Jupiter known as "runner of the Sun", and finally from Jupiter to Saturn to be finally sanctified as "Father" and experience the transcendent reality of his own being, never dying and being the beginning and end of all mysteries. Funnily enough, I'd told Beni I was a bit of a Satyr in my writing to her, but this didn't mean Love wasn't my prime objective with her. Anyone having a strong will to live, similarly has a strong desire to procreate. Loving life and wanting to pass it on is what keeps the world going 'round, but neglecting to protect those who are either too weak or easily-led to protect themselves requires making a stand. No one can do that and insure anyone standing against "Right!" ends up negotiating their usual business either sitting, squatting or resorting to frequent changes of footwear.

The next myth and ritual of the initiate was to a deeper mystery symbolized by Zervan Akarana or what is known as "boundless time" which goes beyond "Deep Time" or "Geologic Time" of "Time's Arrow, Time's Cycle" mentioned in Steven J Gould's book of the same name. Found in the ruins of a Mithric temple in the port Ostia near Rome c100 AD, an image of Zervan Akarana was found where he was depicted as a nude male having the head of a lion with 4 wings on his back which bear the symbols of the seasons of the year representing all time. In either hand is held a key, and his left hand holds a symbol of authority. A serpent winds in 6 turns round his body and rests its head at turn number 7 (G) above his brow. The symbol on the chest of this figure is the fiery thunderbolt which nothing can resist. The thunderbolt symbol is also related to a certain aspect of Buddhahood (Buddha Vajradhara) where "Bearing the Bolt" stands for that supreme illumination of which Buddha's who appear in time and space are only visible manifestations. The branch of Buddhism known as Vajrayana or "Thunderbolt Way" (Shingon Buddhism in Japan) is a related magico-mystical form of Tantric Buddhism. The sanskrit term vajra literally means both "thunderbolt" and "diamond" and signifies the weapon of adamantean truth to which all other substances are "Fragile" (the latter lyrics by Gordon Sumner but also an album by Yes). Mithra was said to emerge as a naked child from the "Generative Rock" (petra genetrix) born beside a sacred stream beneath a sacred tree. His birth was brought about solo aestu libidinis or by the sole heat of his libido (or id according to Freudian terminology where the blue light discharged at Lakeshore General is relevant) and as Jung pointed out, Mithra has all the elemental mother symbols (earth, wood, water and from his libido represents fire) and represents the virgin birth of the archetypal Man. That the birth is symbolic and not prehistoric (as with Adam) is given away by shepherds who witnessed and reported his birth (as"wise men" who provided various "gifts", as the lyrics to James Blunt's song indicates, too stupid to recognize they were in a trap of their own creation by providing no one sufficient abuse so no reservations remained about revealing "my talent show"). In the Christian tradition, the second Adam or Christ renewed the image of man, but in Mithraism there was no sin and no fall of man from grace with God (unless God is defined as women, given the importance of the Y chromosome, God as woman describes only the reaper, the sower is neglected). Mithra ate the fruit of the mother tree (the knowledge of good and evil) and drew the water of life from his mother rock (akin to the fountain of youth or tree of eternal life where Genesis 3:25 is relevant) without sin as opposed to Adam and Eve (or Eric Jenny and Benita). Mithra seized the primal bull, subdued it and hauled it head down to his cave which became symbolic of human suffering and the specific trials of the initiate on the walk of life (the courtrooms Benita brought me into were about the darkest places I'd been next to McGill where I'd determined from personal experience Truth could not survive). When Mithra reached the cave, a raven sent by the sun informed Mithra that the time for the sacrifice had arrived and Mithra plunged his knife into the flank of the bull (non-truth but also the constellation Taurus of the time, we are currently in Pisces corresponding to the 2 fish of the Taoist symbol) and wheat (huit=88 and 88="Right!") sprang from the spinal cord and the vine sprung from its blood (single family related to one another based on blood cells lacking nuclei) yielding the bread (fruit bread in court but also Bethlehem literally meant "bread" although to Jenni it meant "bred", to Benita being Dutch, it related to "that's how I brot it") and wine of the sacramental meal transferred to be symbolic of the body and blood of Christ in the Christian tradition (simply woman's menses), thereby associating Christianity with an agricultural tradition (BAg at Macdonald). In the Mithric tradition whether of Mitra Varuna or Zervan Akarana (v), both are dual gods (similar to Mars having a dual lamb-lion or agricultural-war aspect). The lion is symbolic of solar light and the eternal (Y having the SRY locus but also pre-Y time) with the serpent symbolic of the circling round of the lunar tides of time where eternity and time are one, yet two and never ending (time represented by the X measured out in monthly cycles, but also X production in the testes of males where two X's become one in the production of a daughter). The serpent is wrapped in 7 folds and the folds are identified in the Hellenistic world with the 7 celestial spheres which the days of the week take their names from: Moon-day, Mars (Germanic Tiw) day, Mercury (Germanic Woden's) day, Jupiter (Germanic Thor's) day, Venus (Germanic Frigg) day, Saturn-day and Sun-day, all which are relevant to females (but having no biological clock, time is largely irrelevant for males and for me, was disrupted at "Right!"). The days of the week in the French language bear a striking resemblance to the stages of the ancient Mithrian rites as well. Lundi (Lunaday), Mardi (Marsday), Mercredi (Mercuryday), Jeudi (Thorsday), Vendredi (Venusday), Samedi (Saturnday), Dimanche (Sunday). The first stages of initiation to the Mithric cults correspond to days of the week, but they're jumbled with an odd pattern: Monday, Wednesday, Friday, Sunday, Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday (or M, 1, 5, O, 2, 4, 6), skipping the natural chronological order days of the week normally take by odd days occurring first, then even, and finally ending on day 6 (the number for woman or Right=Light+Love in my own frame of perception given a change of -6 given a bifurcation where the symbol for Aries resembles either the female reproductive tract, or alternatively, the creation of both X and Y gametes). Furthermore, the initiate to deep time in the Mithric tradition goes from the moon to planet 1 in relation to the sun, then to planet 2, then to O (the sun), then to planet 4, then planet 5 and finally planet 6 (hence: M, 1, 2, O, 4, 5, 6). The lyrics of "Everyday I write the book" by Elvis Costello and The Attractions relate: "but you were up to your old tricks in chapters 4, 5 and 6". Thus, although the stages of the initiate correspond to a definite pattern, they fail to line up with either the distance of the planets from the sun, or the order of the days of the week. But the moon is always first and Saturn always last. If Raven=Saturn and all the other spheres are circumscribed by that diameter with earth at the center, it becomes analogous to the allusion made in Master of 6 is 9 with respect to the range of Joy where time is largely irrelevant. Peaks and troughs are all important because they determine range. By tabulating the most frequently occurring scores or mode, a measure of central tendency is obtained, but more than that, the number 999 derived by adding the preexisting 333 time on Rocky Raccoon to 666 provided a proof of sorts. Genesis 1:27 is: "So God created man in his own image, in the image of God he created him; male and female he created them", indicating 1: 999 is the take-home message. One set of genes provides both X and Y factors to all who've been illuminated. It was why I'd written to Benita any harm she did to me would come back to her as indicated in her reply to Formby's quote from one of my letters where I'd written "I can be very wrathful as well, and my wrath is not pretty (where Jenny altered "pretty" to "pity"). If someone harms me they're actually inflicting that harm on themselves." to which Benita replied "Yeah, that was against my roommate". Actually, that's with regard to everyone's "roommates" if their X and Y chromosomes are considered "roommates". You can't inflict harm on a part of yourself (the X you as a woman possess, even if it is only a Barr body) without harming yourself.

Plutarch wrote of the prophesies of the Sibylline Books that had been in existence since Sibyl prophesied from a cave in 8th century BC (and was likely where Plato's shadows originated and why Christ ended up in a cave where no one was found until 3 days after "He" was "crucified". The prophesies arrived from Cumae, an ancient Greek holy site near Naples in 2nd century B.C. Rome. Virgil wrote about the prophesies in Eclogue IV where the Sibylline round, when it declined to its end, was predicted to be followed by a golden age of re beginning (as occurred when I offered my letter of resignation at the end of December 2007). At this time, the Maid is said to return, as does the reign of Saturn: "Now from high heaven a new generation descends all over the world and Lucina, holy goddess of childbirth having been gracious at the boy's birth, the Iron race ceases and the Golden arises". Virgil's poem on which this narrative was based was interpreted in the middle ages to be a prophesy of Christ, and while Virgil's writing resembles that of the Jewish Apocalyptic writers and his dates (70-19 B.C.) fall into the period of the Essenes of Qumran (where the Dead Sea Scrolls were found), there is no tumult of war in the last days (v). Instead the image is of a golden age returning as part of an ever-revolving cycle, not the epochal passage in "a day of the Messiah" as Campbell noted, and is similar to the message echoed in the song "Age of Aquarius" from the rock opera "Hair" (or Heir if the reader has children). With the Sibylline books a third religion of the order of Mithra was derived from Alexandria, Hellenized Isis and her spouse now called Seraphis (an amalgam of the names Osiris-Apis) later synthesized with the Dionysian, Orphic and Pythagorean movements with the Chaldean-Hellenistic astrology to result in a macro-microcosmic lore till the Renaissance opened the marvels (and disappointments) of science. Till the Renaissance, the Stoic writers of the Greeks including Posidonius (c. 135-50 B.C.), his pupil Cicero (106-43 B.C.) Cicero's friend Nigidius Figulus (c. 98-45 B.C.), Virgil (70-19 B.C.), Ovid (43 B.C.-17 A.D.), Apolonius of Tyana (first century B.C.), Plutarch (c. 46-120 A.D.), Ptolemy (second century A.D.) and Plotinus (c. 204-270 A.D.) injected a modern note since the science of their time was unable to be absorbed into the old cosmology. The problem was to retain spiritual insights of the past with scientific developments. It's now pretty obvious to this scientist that spiritual insights have been lost with recent scientific developments where ethics and Love have been replaced with quests for fame and/or fortune (although as suggested in "Don't cry for me Argentina" by Madonna in the movie "Evita", the latter two are imposters). Science is only useful if it provides tools that can be used to improve the quality of life on this planet for others. When science is used for purposes which take people or animals down roads leading to abuse of their rights, provides methods to wrest freedom from citizens or is used to dazzle with bullshit (biomass production where the spare tire around the middle of politicians and researchers who occupied the same bed was all that would get enhanced) there is a problem. Furthermore, when the methods, motives and ethics of its practitioners are questioned and the questioner ignored, abused and threatened with a life on tranquilizers if further waves are made, the genome can get nasty (women exist to keep men honest and eliminate cheaters, music keeps women in line and if, like Benita, they continually attack "Right", they are deemed failed experiments and their X's eliminated from the genome in perpetuity). But this chapter is about astronomy and Astrological Ages haven't really been examined yet. The zodiac is currently in the Age of Pisces: "The Age of Monotheism, Spirituality, and the Fish". Indeed, given 12 zodiac signs, the earth undergoes what is known as precession of the equinoxes in a cycle of approximately 25,765 years (the so-called Platonic or Great year, and also the determining factor in the length of an astrological age) originally discovered by Hipparchus. This works out to approximately 2147 years per zodiacal sign, or 71.57 years per degree given a 360° rotation is required to complete a cycle (30° apiece for each of the 12 zodiacal signs). Indeed, Mithraism's symbol of the bull occurred in proximity to the equinox moving out of Taurus' influence and Aquarius will be next, although it's difficult to find agreement regarding the exact year that any astrological age begins and ends owing to different methods being used for calculation. For example, the earth apparently went into Aquarius' "orb of influence" in the 1930's where the orb represents how the angle made by two points differs from exactness of aspect (where aspect is defined as 90°). For example, if an horoscope showing the apparent positions of the heavenly bodies at the times of a person's birth (a natal chart) is created, and the apparent distance between Mars and Venus is 92°, the chart is said to have the aspect "Venus square Mars" with an orb of 2° (hence , 2° away from a 90° aspect).

Campbell's Creative Mythology shows a figure called "The Music of the Spheres" taken from a 15th century Neoplatonic work by Gafurius where the 9 muses (women) correspond to the 7 intelligible spheres (planets). The nine muses are the daughters of Mnemosyne (Memory) and Zeus. Seven men are depicted as the planets and represent the intelligible spheres while Apollo is seated on a throne above all. An 8th sphere represents the stars between Saturn and the throne of Apollo (unlike Dean Buckland at Macdonald who was a chicken man, Apollo has nothing to do with poultry). Thalia was the muse of comedy and idyllic poetry and first of the 9 muses in attendance at the throne of Apollo and seated at the loop of the tail of the serpent. Apollo is represented above Saturn and the stars and identified with the light or sun. At this level, Thalia implies Eve and purity, but Thalia can also be known as "Silent Thalia" where a double of her is represented at the bottom of the figure at the head of the serpent having 3 animal heads in the lower sphere where the three charities together can be represented as the moon in human cosmology (again, women's cycles are entrained on a lunar rhythm and there are invariably 3X's whenever a couple are "together" in a biological sense with a more or less equal sex ratio on the planet). Back to the tail of the serpent at the throne of Apollo, Euphrosyne is a second grace also in attendance but facing away from Apollo, relating her rebellion. Hence the Thalia pictured below represents Eve in exile, at the head of the serpent and subject to all of the disappointments associated with time. The third figure, Aglaia (also Aglaea) facing Apollo is Splendor and represents the Virgin Mother Mary. Campbell remarked that men confronted by the features of time are blind and deaf to the inspiration of the Muse of the Poetry of Nature. Only when one's spirit has been transported to the summit of wisdom (Apollo's throne) is Thalia's true glory disclosed, changing Eva's name to Ave! thereby undoing the work of Euphrosyne or Mirth who represents "sinful pleasure" (a John Lennon album called "Menlove Ave" is significant). Thalia at the head of the serpent is unable to see the dark unconscious appearing as 3 monster heads (past, present and future) being related to Apollo or the 3 graces present at the throne which all are aspects of herself (and other women given that all women have X and x factors where all women are the same in the sense that the only truth they know or can know comes from Y only if Y is "Right!"). A Doobie Brothers album from 1972 called "Toulouse Street" shows 5 band members on the cover. Inside the jacket are the same 5 band members and 4 women, all in various states of undress (Eden). Tom Johnston is the central figure in the front and inside jacket photographs shown wearing a hat but with an oval mirror over his head. In the inside jacket (or perhaps the rear cover) Tom has a hat covering his crotch and the same oval mirror over his head. The title of the album echoes the message of the spheres. A single Y exists which women share no part of in a virginal state, and which they tend to be blissfully unaware of even when they do reach the age of consent, but which is there nonetheless (which links them to everything and everyone for the past 300 million years anyway). An objective "Right!" exists beyond anything women except the 3 at the throne of Apollo have any hope of understanding. The message itself is beyond rational apprehension. How can someone taught rationality understand no one and nobody and the messages they provided are Truth if they're unable to understand nothing? It was little wonder Benita was psychotic. Had she read The Bible as The Grapes of Wrath suggested in "What was going through my head" (1989), she might have understood (v) given the frequent occurrences of no one, nobody and nothing in songs that the music was imparting a holy message. Benita was too lazy and took her concerns to someone whose dick was more important than Truth who wanted to go beyond renown for a surname meaning "ass" to identification as "a piece of ass" Canadian taxpayers paid for Benita to obtain. So Benita got to share a "piece of life" with Jenny and Jenny shared "a peace of death" with Benita. Because she got nothing from me in the dedication of 6 is 9, Jenny and his allies receive the same. Furthermore, while there are 4 active X's in a group of 4 men and 4 active X's in a group of 4 women, there is a 5th present who needs to be represented by another man (Y). While there are essentially two missing (Xx= two loose, of which only one is actually active) I interpret the message of the serpent within the woman as the double helix. Oddly enough, the production coordination of the latter Doobie Brothers album was attributed to someone named Benita Brazier. There may be a "real" Benita Brazier who did the production coordination, but I can't help but recall when Beni got her clothes in hospital she commented she was happy to be able to wear a brassiere again (although she strikes me as a Diary (sic) Queen too, here "Ice Cream Man" by Van Halen works owing to her Dutch ancestry). Frankly, I don't know what else I could have done to scream "999" to everyone present in the case presided over by Smith. It was like warning Rodger Titman that to have spent 16 years for nothing would be an horrible fate (for him and the no thing" he could anticipate for all the trouble he caused myself and other postgrads). Numerous songs called "Jersey Girl" have been recorded by various artists (Tom Waits (v), Bruce Springsteen (v), Bon Jovi (v), Sweeny Todd (v) with New Jersey known as the Garden State which figured in a video I produced for Benita where embarkation from New York to New Jersey figured in the walk of life (with a narrative from "Myths to Live By" by Joseph Campbell regarding the yonder shore). It's similar to Chely Wright's "Single White Female", only men have a single X, but have a Y as well, and unlike dual X units, tend to be looking for qualities aside from those that can be bought with cold hard cash if they themselves cannot be bought or sold. "Tweeter and the Monkey Man" also has lyrics also making reference to a Jersey Girl, but amateur interpretations of lyrics putting transvestitism aside, the dual nature of males is neglected by interpreters of lyrics. Because I am male, I prefer lying with women to having to affiliate myself with or accepting lying men. Lying with women can take only the genes of a man who lies with her out of circulation, lying men can take hundreds of truthful males out of circulation in their careers if they have no respect for Truth. It's just as unpleasant having your intent twisted by those such as Do|le who've chosen lying as a vocation as having your intent, reputation or sanity impugned by those believing a few psychology courses qualify them to be psychiatrists as Jenny did me (in spite of not being able to understand the term subjective). Maybe it was his 1701 badge number associating him with the USS Enterprise that left Jenny believing lies and liars like him could stand up to scrutiny without ultimately being knocked down to XXX status and an opportunity to obtain all Y information exogenously. As for feminine hygiene products and both Benita and Danielle commenting on the same thing, women are complex, but men are obsessed by sex, right? Men are sex (produce both X and Y factors). Women get all of their information from men once they become sexually active. Commercials for feminine hygienic products should remind men how fortunate they are to have "made the cut" providing they're not like Fred and Jenny where the opposite was true. Women's vaginas are the receptacles of both x and y gametes produced by males in spite of those possessing vaginas having a tendency to think themselves the producers of the boon instead of the primary recipients (and damned ungrateful on the whole with far too many believing they should be paid for the privilege of being linked to the All) and in the case of some judges such as the one who awarded Heather Mills the equivalent of $34,500 per day in her divorce from Paul McCartney, only too willing to demonstrate their actual worth. Pretty expensive demonstration of the wisdom possessed by the judiciary. There are 215 verses in The NIV Bible containing the word wisdom. The time on "Dr. Robert" which appeared on the UK version but was absent from the US release of "Revolver" was 215. My take on the song was that by adding "a" the song would be "Dr. Roberta" or by eliminating "1" from the time it would be 25=Y. But it was again something indicating no one was thinking.

All human males begin as females with undifferentiated genitalia destined as a vagina. Only the SRY locus on the Y chromosome and the expression of TDF ups the titer of the male hormone testosterone at puberty (a consequence of possessing the Y chromosome) in mammals compared to that of estrogen (which comes into play when maturity is reached by females) and in non-mammals results in the development of a rolled pelvic fin or clasper in developing sharks (many sharks give birth to live young, and some even have intrauterine cannibalism where they consume brothers and sisters for nourishment prior to being born, something they and the state appear to have in common), or in the womb for organisms having placentas who give birth to live young. The development of the penis and testis in humans and other vertebrates (whether in the egg or in utero) gradually changes women to men in the first half of development, and this transformation flies in the face of the environment, the body of a female. Females suppress estrogen production and produce progesterone, the pregnancy hormone, to prevent sloughing off the lining of the uterus while they are pregnant, but females carrying males have to deal with testosterone produced by developing male fetus' inside their wombs. Progesterone appears favored over estrogen or other reasons as well or males would surely have delayed development if exposed to estrogen. Apparently human females pregnant with embryos that will be males when they are born suffer more from morning sickness due to the presence of higher levels of testosterone compared to those who give birth to daughters. It is possible to clone females, in other organisms the process is known as parthenogenesis. Quite simply, sexual reproduction is not required and individuals reproduce in a manner similar to budding in yeasts. Males are not produced and all females are identical (this can occur in Daphnia, aphids and whiptail lizards of the species Cnemidophorus neomexicanus) but reversion to production of males occurs during times of extremes in environmental variation while cloning persists during periods of environmental stability. Parthenogenesis has been accomplished in mammals too, pricking a sheep ovum with a pin results in the breaking of the vitelline membrane and initiation of cell division, but rams cannot be produced in a similar manner because the Y chromosome comes only from males. This flies in the face of the virgin birth, unless of course Zeus comes down as a bull as he was said to do in ancient Greek myths. I prefer to think the bull Greeks were referring to was simply non-truth and that Greek myth was not dissimilar to use of code so if Greek civilization was taken over by a conquering army, all of the metaphysics and philosophy appropriated by the conquerors would be virtually useless, and indeed, could later be used as a weapon by ancestors having similar values. The bull of the zodiac is Taurus and its symbol is not unlike the symbol employed for Mercury, but the parts identifying the dual nature are missing from Taurus which has the horns of Mercury, but no female counterpart (the + symbol at 6 o'clock of woman; see table below). Back to parthenogenesis, experiments done in Great Britain where a mammary cell from a ewe was inserted into an oocyte having its nucleus removed resulted in Dolly, a female sheep named after Dolly Parton that had 6 offspring before she died. Hence, cloning a female appears to be biologically possible, manufacturing males is impossible without a Y and this biological writer is forced to conclude that if the historical birth of Jesus Christ did occur as a result of virgin birth, Jesus Christ was a woman or simply an X chromosome which makes sense of Chi=X. As for the other letters in the name Christ, RST, I prefer to think of those letters as solar and hence, situated with the Y. It was something I tried to explain to Benita with regard to being in balance. Since my illumination at 19 I'd felt pure and virginal, but was out of balance. I was far more likely to oscillate between being "female" in my level of aggression sometimes reverting to "male" control, but somehow Benita facilitated me being able to switch to a strong male role when "protection" of others was required, but not sexually aggressive as is normally associated with males and testosterone-based individuals. I think it was because Benita was capable of being sexually aggressive so that portion of my makeup didn't have to come into play. Indeed, when I was with her I simply wanted to stay playful and childlike feeling sex would spoil our rapport and getting to know one another, something which Jenny proved conclusively.

Any biologist and most laymen know the "female" portion of any nucleated mammalian cell is centered with its X chromosome regardless of how many autosomes are present. A single chromosome pair results in all the differences between males and females, just as the Y chromosome is the male part of a cell and responsible for testosterone-related functions once puberty is reached. Indeed, the Y chromosome is responsible for the original differentiation of the developing foetus taking it from having female genitalia and other secondary sexual characteristics to having a penis and male secondary sexual characteristics. The astronomical symbol employed for Mercury, the Roman God of trade, profit and commerce, is valid as an expression of an hermaphrodite or perfect plant consisting of a winged helmet and caduceus, a symbol associated with the Greek god Hermes, messenger for the gods, conductor of the dead and protector of merchants and thieves. In North America the caduceus has come to be associated with medical practitioners, however, the symbol that should actually be used is the Rod of Ascelepius where the latter is the son of Apollo. Again, the original symbol used for medical practitioners has been replaced owing to time, distance and perhaps misrepresentation. Fortunately medical practitioners Hippocratic oath is sworn to Apollo who is the god of light with Apollo himself associated with the sun. Hermes was transformed in being handed down from the Greeks to Romans going from messenger of the gods, conductor of the dead and protector of merchants and thieves to a god of trade, profit and commerce. Something that, were I in the role of Hermes, would be viewed as a demotion, but I think it indicates how making Western Civilization based on what the Romans scavanged from the Greeks limit Western civilization in the same way religion has been limited when all religion is about Love or penalties provided when its absence is encountered. Wars are still being fought by the US to promote trade, profit and commerce. I also think it's interesting that Moses' face was said to have shone with the horns of the moon when he came down from Mount Sinai after receiving the 10 commandments, but the symbol for the moon has no horns. Apparently it was a mistranslation and the term misidentified as horns could also mean ray of light. Apparently Moses sustained something equivalent to a divine radiation burn so he was definitely associated with a solar deity and likely illuminated because he had to wear a veil. Going back to the symbol for Mercury, the term perfect plant is equivalent to the term dioecious or both houses (male and female gametes produced by a single individual), and while gene exchange with another individual is unnecessary for production of fertile offspring in plants, this is not true of mammalian males who produce both X and Y sperm, but an egg donor is required to produce offspring. The inheritance of mitochondria is solely maternal and therefore, females supply the blueprint for DNA responsible for powering all cells of both male and female offspring. So while the Y chromosome hijacked the sex-determining locus some 300 mya, the role of mitochondria in production of ATP and facilitating aerobic respiration means the energy of all cells is related to a maternal influence. Furthermore, since far more primitive organisms exist also having aerobic respiration facilitated by mitochondria than only those having Y chromosomes (i.e. birds use the ZW inheritance system where females are the gender that appear to possess the sex-determining W chromosome), females are extremely important in steering the ship of mammalian evolution. But there may be another advantage possessed by females over males in producing and being responsible for the inheritance of mitochondria. Some proportion of male energy resources go into powering sperm cells. The flagella on a sperm cell is powered by ATP and has only sufficient ATP to get them to their destination, a ripened ovum in a fallopian tube. If females mammals can scavenge ATP from sperm cells deposited in their body cavities (or even AMP), females derive an advantage in funding other bodily processes using the energy produced by males. Indeed, the individuals parasitized for their energy resources are not even part of the female "tribe". Furthermore, sampling of different mitochondria sources may permit incorporation of instructions to build more efficient mitochondria. Going back to the hidden advantage of sex, one possible explanation is that females parasitize male energy resources and the genetic configurations of their mitochondria, but this is probably not a satisfactory explanation either.

Back to Mercury, the symbol reveals a dual Taurus-female nature (which most bullies appear blissfully unaware of, where a lack of awareness of the X within their own genetic makeup may serve to oust them once and for all from the generative portion of the genome once they appear in a sufficient number of X-box units using lies, subterfuge, force or simply paying for the privilege. Good luck on that to Jenny and his "bothers" sic). Examining the remaining symbols used for the planets, it is obvious the symbol used to represent a female or pistillate plant or flower and Venus are identical and equivalent to its biological symbol. The sign or symbol used for Venus is an hand-mirror with Venus described by the Romans as a goddess associated with love, beauty and fertility with her equivalent being the Greek goddess Aphrodite, but going back to the previous figure, Venus is simply the X in every male and female. Like Venus, Mars has an astronomical symbol equivalent to its biological symbol (Venus and Mars implies a book written by John Gray as well as the former link, a Wings album where the cover art suggests pool balls, not planets) and is often represented by the symbol for males with the arrow pointing at 2 o'clock instead of having a cross at 12 on the clock face where the circle represents Love. Thus, there are actually two types of males, those who are married or in a committed relationship, and those who are single. And I think this is where the sheep are separated from the goats as it were. Males swearing vows to be faithful and true to a specific woman are actually swearing a vow to their own X, and by extension, all X's since what is implied is the symbolism of 2X's (but actually 3 given the Barr body of females bringing us back to the 3 "crosses" at Calvary or the 3 "pyramids" and Sphinx at Giza, something the Greeks would have known about given frequent visits to Egypt since at least 5th century BC and eventual annexation of Egypt, when Alexander the Great brought Greek influence to Egypt resulting in the Ptolemaic dynasty). Indeed, this was one of the many places where the idea of the flood originated and Christian myth had Moses leading the chosen out of Egypt with the parting of the Red Sea. I think the Red Sea is simply allegory for women's menses. But the flood was said to destroy civilization, something that did actually occur when the library at Alexandria burned (likely at the time of Julius Caesar in 48 BCE) since the Greeks were the frontrunners in terms of civilization with civilization defined as the recorded history of mankind v). But this does not include the non-written history of mankind. Given that women are the final recipients of genetic information produced by males, it would appear written history is merely a reflection of the real world since genetic information that has successfully been incorporated in the genome continues as fitness. Written history is subject to takeovers such as Greek culture by Romans, where inevitably, information is altered with original meanings and names being lost by the conquerors, something the Ptolemaic dynasty of Egypt were careful to retain following the annexation of Egypt by Alexander with traditional songs such as the dithyramb preserved until its eventual incorporation into books such as The Bible as "I am" (in spite of Descartes later making reference to the same entity). Indeed, given the Roman conquest of Greece in 146 BC, Egypt was likely one of the last holdovers of Hellenistic civilization which lasted another 100 years after Greece fell to the Romans. Cleopatra VII ruled with her father (Ptolemy XII 117-51 BC) and after her father's death, ruled with her brothers/husbands Ptolemy XIII and Ptolemy XIV. Apparently 200,000 scrolls from the 2nd largest library in the world at Pergamum in Turkey were given by Mark Antony to Cleopatra as a wedding present to replace the scrolls lost in Julius Caesars' attack on Alexandria. Caesar's attack resulted in the burning of the library, and in spite of Rome doing its utmost to insure information appropriated by its conquests made its way to Rome. Nonetheless, the spread of information in the Roman world was slowed by the reluctance of Hellinistic Alexandria to export papyrus to Roman-held Pergamum. The earliest copy of Biblical writings known until the discovery of the Dead Sea Scrolls in 1947 was the Nash Papyrus acquired in Egypt in 1898. The manuscript was believed to date from 2nd century AD but subsequent reappraisals have dated the fragments back to 150-100 BC corresponding to the timeof the Roman conquest of Greek city states but anywhere from 50-100 years before the collapse of Ptolemaic rule in Egypt. The papyrus contains the Ten Commandments in Hebrew, followed by the start of the Shema Yisrael prayer. Originally the Shema consisted only of Deuteronomy 6:4, however, now consists of three portions: Deuteronomy 6: 4-9, Deuteronomy 11: 13-21, and Numbers 15: 37-41. These passages relate to central issues of Jewish monotheistic belief which Christians modified following Theophilus of Antioch's suggestion to include the trinity consisting of the father, son and holy spirit or ghost which has become fixed in Christian doctrine and is a central tenet of Christianity. Theophilus also suggested the books of the Old Testament were written long before the writings of the Greeks which were divinely inspired with the truth of the pagan authors that had been borrowed from Moses and the prophets who alone declared God's revelation to man. He commented that the statements of Plato, "reputed the wisest of all the Greeks", Aratus who had the insight to assert that the earth was spherical and other Greek writers were merely ignorant retailers of stolen goods. The latter statement is interesting given how Rome acquired the Greek writings Theophilus was commenting on to begin with. Theophilus regarded the Sibylline books still in Rome as authentic and inspired productions and quoted the Sibylline oracles (which scholars dispute are not the same) to be declaring the same truths as the prophets. The omission by the Greeks of all mention of the Old Testament from which they reputedly drew their wisdom is ascribed to blindness in refusing to recognize the only God and persecuting the followers of the only fountain of truth. Theophilus further failed to recognize among the Greek philosophers aspirations after the divine life, no earnest gropings after truth and no gleams of the all-illumining light. Theophilus viewed pagan religion as mere worship of idols bearing the names of dead men. Almost the only point on which Theophilus allowed the pagan writers to be in harmony with revealed truth was in the doctrine of retribution and punishment after death for sins committed in life.

I think it interesting that Latin from which a great deal of our language was derived had gender-specific roles where every noun was either masculine or feminine, something an English speaking male can't really comprehend except indirectly given my decidedly male perspective as the origin of gametes, and both he and she gametes at that. The earth has three astronomical symbols which can be used to signify it, a circle with cross hairs resembling a telescopic sight with both equator and meridian lines, the globus cruciger or symbol for woman turned on its head as it were (the biological symbol employed for a male staminate plant turned 180°) differing little from the symbol used by the church of a cross at 12 o'clock on a circular clock face, or as a circle having an horizontal line dividing it into two hemispheres at the equator which more or less defines the relationships between males and females. "Truth" for males is that which goes on above the equator, for females "truth" occurs in the southern hemisphere where the lack of capitalization may reveal the acceptance of lies as truth. Examining the other symbols for the planets is instructive as well. Generally in biological symbology, females are represented as circles and males as squares (given the tendency for women to see Love easier to achieve than dealing squarely, however, some are capable of neither). The moon can be represented either by a circle or crescent as an astrological symbol signifying mind or evolving human spirit with an annual plant or female represented in the same manner. A wheel and axle symbol representing divine spirit (circle) surrounding a seed of potential is used to represent the sun (however the sun can also be represented as a circle with a numeral "1" inside which fits BTO's "Looking out for number one". The latter video link shows a lot of them). Interestingly, the wheel-axle symbol used for the sun is the symbol IBM employs to distinguish the quantity zero from the alphabetic letter "O". Perennial herbs are represented in the biological world by the symbol for Jupiter where the symbol is the thunderbolt symbol for Zeus resembling a 4 signifying the 4th day of the week. Saturn resembles a written "h" and is said to be a sickle or scythe and related to harvest myths, however, I think the crop has to be identified. The majority of sowing and harvesting done in "human affairs" is that of X and Y gametes produced by males harvested by females and is more apparent when the astrological description is provided of matter (cross) taking precedence over mind or human spirit (crescent). Indeed, the planet Saturn has 3 rings and relates back to women of which 3 exist in any male-female "pair", but since males also produce X chromosomes, there are likey to be 3 master X's among females, however, the same should apply to men even if there is only a single shared Y. This symbol is diametrically opposed to the symbol for Ceres which is "a stylized sickle, a crescent of receptivity resting on a cross of matter" and is similar to the Buddhist doctrine of acceptance. The former makes sense of Saturnalia celebrations where individuals who were formerly slaves became masters and doesn't relate as much to the renewal of a solar god as Frazer suggested, but a lunar round superimposed upon a solar cycle. More about this later when the Aztec calendar is discussed, but readers should note males have essentially no temporal power if they permit their gametes to be harvested by females. Indeed, females can be better represented as the presence of the reaper or death on the planet with the relationship between males and females not too unlike the courtship of male and female black widow spiders where the male may be successful in fertilizing the female, but with the latter dictating the terms, the loss of the male's life. While I once told Benita I wouldn't make love to her until she trusted me, the situation has been entirely reversed. I'm unwilling to provide any woman access to my genes until I know she can be trusted given the petty individuals who have already placed a value on what my life is worth. Given 19 and what has transpired since in going before the courts, I view myself as Sol Invictus and anyone presuming to put a price on no one is required to measure up to "Right!". Given Danielle's and Benita's willingness to betray their husband and friend respectively, women on the planet can share the watered-down version of Love normally provided by the solar influence to direct herstory. If Apollo's (and in his dual aspect, Dionysus') influence fails to receive respect, and indeed, Truth and Love is made the subject of mockery in courtrooms, it's something neither women nor men who revealed themselves as liars should expect to obtain access to. Danielle who demonstrated her willingness to betray me and my daughter Cleopatra share the "library" where the copy of my genes Danielle obtained was prior to the current era in spite of her actions being rectified by my trip to the interior prior to Benita's multiple betrayals. It's sad because I quite liked Danielle and Benita prior to their willingness to let "men" who subsequently revealed themselves as liars and opportunists do their thinking for them. Betrayal and rejection of what perpetuates the X (True Love) doesn't bode well for the eternal return of anyone involved. But rejection of the light at the end of the tunnel is something liars and betrayers have to cope with on an individual basis given the Sibylline round was reinaugerated when I resigned from my aquarium maintenance job in late 2007. Rejection at the end of their lives isn't something those who accepted Love and remained faithful to their vows have to worry about (although given the values currently held of "hotness" for women and "studliness" for men, there's probably few couples who were capable of faithfulness), but those who've been professional liars and their lineages should worry about finding someone else willing to forget how "Just" they revealed themselves to be when no one in particular ("Right!") had the opportunity to have his relevance assessed by "professionals". Liars and thieves shouldn't have expectations that anyone wants their genes perpetuated so continued abuse and claims of "non-relevance" are provided children. When the former hide malfeasance behind oaths designed to catch them in bad religion, they have only themselves to blame for their own dead ends. But what about lawyers? Unlike judges, politicians, doctors and COPs, they swear no oath and are essentially "hired guns" whose job in criminal cases is to insure the guilty go free (or if prosecutors, see the innocent convicted). The peace symbol is a bifurcated Y in circle and as a hand sign, is simply the index and third fingers signifying 23, the number of chromosomes in man where the "Rib" of Eve is an X chromosome donated to woman, or so Wisdom reveals. What about the symbol for the Devil? It is the hand symbol of the second and fifth fingers raised signifying 25 or Y. Does everyone have the Devil inside? Everyone but virgin females where it becomes very important to me how the latter are initiated to Y, and indeed, what use men put women's bodies to given that children are the ultimate objective of male female unions, not dereliction of duty at the expense of no one's reputation. Any additional abuse of women or children (where Eric Jenny's "Car 86" is relevant) by men in the name of God, the state or any other group of functionaries will be rewarded with opportunities to be women and bear children until the damage they've done has been fully repaid in the spilling of their own blood.

Uranus is symbolized much like Mars having an arrow at 12 o'clock with a dot in the center of the circle in the same manner as the sun (the elemental symbol for platinum is identical to Uranus' symbol), although it may also be represented as an "H" having a sword through it's bottom (in honor of the planet's discoverer Herschel), but again, the loss of Uranus from the myth of The Titans in the transition to conventional Greek myth is relevant given Uranus was linked to time itself and Uranus' was ultimately replaced by Zeus. Neptune is symbolized by a trident head and should be properly identified as having a dual nature with it's symbol indicating 3 arrows emerging from a common root (the symbol employed for psychology), hence, a single source of the arrows that cannot be distinguished (where 3X's exist each having access to a shared Y, or at least, what used to be a shared Y). Thus, Poseidon appeared to lose something in translation from Greek to Roman myth given Poseidon was god of waters (who breaks water and what is it associated with?). Pluto is signified by either a capital "P" or with a right-angled and oriented tail in honor of Percival Lowell who searched for Planet X beyond Neptune but did not find it in his lifetime. For most biologists, the character P serves to represent the parental generation (where F represents the filial generation and is usually given numbered subscripts to denote how many generations since the parental generation, hence F1, F2, F3 etc. where the F1 possesses half of the genes of either parent) but my notation with US and UO where S=spawners therefore P, and O=offspring in the Adams River sockeye chapter of my PhD thesis made as much sense to me.

In addition to the secondary sexual characteristics and the presence or absence of a penis, there are gender-related behavioral differences that may manifest themselves right from birth but are apparent by the time psychological testing is done. Males tend to be more aggressive owing to the hormone testosterone, females more passive, males tend to have greater mathematical aptitude while females are likely to learn verbal communication earlier than their male counterparts. Whether these differences are due to nature (whether a child possesses a Y chromosome or no Y chromosome and an extra x as a Barr body) or whether they arise owing to nurture (where an environment that favors preferential learning by one gender or another results in differences), differences exist and have been uncovered consistently when psychological testing is done. The big five personality traits uncovered by psychological testing are Openness, Conscientiousness, Extraversion, Agreeableness, and Neuroticism (OCEAN, or CANOE if rearranged). While it's likely possible to manipulate the in-utero environment of a developing embryo hormonally and affect development of secondary sexual characteristics and thus modify human behaviour to be more feminine (peaceful and cooperative) giving expectant mothers hormone treatments to modify the intrauterine environment, tranquilizers provided to males from birth onwards might accomplish the same (and would certainly be the solution that those in positions of power obtained by might would employ to keep others "in their places"). But this is assuming that the environment the sperm enter is neutral. To me it appears that conception of boy or girl children may be related as much to the environment sperm enter as much as the gender of sperm. In some environments 'x' sperm may be favored, in others 'y' sperm may be better able to get to critical speed to break the vitelline membrane and thereby fertilize an egg. Hence, it could be possible to engineer the sex of offspring by manipulating the environment that the sperm enters. It certainly beats the Bobbit solution, however unlike the Origen myth, there are other ways of dealing with those whose predilection to jockdom would "otherwise help" those they come into contact with. I think of it as the #9 solution where the # is 3 when left-justified, however, 3 specific pieces of male anatomy, a few names and a number of respective professional designations come to mind. Campbell suggests that the reason that there were 9 muses was because they were based on 3 times 3. My associations for the number 3, 9, and how they fit together to form 39 are bizarre but valid for me and my past experiences and seem to fit Judy Chicago's 39 plates read right to left to corresponding to a particular year having the prefix 19, the distance from the sun in millions of miles read right-left, the FM frequency of radio station CJCA in Edmonton, or any other association that could come to mind. And that is the point of pretending to understand the Bible or judge the motivations of anyone else. How can anyone know what someone else's associations are? What their symbolism represents, if they even have significant enough events in their lives to develop symbolism or their own mythology? For example, a friend of Jason's heard the name Phoenix and his association was of an automobile, mine is of a mythical bird that rises from its ashes and represents the cosmic egg (and the eggs of females in particular). Either are valid. To argue over who is right would be absurd and suggest somehow one person's associations were better than someone else's. But there are a number of other associations that could be equally correct, an apartment complex that I received a flyer for announcing its opening was named "The Phoenix" and The Meat Puppets come from Phoenix Arizona. Obviously it is similar to the problem of God. The only way God can see all and know all is if God is all and allows all (provided that the innocent are not harmed). When some say their children are more important than other people's children or that they deserve a fat salary for correcting spelling while someone else should starve, be physically abused and get turned out on the street by their "laughing" wives, lose access to their children and get locked up and threatened with the remainder of their lifetime being provided unnecessary tranquilizers for threatening to publicize such treatment, the game as they knew it ends. An advertisement for the movie "Naked gun 33 1/3, the final insult" starring Leslie Neilsen has him say "Some people make a very good living neutering animals". Believe it Fraud et al.

Returning to the question of engineering the environments of women to produce more passive individuals, the question is, "Would we really want more subservient and passive individuals than already exist?" Maybe Benita wants to see people controlled so they're incapable of passion, unable to fight back after being assaulted, unable to complain when being swindled and stolen from, automatons unwilling to write love letters for fear that the passages in them might get them in trouble, but I know the answer to this question for me must be an emphatic "No!" If you renege on your promises and have those who you promised to treat fairly tranquilized or jailed after stealing from them and abusing them physically, fiscally (Beni should try living on "a living wage" of $150 a year I received for 5 years and experience real control) and emotionally (being told that I failed to measure up, that I was a liar and unfair and blind by those who'd perpetrated that treatment on me), then you should expect Mars to rear its ugly head and overcome his natural inclination to be peaceful (@180=Wars) and take on the role of Kali, Shiva's non-benevolent counterpart. Particularly when "Dan's Sin in the Streets" was literally correct. The streets were where my former wife disposed of what she later called "the great love of my life" after 16 years of loyalty and faithfulness during marriage where we'd also lived together 2 years before she made the decision to take vows to do those things which were "right". So much for making an honest woman of her, not that Benita was any different in that regard. Fortunately for all good people concerned, Danielle's betrayal resulted in me making a månkey of myself (666+333=999). The rest of you can fuck yourselves or fuck each other to your heart's content. You're not sharing my return ticket if you've made more problems for others than provided positive outcomes. In addition to literal and allegorical interpretations of literature, scripture, music, sculpture or paintings, anagogical interpretations (< Gk= to lead upward) exist as well. Nicholas Cusanus (1401-1464) in his "Apology for Learned Unknowing" wrote that "God is the simultaneous mutual implication of all things, even the contradictory ones". These contradictory implications are known as "oxymoron's" and defined as "a combination for epigrammatic effect of contradictory or incongruous words" (i.e. military intelligence). Buddhist texts (from Campbell's Occidental Mythology p 303) on the "Wisdom of the Yonder Shore" say: "The Enlightened One sets forth in the Great Ferryboat, but there is nothing from which he sets forth. He starts from the universe but in truth he starts from nowhere. His boat is manned with all perfections; and is manned by no one. It will find its support on nothing whatsoever and will find its support on the state of all-knowing, which will serve as a non-support." To me it all makes sense, particularly where nothing (O) is defined as Love. The song "Nowhere Man" by The Beatles is relevant (a Zappa album called "The Man from Utopia" fits) and while Wikipedia describes it as "among the very first Beatles songs to be entirely unrelated to romance or love, and marks a notable instance of Lennon's philosophically-oriented songwriting" it simply marks the point at which "no one" was realized and went into the card I provided Benita and there was no lack of Love for her at that time, just the realization that she might get ugly and that I'd better cover my ass the only way I knew how. Hence, the contemplation of divine ideas such as beauty and truth alluded to in the first paragraph of this chapter can recognize symbols in the panoply that are intuitively obvious, but not necessarily rationally credible. Turning a woman into a Banana ("Hollaback Girl"), tuna ("Hella Good"), evening (Tonite=2nite), is only rational when Beni's name and other aspects of her are considered (å Beni eyes); oyster (pearl), cat (pussy) and song (tune) are more traditional, but how each of the associations were arrived at is via association and would be unlikely to be replicable by just anyone, nor apply to just anyone (only all of them could only fit Beni simultaneously). The fact that a band called Bananarama exists, the scene in Tommy with Ann Margaret taking a bath in champagne, beans and chocolate, and groups such as Focus naming an album "Hamburger Concerto" mightn't mean much to anyone else, but to me they all result in a polarity of suggestions pointing to either Beni or Hamburger U (really "Tobacco Road" (v) since Macdonald College was built on tobacco money). As alluded to in the chapter on Amerindians, the east or Beni has a special meaning, just as the 3 bears (Jo Jo) and Goldilocks ("Sister Golden Hair") conjure up images of her and my childhood fighting large bares (naked Frauds), playing with middle sized ones (Beni), and protecting little ones (children). Indeed, only the symbols I employ make sense to me of the world, and that is what life is all about. Making sense of your own world is required to maintain authenticity and employing symbols others have chosen without understanding why they exist amounts to indoctrination and loss of self. The idea of a stitch in time saving 9 (0=right) is the way I've interpreted the sea of names surrounding me. My mind screamed The Word in 1973/1974 that resulted in my enlightenment, my allusions fit the current mythology of the artists and musicians, and no one is going to tell you you're wrong if you choose to disagree with me but at least we can reach an amicable disagreement. But if If, like Brown, you maintain Phoenix is a car and that is the only meaning the name can take and that no one should be locked up or tranquilized for thinking differently, it smacks of 1984 by Orwell (and it was I who published my first article in that year promising to examine the adaptive significance of parr marks "in light of the criteria" for protective resemblance). If I am provided tranquilizers, then you shouldn't be surprised if I no longer want you having a Y chromosome and that your "brotherhood" has simply become a bother to me and others who think free. Furthermore, you should expect the Y you'll be receiving in future incarnations will have other criteria such as length and girth to affect your assessment of its value. The point that comes to me from The Dinner Party, The Warden of the Fish and the idea of the Serpent being with the X is that it's all a part of us. When one finds the other half of themselves, it all seems to fit into place, whether it did for her or not. Art is like sex, perpetuation of either art or the species doesn't require that women accept our symbology or reach orgasm. As she was not the creator and simply someone who believed: "I really deserve better", rejection was her prerogative. And perhaps she'll find someone who believes a good wife is worth the world and all that is in it (and the last 40 years of music provides clues as to who she is) and provided they have those chips, someone will be able to pay her what she thinks she's worth (where the lyrics to the last link are relevant). Benita shouldn't have demonstrated so conclusively sex with a lying COP was all she thought "Right!" was worth. She had 6 is 9 in her possession and could have read what I'd written in the chapter called "19", but it was far more important to have me arrested. Anyway, the Warden of the Fish holds two fish (and recalls Dr. Suess' "One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish") and really the idea is that the products are what are important, a purple fish having the characteristics of the first and second fish (F1). Their colours are relatively unimportant, they are still fish (sperm) after all, although the red fish is representative of X which is totally absorptive (woman) and the blue of Y. And the keeper of the fish is the one (fish) who knows the alpha (|) is he, and because he is male and a biologist, knows he represents both the red and blue fish (with women provided access to X and Y to go with the X entrusted to them by their parents). The "Right!" (=light+love) was the beginning, but the alpha knows no one has seen God and his "ID" becomes no one (O) but since the first must be last, alpha also represents the end or Omega when 1 is lost (1000-1=999). Rather symbolic, but representative of larger things and intended to be taken anagogically. For example, our term hermaphrodite is derived from a combination of Hermes and Aphrodite where Hermes is the ferryboatman and represented as lord of the phallus and associated with the Hermetic secrets beyond death and is both male and female, Aphrodite is the Goddess of Love who is the consort of the ever-dying, ever-reborn god who was gored by the boar whose celestial sign is the waxing and waning moon ("I won't share you with another Boar" from "Roxanne" by Police or "Crackerbox Palace" by George Harrison with "Boåring"). Their child Cupid (Roman) or Eros (Greek) is the boy who rides a dolphin (=dorphin+nE) and has a dangerous bow (dow= Dao= Way+nE). My interpretation is very paganistic, the idea one should worship a fish above all else (even if it is a rare and endangered Banannafish foreshadowed in "Seymour an Introduction" by J.D. Salinger) only apprehended rarely in British Columbia bogs may appear ridiculous, but gave me something real. A book, regardless of how good it is makes a poor substitute for a flesh and blood human being that you can hold and whose tears and fears you can kiss away. And if I receive eternal damnation for not being sufficiently humble and kissing up to upstarts who lack similar education and humility like Smith or McGivern or asses like Jenny who are sure that their karma damns them, I can live and die with that and spend all eternity if need be knowing what I shared with Beni was special and beautiful, even if it was misconstrued, lacked reciprocity and resulted in Jenny's perjury compounding my criminal record (eliminating his and his "brother's" chances of ever being being given access to the SRY locus again). Benita's more real than any holy book, and certainly more difficult to understand. While The Bible required a few readings and some comparisons to the Koran (or Qurran), Vedas and other texts for me to get a sufficient understanding of enlightenment and it's legacy (not to mention responsibilities), I know I could have studied Beni forever and she would only have grown more fascinating to me. For me woman is the holy book and the grail in which the precious blood exists (where the next generation arises). Marley's "Know woman know ChRi (+St)" is thus valid. I felt that Beni would have made an excellent mother for my children ("You Oughta Know" Alanis Morisette) but the state got involved with Jenny identifying what I'd given Benita as proof regarding the danger I presented, but his unsubstantiated accusations were viewed as OK (everyone who judged "Right!" as wrong will either measure up or lose the capacity to be "Right!" only in bedroom-related matters). I saw Benita making a pinata for her nephews birthday (and even helped a bit) gluing on little pieces of paper laboriously so he could use a stick to break it open in a few minutes. That is love. Not telling others they should learn humility while pretending to be doing God's work (God is Love, in principle everyone should be doing God's work and those who arent represent the Antichrist). Gluing little pieces of paper onto a papier mache' figure is a good job, getting thrown in a loonie bin for telling assholes not to ever beat up on or call other people's children liars while ripping them off for their salaries, time and ideas is a good job. Telling Jenny he'll never walk in my shoes is a good job. People given the choice between the east or Beni who'd choose the east (give up my children for a worthless piece of paper granted by similarly worthless liars and thieves) are bigger fools than no one who gave up 17 years of "high school" to tell the "men" at McGill what's coming off (their own worthless dicks). Those who start with God and don't add "O" (where "O" is defined as love), end up with God instead of good. Psalms 14:1 and 53:1 say "The fool in his heart says there is no God", but another fool is more dangerous and sure of himself who says "There is no God but mine". Blair is free to wait for the introduction of implants (although Dow Corning is in big trouble already) and the second coming of God, but as far as I can ascertain, Love has always been on this planet although it's not something COPs know too much about if they bore false witness to get laid. To me the X is part of every woman and every man as well, that nurturing presence without whom it is unlikely any of us would have made it out of diapers, and had we, would have learned our compassion at the hands of male role models such as Fraud, Doyle or Jenny. Again, not a very enticing prospect. As for Beni having me thrown in jail 3 times, the explanation is that she was more afraid of Love than of the police and courts when she should have seen their care and concern was nonexistent in their dealings with me. I can't say that I blame her, I too was more frightened of her than of the police and courts, but for a different reason. Separation from one's beloved is Hell as any self-respecting Satan (90° away) will attest. The title of a song by Ministry "Psalm 69" fits well (and coincidentally had the same 529 time as the 1st song on the album abbreviated as "N.W.O.", presumably standing for either ONW or New World Order). An album by The Mission (formed from the splintered Sisters of Mercy and titled "Gods Own Medicine" shows a woman in an arch having her arms outstretched and a radiance around her head which refers implicitly to the goddess. Whosoever doesn't find the goddess on earth is unlikely to find Pi (O) in the sky. But a search image is required. It helps to know what you're looking for. An old saying "the eyes are the mirror of the soul" fits how I saw Beni. To me the goddess is simply goodness, thus one should look within first and apprehend that part in oneself that is radiant. Only then can similar radiance be recognized when apprehended in another. More than a physical location, DixC (where ix=9) is a place within the heart near the Mason-Dixon (trigonometric) line which can be projected onto or from any human being just as Tennessee is simply "see love". Any humane Beenie (an album by Beenie Man called "Blessed" fits) can become Venus within the mind of another. Bonnie Tyler's "Total eclipse of the heart" makes sense in this regard. Had Beni and I gotten together as man and wife "we'd only be making it Right". Men or women currently having spouses and families know this to be the truth. While men and women are two separate tribes or genders, either without the other is incomplete. Hence Smith, Jenny, Doyle, Formby, McGivern, Ruse and others of the courts who have stood in the way of Love and prosecuted individuals for "crimes" similar to my own have lost their way by using a book on Love to judge Love to bewrong. When caring and Love are seen as "dangerous" and putting Bonita stickers on videotapes and letters is sick, it is time for a diagnostician to be consulted who knows how to do more than claim irrelevance or say "pass the information" much like a corpulent individual at a banquet might say "pass the roast beef" (because the "information" of those who presumed to judge, prosecute or give evidence against Love has been passed on, that is, deemed irrelevant to the progress of mankind, maybe womankind can put their X chromosomes and whatever else they have on the other 22 autosomes to use). A reference was also made in 6 is 9 to Alfred Hitchcock's "The Man Who Knew Too Much" (1956) starring Doris Day and James Stewart. The assassination of the head of state of a small european country was supposed to occur at a philharmonic performance in Great Britain when a cymbal crash occurred. A reference was also made in 6 is 9 to a video by Queen called "Miracle" (v) where the number hanging on one of Roger Taylor's cymbals was 1. Again, I interpret both allegorically, Truth is being assassinated in Canada and other countries while the courts of the land allow criminals such as Clifford Olsen to profit from the killing of children (Olsen's wife was given $10K per body to reveal where he disposed of the bodies of children he killed and was paid $100K in return for his guilty plea offered in 1982). When the latter occurred it demonstrated criminals were running the courts. When universities can have their former clients placed on and threatened with tranquilizers in perpetuity when they complain about assault and the treatment they've received and permanently stigmatize the complainer (and gain their own stigmata. The stigma is a female part of flowering angiosperms defined by Britannica as a sticky knob whose surface receives pollen during pollination. Something I think I covered adequately in the cartoon Fraud received as a harbinger of things to go), then it is time for the family to become one and for those who subverted right in this and similar matters to become 2 (an Xx or an xx where their genetic relationship to the family is determined by how "right" they were after all family members are deemed equally important except the Y, of which there was only 1 anyway). Although biologists such as my MSc. supervisor Larry Dill don't see group selection as a force operating in the biological world since individual selection or kin selection were believed to be stronger forces overriding group selection (and as my Fraud showed, the only group he was interested in was his own worthless x and y), by making all who have lived and will ever live kin, it becomes possible to exclude those who don't operate using similar ideologies. In subsequent chapters the rationale for and consequences of this world view are examined in relation to those who appear to have smaller brother- and sisterhoods than I myself see existing on this planet where not only are all men and women kin, but all life seen as derived from a common origin. The beginning of All.

According to Schopenhauer (1788-1860), while science is concerned with laws of cause and effect, mathematics with time and space, and history with motivation, none of these constitute art. Art is contemplation of an object as an idea dissociated from the temporal flow of causal laws. When an object is regarded as such, it becomes an epiphany of the whole equivalent to the entire unending manifold of time. This way of seeing things (the way of the world eye) should not be confused with allegorical reference or intellectual abstraction, but if properly viewed results in annihilation of the entire world and world-orientation of the self-projecting, self-advancing biological-political individual and as Campbell suggests, may result in madness. In reference to this idea he quoted Dryden:"Great wits are sure to madness near allied, And thin partitions do their bounds divide". Deep Blue Something suggests something similar in "Breakfast at Tiffany's". Tiffany recorded "All this time" on "Hold an old friend's hand". In 6 is 9 I related the line between genius and insanity should be related to productivity with the judgment of subsequent generations being the final arbiter regarding the validity of a particular vision, but if the vision is credible and only thin walls divide one madman from the next, that vision should not be unique to the individual, but instead, be a shared vision (the album "Diary of a Madman" (T) by Ozzy Osborne who used to be with B-lacks a Bath is relevant because in 2008, I live in a place with no tub similar to Benita's place on Mayfair that only has a shower, (v) shown is "Flying High Again") and should be particularly true if there's only a single Y shared among men. Wagner (v) believed each of the arts was applied to one aspect of the cosmic vision. Architecture renders universal harmony, landscaping and gardening represent the impersonal will in nature, the nude in sculpture or painting renders the grace or beauty of the species, and portraiture is concerned with the character of the individual. Music has a role apart because it deals not with forms in space, but time itself. "One could call the world 'embodied music' as well as 'embodied Will'" according to Schopenhauer, thus confirming the theme of the music of the spheres (but also illustrating how a "time warp" can exist where "Rocky Raccoon" and "Eleanor Rigby" both tipped me off about McGill, they were recorded in 1968 and 1966 respectively, but I didn't need to use them until 24 and 26 years after they were recorded). A quote by former Eckancar Master Darwin Gross expressed this well: "Music goes beyond words. It speaks straight to our heart. It reaches the very core and root of soul. Music soothes us, stirs us up. It puts noble feelings in us. It melts us to tears at times. Yet we know not how it works. It is the language that, by itself, is divine." A more famous quote comes to mind furnished by Shakespeare's "Twelfth Night", "If music be the food of love, play on". Joseph Campbell dealt with existing myths in the first 3 volumes of his series "The Masks of God" showing the presence of symbolic images in the intellectual heritage of mankind transported to us on the sea of time. These symbols arrive at our feet and are treated by many as if they were so much flotsam and jetsam (a band exists having the same name, originally they were Paradox formed in Phoenix in 1982, Jason Newsted played bass with them before joining Metallica, and they now have numerous albums including "Doomsday for the deceiver" released in 1986, "No place for disgrace" (1988),"When the storm comes down" (1990), "Cuatro" (1992) , "Drift" (1995) , "High" (1997) , "Unnatural Selection" (1999) , "My God" (2000) , "Live In Phoenix" with their latest release being and "Dreams of Death" (2005). The video shown is a cover of "Saturday Night's Alright For Fighting)". Divorced of their psychological impact and similar to the belongings of someone else, these symbols are viewed as valueless because it is difficult for others to understand why the symbols became relevant in the first place or what someone else's covetousness was about. In volume 4 of Campbell's The Masks of God series, "Creative Mythology", Campbell says "this order is reversed: the individual has had an experience of his own of order, horror, beauty, or even mere exhilaration- which he seeks to communicate through signs, which, if his realization has been of a certain depth and import, his communications will have the value and force of living myth for those, that is to say, who receive and respond to it of themselves, with recognition, uncoerced." At its root, creative mythology deals not with the symbols that others have laid at our feet and what we think of them, but the experiences we ourselves have known and the symbols and media we've chosen to communicate these experiences. Ultimately the validity of our experiences is determined by how well the symbology we employ relates to the symbology others provided to serve as links, and in the final analysis, how well the symbols survive the test of time.

Take for examples symbols of the fish, dolphin or whale, all associated with Christianity. The Christian idea of baptism is similar to a fish being pulled from the water (where baptism by water is only symbolic of baptism by light or as some prefer to call it, fire). The whale recalls Jonah born from the whale in the Old Testament symbolic of the soul of man swallowed and born from Sheol (Hell; "Twist my Arm" by the Tragically Hip fits; Jacques Cousteau is mentioned in the lyrics, inventor of the aqualung, but via Notarikon it simply decrypts as JC. Part of my PhD fieldwork was done in Jacques Cartier Park). Christ himself is symbolized by a fish, and among Catholics a fish meal is consumed on Fridays. However, the symbol of the fish is far more ancient and predates baptism and the idea of a second birth (where of course, birth is akin to being pulled out of a watery abyss, baptism whether by immersion or wetting, is the reverse). Furthermore, just as Mithra came into being near the close of the astrological age of Taurus or the bull, the earth is currently in the Piscean astrological age and will move into Aquarius next. In the 2nd millennium B.C., a figure known as The Warden of the Fish (Campbell) was common on Babylonian seals, the Fisher King of Grail and Arthurian legends directed the quest of knights toward castles in which the Grail Maiden could be found to hold the holy chalice. Similarly, the Hindu sage Vyasa was born from a fish-born virgin nicknamed Fishy Smell (=Truth). Fish Gods were shown at the tree of life in Assyria 7 centuries before Christ, and fish are an important motif among ancient Egyptians as well (Osiris's penis). In the past century Hemingway utilized similar symbology in his tale of "The Old Man and the Sea" and musical allusions are made to his work in an album having the same title as Hemingway's book years later. Similarly a film called "When Ahab met Moishe" (music by the Angstones) came out when this was being written (Moishe's was a smoked meat place I used to go to in Montreal). Interestingly, a descendent of Melville's who goes under the name Moby put out an album titled "Everything is wrong" but I took a similar message from U2's video screens on their Zoo TV tour and put it in a video I gave Beni making sure it wouldn't be missed by having recording it in pause mode (the office Wildlife postgraduates were crammed into was known as "The Zoo"). Another band called Moby Dick and Jane released an EP called "Get in Line with Technology" having "Fishin' Technology", "This is Why" and another song called "Broken Forms". My grade 1 reading primer was about a family, the boy was Dick, the girl Jane and in addition to the parents (who weren't really major characters anyway) a dog named Spot, a cat named Puff and a little sister named Sally lived together (from whom, no doubt, many "Silly Sally" jokes sprung).

Joseph Campbell began the first chapter of Creative Mythology titled "The Word Behind Words" by quoting what likely is a truism "The best things cannot be told, the second best misunderstood. After that comes civilized conversation followed by mass indoctrination and finally intercultural exchange". As his Creative Mythology volume deals with the mythology springing from personal experience and not dogma, learning or political interests, it has to do with faith. But this is not faith in the conventional sense of the word, belief in what one has been told to believe by others, but individual faith in the validity of one's own experience, whether based upon feeling, reason, vision or mathematical verification. Socially authorized mythologies and cults do not break out of old molds often, indeed it could be argued that it would be as unlikely for a group of Buddhist monks to have a vision of Christ as it would for Christian nuns to experience an epiphany regarding the Buddha. And while the intent of old mythologies is to integrate the individual into an orthodox group, creative mythology exists to found a new paradigm. Better Hell and in character than a Heaven where one is forced to live inauthentically to conform to the "standards" of others noted Campbell. Hence the moniker Creative Mythology represents the productions of individuals such as James Joyce, Thomas Mann, William Shakespeare and others who have shared their revelations leaving others to judge whether they belong in heaven, hell, or somewhere between. Campbell showed the similarity between the evolution of James Joyce's and Thomas Mann's writing careers in Creative Mythology, that they seemed to connect somehow and experienced a simultaneous unfolding demonstrating similar developmental stages in their careers, yet they wrote in different countries using different languages and had no communication between one another. Hence, continuity appears to exist in the cosmic vision within generations, but what of the transfer of symbols and visions across generations? In ancient creation myths, the Sumerian serpent-god Ningizzida represented as the Lord of the Abyss associated with the source of mortal life and the end to which it returns is usually depicted as a sea-beast or crocodile, usually possesses a hammer in his right hand having a cornucopia on his left arm, the hammer being the instrument of Plato's Divine Artificer by whom the temporal world is fashioned from the model of eternal forms, but also is representative of the lightening bolt of illumination by which ignorance regarding the temporal world is dispelled. This god is equivalent to Hades-Pluto-Poseidon trilogy in the classical tradition, Zervan Arakana in Mithraism, Sucellos among the Celts and is the Devil in the Christian tradition. The Devil's place in Christian mythology is quite different than the place of the lord of the underworld (unconscious) in the pagan tradition though.

A sketch taken from a book called "The Little Garden of Delights" a 12th century handbook compiled in Alsace by Abbess H. von Landsberg illustrates a metaphor coined by Pope Gregory the Great illustrates what is known as the "ransom theory of salvation" with God the Father in heaven fishing for the Devil in the form of Leviathan using 7 kings of the royal house of David as the line, the Cross for his hook, with Christ as bait and the 8th figure on the line (at right).  According to the ransom theory which is one of the oldest theories regarding the atonement, God uses his son as bait since his son cannot be corrupted, and the soul of man which the Devil gained in the Garden of Eden by having Adam and Eve eat of the tree of knowledge is thus saved by a Ruse (get the picture Prosecutor David?). The Devil is caught on the hook of the cross, which Christ through his resurrection (no one from previous Oct 12-13 Case 52975), escaped. An alternative interpretation however is that God and Devil are one and a circle is formed between absolute good and absolute evil in the Christ. Indeed, it was Christ who rejected the doctrines of others and formed an entirely new conception of God the Father with the Son(G) of Man being one embodied in himself. In doing this, he did his father's work and was one with the father and himself divine. Indeed, what the pagan world formerly regarded as evidence for a divine presence in nature working in the world in the person of Satan, the Church chose to interpret as the Devil and as the embodiment of evil. Poseidon's trident (Shiva's in India) became the Devil's pitchfork, Poseidon's great bull which sired the Minotaur (Shiva's Nandi in India) lent the Devil his cloven hoof and horns. The Devil is said to represent evil since he would not bow to men and would worship God alone, but the word Devil is derived from the Greek and means "slanderer" or "accuser" for Benita's edification. To the Orphic initiate however, the Devil is taken to be an immanent presence of God to be experienced within the Indian-Tantric tradition where all of the gods, demons, heavens and hells are part of us. A book by Annalee Skarin "Ye are Gods" relates to this tradition where the Holy Spirit is viewed as that which brings these boons into the lives of humans. Again man is viewed as the microcosm, Hades-Pluto or Poseidon-Neptune-Shiva is the immortal human whom Christians split into God and Devil and place outside themselves in the world when these personages are viewed as being part of man in pagan traditions (the album cover art of Pink Floyd's "Wish you were here" shows a man in a suit on the right shaking the hand of another man in a suit on the left of the photograph). The idea of the Greeks was that man was created by God (Zeus) from the ashes of the Titans who had consumed his immortal son Dionysus, thus man is composed of immortal (Dionysian) and mortal (Titan) substance and the mystery initiations were designed to make man cognizant of his portion in the ever-living god including that portion that is not immortal and is simply "in the flesh". I hope Dr'ed Ro(d)ger Tit(m)an understands more than he did previously. He formerly wanted to be an MD before choosing animal behaviour studies with little black ducks. Titman was Chairman when I told him about the three "wise men" James Blunt subsequently documented in his song having the same title. In the latter video, the central character is on fire. Soon after I arrived in Montreal a film by Denys Arcand was released called Jesus of Montreal which won won the Genie Award for Best Canadian Film of 1989. It twice placed second on the TIFF List of Canada's Top Ten Films of All Time and was nominated for the 1989 Academy Award for Best Foreign Language Film. A joke that went around Montreal at the time was that Jesus couldn't have been from Montreal given the impossibility of finding 3 wise men or a virgin. I don't know about the latter but the former was verifiable.

A figure from Campbell's Creative Mythology (p 24) shows a seal from 300 A.D. depicting a figure being crucified with the inscription Orpheos-Bakkikos (True Man-True God) having 7 stars overhead symbolizing the Pleiades known as the Lyre of Orpheus, with the cross suggesting the chief stars of the constellation of Orion, known also as Dionysus said to be born from Zeus' hip in a mythological sense (The Tragically Hip is a connection, it's difficult to be more hip than to be the source). The crescent moon (again at 90° to the vertical and resembling a smile) represents the moon which, like Christ was purportedly in the cave for 3 days and represented by 3 days of darkness, just as the birthday of Christ is at the close of the winter solstice (Dec 21) and his death is in spring. True God becomes True Man as the One (Y) becomes the many, and as such, represents the savior in a similar manner to Christ, however Orpheus was a musician and not a preacher. The Goddess Mother of the universe is symbolized by the Cross in the astrological-astronomical sign of earth as the cross-hairs of a telescopic sight within a circle (or egg as it were). And this signifies the position of the sacrificial victim as well, they who stand in the center of the circle and form the axis-mundi, the immoveable spot, the earth=heart=hearth. The origin and terminus of the primal fire and Sol Invictus (where Sol Invictus is also a neofolk and neoclassical band from England started by Tony Wakeford later joined by American violinist Renee Rosen of L'Orchestre Noir who later became his wife. Shown is Against the Modern World). The first Sol Invictus related the ceremony held at Christmas to Mithra and "Big Time" in the Zervan Arkana sense, however, Benita called the VPD on December 22nd and I was arrested the following day so kept pretty much to the schedule prescribed and spent Christmas at home with Jason all the same after the drunk tank festivities were over. At the time I wondered what Benita and Eric Jenny did and whether they got together to celebrate my imminent conviction, but frankly, that's one mystery I'll be happy to see die in the darkness of their li(v)es. Corey Hart recorded "Never Surrender" on his "Boy in the Box" album which expresses the message. Because it wasn't just the foundation of The Bible amounting to no more than ink on transformed trees, but The Word of God that Wayne's World had been built upon. Following that, 20 years of searching for truth followed when no one had the truth all along. It was necessary to show who didn't have any conception of Truth, Love or regard for Beauty, all which the "men" of the courts proved irrefutable, but probably wouldn't have been quite so convincing without badge 1701 in the role of Stall+Lek (decrypted) C-Assed and his Stall+Shit Enterprise.

The persecution of Christians that went on in the middle ages during the inquisition resulted in the burning of witches and culminated with Galileo (1564-1642) being forced to recant his agreement with Copernicus' view that the earth revolved around the sun, leaving the church in charge of interpretation of heavenly bodies (too bad priests and nuns vowed celibacy, there are heavenly bodies on this earth requiring contemplation than those in the heavens alone), but this persecution was never over faith in God, or faith in the Bible as the word of God, but lack of faith in the Church as an interpreter and the appropriate vehicle for reaching the masses at the time. Indeed, old paradigms result in political allegiances being formed and political bodies maintaining positions that may have successfully held sway over subjects in the past, even though the symbols, ceremonies and leaders lost their original power to convince in an emotional or logical sense. Having lost their original authority obtained by conquering the Greeks and appropriating the doctrines of those who had actually worked out their own faith (as Kierkegaard wrote, "Each man works out his own salvation in fear and trembling" in what was likely "Fear and Trembling" but may have been "The Sickness Unto Death"), power was maintained using coercion to "convince" unbelievers of the validity of the political body's divinely ordained right to lead (when the teachings of the Greeks had been stolen by a Roman army the Greek city states were unable to overcome). That such coercion may require torture, excommunication, threats of eternal damnation and even horrible and painful means of putting "unbelievers" to death is the legacy "organized" religion has left the world as its testimony to an eternal kingdom of Love transcending death. Church leaders have in the past condoned such methods because the Church isn't concerned with saving the body, but man's immortal soul. For example, the Spanish Inquisition (v, v2) was established in 1478 by Catholic Monarchs Ferdinand II of Aragon and Isabella I of Castile (who jointly financed Christopher Columbus' voyage of discovery) and was apparently inaugurated to maintain Catholic orthodoxy in their kingdoms (however this was not the first example of Church and state working hand in hand to persecute it's flocks and citizens respectively). The inquisition was under the direct control of the Spanish monarchy lasting until 1834 and ending during the reign of Isabel II. It represented 356 years of church and state working hand in hand to persecute Christians, the only group the Inquisition presumed to have authority over. By its end, it resulted in 2000 executions although motives regarding the monarchs' decision to found the Inquisition are vague. Possible reasons include increasing political authority, weakening opposition, doing away with conversos (also known as marranos, Jews who'd converted to Christianity to escape persecution but the authenticity of their conversion was doubted) and sheer profit. Ferdinand II of Aragon pressured Pope Sixtus IV to agree to let him set up an Inquisition controlled by the monarchy by threatening to withdraw military support when the Turks were a threat to Rome. Sixtus IV later accused the Spanish inquisition of being overzealous and accused the monarchs of greed and issued a bull to stop the Inquisition, but eventually was pressured into withdrawing it. As the inquisition continued, by the 16th century a new target was found in Protestants. About 100 were burned as heretics and an index of prohibited books alleged to contain heresy was drafted. In time, converts from Islam to Christianity called Moriscos were also persecuted. While the Spanish Inquisition was an institution at the service of the monarchy, it had to follow procedures set up by the Holy See. Most of the inquisitors had a university education in law (parasitism). The procedures would start with the inquisitors arriving in a community, issuing Edicts of Grace where people were invited to step forward to confess heresy freely and denounce others. Denunciations were followed by detentions. A defense counsel was assigned to the defendant (public defender or legal aid lawyer) whose role was simply to advise the defendant and to encourage him or her to speak the truth. A Notary of the Secreto transcribed the words of the accused with the archives of the Inquisition complete in their documentation. The percentage of cases where torture was used to obtain confessions was variable. Sentences varied from fines to execution and those condemned had to participate in the ceremony of auto de fe (act of faith). McCarthyism wasn't too dissimilar.

While the Spanish Inquisition raged in Europe, a similar phenomenon was run in Massachusetts from 1692-1693 North America in the form of witch trials. People thought to be witches were "examined" by those who would prick their fingers lightly with a pin, if they bled they were not considered to be witches, but if they did not bleed, they were likely to be tied up and thrown into a body of water. If they floated, they were considered witches and would be immediately burned at the stake, if they sank and drowned, it proved they weren't witches and it was believed their souls would be saved. Thomas S. Szasz wrote "The Second Sin" which dealt with the onus on the accused to prove they weren't witches in the same way someone who is charged with an offence today ends up having to hire a lawyer to prove their innocence when, ostensibly, the state cannot lose (however, individuals who choose to misuse their testimony or bring bogus charges can lose everything after having sworn oaths to do otherwise if no one has been accused). While the justice system promises the accused a fair trial (and perhaps in Benita's case, "affair trial" would be a better description) anyone can accuse someone of a crime. Indeed, no one has protection from the state except the certain knowledge that as long as a profit can be from accusations, lawyers, judges and COPs will never go hungry in the same way that as long as everyone wants to lose their genes to women, possessors of vaginas will never go hungry (and in either case, the ethics of both groups, those who'd sell access to their vaginas and those who'd make accusations no one could refute are similar. Those who proved no one dangerous will just have to wait till the end of their lives when his willingness to have his accusers die in the darkness can be proven in a manner similar to the complaint). The problem Danielle provided me with was a case in point. How can someone prove they are not insane if they've been hospitalized and given tranquilizers as I'd been? Indeed, "normal" should be definable only as a cycle on one's washing machine (where the washing machine's appear to be the vaginas of women who are suspicious of messages on greeting cards. Normal as Hell). Since the church (or state) devised the tests by which one is judged either as an heretic, witch, or sane (or not), there appears to have been little progress from the time of the inquisition to present. In B.C. all that was required was a pair of charlatans (or a wife willing to sell her husband of 16 years down the river and alienate her father forever) to put someone into a psych ward for a month and perhaps more if the charlatans could reach some agreement regarding a diagnosis (liars and violent men masquerading as doctors before going over to the other side, hookers masquerading as women). Once one has been in a psych ward, it provides a stigma no one can refute (given that the foundation of the justice system is The Bible which states: "No one should judge"). Spinoza was a Portuguese Jew living in Amsterdam in refuge from his own synagogue for his critical positions towards the Talmud and other religious texts. His writings were denounced as being "forged in hell by a renegade Jew and the Devil". Spinoza wrote: "What greater misfortune for a state can be conceived than that honorable men should be sent like criminals into exile, because they hold diverse opinions which they cannot disguise? What, say I, can be more hurtful than that men who have committed no crime or wickedness should, simply because they are enlightened, be treated as enemies and put to death, and that the scaffold, the terror of evil-doers, should become the stage where the highest examples of tolerance and virtue are displayed to the people with all the marks of ignominy that authority can devise?" Maybe Spinoza should ask Benita and her confederates the same question and while Spinoza and I share similar sentiments, enlightenment is as much a curse as a blessing as Christ reputedly said through Matthew via the phrase: "my burden is light". Although illumination puts one right with nature and the universal will by providing the message that Love is "Right!", the world most people acknowledge doesn't embrace sin (appearing 420 times in The NIV Bible) as a defensive position (no one). Indeed, it's interpreted instead as a lack of regard for others, when it's really leaving oneself (no one) out of benefit/cost equations entirely (since no one is "Right!" a "side" is unnecessary, let everyone else take sides and if they depart too much from "Right!", they lose "membership"). Jenny was happy to believe he'd benefited by losing his genes to Benita and Benita was sure she'd gotten the pick of the litter by reaping the genes of someone having no qualms about lying under oath (who was litter in no one's estimation, hence, no better than trash). Given their oaths were a waste of their breath, maybe Jenny and his "brothers" will do better on their wedding vows as blushing brides having rampant yeast infections (where lyrics and the video to Tony Orlando's Candita fit). Most people are only too happy to take everything they can from individuals who behave selflessly and are generous in spirit as well as kind and it's much easier to believe practitioners of the way (Opposite/Adjacent) are simply naive rather than having suspicions your greed and lack of regard for others set you up. The idea that you can't cheat an honest man is relevant. Materialists fail to label similar behaviour as lack of guile or stupidity (when it's simply be a means of getting liars, thieves and violent men so far in over their heads that they're eliminated for having consistently left a negative energy balance between what they gave and what they took). Honeymoon Suite's "Bad Attitude" has lyrics that relate "No one likes to lose", and while it isn't true, knowing I have the last laugh makes it and those who'd cause myself and others to lose by rejecting white light while accepting B'lack truth excludes them from Y in perpetuity. Smith who wouldn't want me after him can provide his own "Right!" to get him back in the game as a male but if unsuccessful, he too can wonder why they advertise those products that everyone has to buy anyway. Whatever he and I share on the other 22 chromosomes, he can keep providing he measures up. I obeyed Pr 31 for 18 years plus another 16 thanks to Jenni's, Do|le's and and (S)Mith's interference, so as long as they've never provided their genes to other women besides their wives or girlfriends since meeting them (good luck on that), they have an opportunity to retain the X belonging to Homo sapiens. Having chosen to judge no one, they're all obligated to "measure down" to the "standards" I've maintained. If Smith or McGivern have been unfaithful with other women besides their wives (Jenni is a known quantity and therefore lost), they can spend a few lifetimes eating slop before going to market. It'll be easier than preparing for a headache or knowing the complainants name and the name of the accused as no one. Providing Jenny had only the best intentions for Beni as I did, he can keep his X and the 22 autosomes, but if he just wanted to demean me and get Beni in the sack, he loses his X (since losing something else he's been using to fuck others for years is a surety). As for retaining the X belonging to Homo sapiens, good luck on that Mr. "There was no doubt in my mind that was a threat". "You Oughta Know" (t) written and recorded by Alanis Morisette has lyrics that indicate: "Were you thinking of me when you fucked her?" Alanis comes from Jenny's home town. I wonder if women learn from one another whose Y can be trusted (and whose should be avoided at all costs)? Further to the lyrics of the latter song, I'd make them "Hope in white" instead of "Open wide". Dirty bastards having no idea of pure intentions don't stay bastards but the B'itch squad always needs more "members" (although the word in quotations may not be the best to describe what'll be hanging with Jenni and his "brother" constables). Notice the number on Meredith's Brooks' door is of the latter video is 7 (where the 7th letter of the alphabet relates to G and the denominator for an approximation to pi), but as the link shows, others make more of it relating it to oaths (the temple menorah, a candlestick holder having sufficient spaces for 7 candles used by a religious group where lineage is traced by the mother's genetic contribution in a faith where no forgiveness exists and no savior comes to redeem the "chosen people"). Like my games? About as much as I liked the representatives (=liars) of the courts Benita would prefer controlled me.

Indeed, just as each civilization is the vehicle of its own mythology as the Persians showed with Mithra, the Greeks with Apollo and the Egyptians with Horus, so too should each individual be the center of their own mythology. The motto of the oracle of Delphi "Know thyself" is similar to the idea that "God is an intelligible sphere, whose center is everywhere" as alluded to in the Book of the Twenty-four Philosophers (the 24th letter of the alphabet is X). The center of the universe is thus every "X" on earth, contrary to Campbell who said the center is ever thou on earth. Each X resembles the knights of the Round Table in quest of their own Holy Grail (or girl if you also possess a Y), and each must do as the knights once did which involves setting off into the unknown pathless forest and as Celine Dion says in the lyrics of the song, "Taking chances" (v), having faith that there are a sufficient number of others tuned-in to the tragedy our lives become as selfish bastards and bitches are encountered so that moral support can be derived when a leap of faith is taken (Celine and I share more than only our date of birth). Believing a book, even a very old and important book reputed to be holy is no substitute for following one's heart and instincts, Wherever the heart leads one must follow because it is the axis mundi. If one always follows their heart they cannot escape from being at the center of their own mythology. And if a doctrine or actions are followed which are known to be corrupt simply because they constitute the path of least resistance or greatest reward irrespective of the morality, the individual loses the harmony of their heart with the harmony of the universe as I would have done had I resubmitted my PhD thesis. Being in tune to one's own drum is not the path of least resistance, however. James Joyce in "A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man" sounded that theme in the words of Stephen Dedalus "I do not fear to be alone. And I am not afraid to make a mistake, even a great mistake, a lifelong mistake, and perhaps as long as eternity too". Indeed, it was far more frightening for me to adhere to what everyone else believed (that I should have to put up with tranquilizers for writing letters complaining of assault, theft and destruction of years of investment in my life), than to fly in the face of what others believed to be true and right (that The Bible was the message behind the lyrics of songs and should be employed to capture those who treated others with callous disregard). What I learned at 19 and since through subjective experience makes me less afraid of telling a judge, the Prime Minister of the country, the Pope or a bunch of charlatans at "the finest school in town" and the psychiatrists they've graduated in the past to take a flying fuck (here an Erica Jong book "Fear of Flying" appears to fit) than to suppress my inner voice, particularly when they've shown themselves to have only lies and dirty tricks as their "training materials". As Nietzsche wrote, "The aim of institutions, whether scientific, artistic, political, or religious, never is to produce and foster exceptional examples; institutions are concerned, rather, for the usual, the normal, the mediocre". Subjective experience incurs the responsibility of behaving authentically in light of that experience, and while it would appear to be impossible to communicate experience, the actions we take reveal authenticity in light of the subjective truths we have known ("Little Girl Lost" by Boy Howdy fits the 3+ chances Benita was given). The goal of mankind, says Nietzsche is not "to be seen in the realization of some terminal state of perfection, but is present in its noblest exemplars. That the Great Man should be able to appear and dwell among you again, again, and again, that is the sense of all your efforts here on earth. That there should ever and again be men among you able to elevate you to your heights: that is the prize for which you strive. For it is only through the occasional coming to light of such human beings that your own existence can be justified. And if you are not yourself a great exception, well then be a small one at least! and so you will foster on earth that holy fire from which genius may arise". Here the lyrics "Maid of Silver, not of clay" from "Wheel in this Guy" (v) by Journey fits. As for Benita's discovery that the greeting card that became Exhibit 3 was my defense, "Runaway" by Janet Jackson has lyrics that say "One thing was missing that's you". That should have Benita's reaction to the message of the card if she was thinking, but also the reactions of the team of individuals who thought themselves "thinkers"including Ruse who had it pointed out to him that Exhibit 3 had the signature "truly no one in particular" (but didn't think about the consequences and that no one could be connected to the book Jenny and Smith had sworn their oaths on which Benita had also sworn on following Jenny and her developing their pelvic affiliation). But 1 was destined to be lost. Indeed, from October 12th 1992 when the greeting card became Exhibit 3 onwards, everyone bound by oaths had shown a blatant disregard for not only Truth, but their oaths. Who did they think the oath was being sworn to? But everyone was thinking inside the box (where how could they harm someone else and not profit from it? It had always worked in the past). Indeed, had the tendency for mediocrity not been fostered and individuality suppressed or even destroyed (Rush's song "Subdivisions" (v) has lyrics saying "Conform or be cast out", which typifies the message society sends individuals) someone present besides yours truly might have seen that "fishers of men" exist to create "fissures of women". Society can't resurrect anyone when individuals reach the end of their lives, that is why Western civilization is based on the individual. Indoctrination of new "marks" into a social group is the purpose of society and its institutions, the church, state and even the press attempt to cajole and convince citizens they have "things" well in hand, they know the way out of the forest when truth be told, their finest examples have never left the path but simply memorized the same pap they now demand everyone should consume so the authenticity they lack can be perpetuated from generation to generation. The state attempts to foster the belief the individual should sacrifice to perpetuate the state in the same manner as the church maintained for centuries. Those having no truth in them living well at the expense of others who are bilked of both Truth and justice occurred while state representatives pretended to have been acting for the good of all was undeniably refuted when the institution that robbed and assaulted me and was tranquilized when I complained about it. At that time I used the same no one identity. Then the state chose to prosecute me for writing love letters but no one felt robbery (from "Court and Spark", a 1973 album on Asylum Records recorded by Roberta Joan Mitchell, also known as Joni Mitchell) and assault were relevant. Those who accused, prosecuted, judged and in Jenny's case, gave evidence against no one were found similarly relevant to the liars and thieves at Mac and McGill. That subservience to the state or any other institution would result in the elimination or impairment of the biological fitness of nearly every individual they come into contact with is only to be expected. Someone has to take the fall to perpetuate the genes of liars and thieves and their way of life but it is not something any of the former should expect from no one. Parasites require hosts, but good parasites do not kill their hosts. If they do kill or eliminate their hosts, they're predators. Those only too-willing to make sacrifices of others so a vision of the world where everyone can be lied to and bilked with protestors eliminated by stigmatization appeared to be the raison d'etre of the Just Ass system in BC. That is only half of society, though.

Society has always been divided into two halves, the half that claims to govern, lead, inform and is male dominated, and the other half that truly does go through the pains of childbirth, nourishing and bringing up of of children, that role which has traditionally been the province of the female, at least in the human species (in non-mammalian species, males may be responsible for this function to a lesser or greater extent). But the feminine principle "She" is part of each of us. The Goddess spirit affirming life was signified by the sign of the equilateral triangle in Judy Chicago's "Dinner Party" alluded to earlier in this chapter. Erasure of sex, race and class distinctions where people live in peace and harmony on earth was expected to follow once reverence for the female principle was reestablished on earth. The expectation was that once this occurred, a return to Eden would result. Six photographs of banners from "The Dinner Party" express this. The first is a vortex of black whorls with a white area on which is written "And She Gathered All before Her", the second was of an equilateral triangle which appears to be a flame with the heading and caption "And She made for them A Sign to See" with black lines imploding into a central white portion in the third which read"And lo They saw a Vision" with the fourth banner reading "From this day forth Like to like in All things" with the fifth reading "And then all that divided them merged" with the sixth being white writing on a black background (all previous were black on white) reading "And then Everywhere was Eden Once again". The symbol chosen by Chicago was an equilateral triangle, and as dealt with in 6 is 9 and in the chapter on Trigonometry in this volume, all triangles consist of three angles that sum to 180°. Hence, the symbol for woman of 999 should be seen as 666 (6+6+6=18+O=180) and the symbol for man of 666 should in actuality be 999 (particularly if 333 appeared to fit with no one found+1=1000). This was alluded to in 6 is 9 since a logical inconsistency exists with the biological symbol for woman being set at 6 o'clock and the number 999. The + symbol suggests women are grounded in the earth (or waters). Indeed, "Behind the Sun" was a video the Red Hot Chili Peppers did with an animated scene of an early representative of man coming down from a 12 o'clock position and landing at 6 o'clock which suggested the idea of man becoming woman, in essence finding that center (X) in himself that functions as the feminine principle affirming life rather than the role traditionally held by the male, the hunter and warrior who takes life. I believe that woman is man raised to a higher destination where feelings and nurturing become more important than competitiveness and blood lust, and indeed, where logic is no longer required to understand the world (and a tape by the Beatles could become a gun and invitation to suicide; both Jenny and Benita made similarly good women if illogical thinking is the measure of woman). This wouldn't be required except for the fact that society has resulted in characteristics that have traditionally been the province of women becoming eroded in the quest for progress. Affirmative action has destined many women for jobs traditionally held by men, but who fills the role of nurturer in their absence? While women may be able to do the jobs of men competently, I wonder whether men fit as well into the role of nurturer and care-giver as women have filled the roles of men (although they certainly can kill as well as men with who knows how many 400-600 million gamete aliquots die for every egg they permit to be fertilized). At any rate, someone has to revert to the role of the nurturing presence which has been too long absent from this planet (and indeed, the controls that temple priestesses used to exert appear to have been lost with COPs like Jenny requiring sexual payment for "protection" that would never have been required in the first place had Benita not been so pig-headed delivering ultimatums like "I'm not going to talk to you". And given she's been barred from my "Right!", she and Jenny can stay together as one big happy dysfunctional family. Liars and thieves are rewarded, but not with the reward they or their kin anticipated).

A comic strip called Adam comes to mind in this regard. I had a feeling of purity or holiness which was internal, not a state of mind but a state of body or spirit when illuminated at age 19. If I could have stayed there in terms of my innocence, I would have been very happy, but it appears the world gets one "dirty" in spite of one's best intentions to stay clean. I recall when I was still doing my MSc. degree, I was riding a bus in Vancouver and had the impression of being hit with clods of mud by the other passengers as I got off the bus. It was as if 19 was the Big Bang and more than 15 years later, I had become the Black Hole to which everything returned. It would be nice to repel all that, use mojo filters and push away negativity and the crap others perpetrate. An anecdote is in order. My brother Blair just called me to wish me happy birthday. I was 41 years old at the time of the birthday wish and he'd recently completed his training for the ministry and at that point, was considered fit to preach the gospel. A licence to lie. Because it is lying to pretend you know something you don't in spite of how well you've inculcated doctrine. I don't believe by reading a book one can know what the writers meant about someone believed to have lived 2000 years ago. I asked Blair if he'd read 6 is 9 since I thought it had a philosophical message. He said it was gnosticism. That 6 is 9 was based on my experiences, on my suffering, on my bliss, on my joy and my interpretations of situations, music, art and literature is true. But I cannot hope to convey all of the suffering, bliss and joy, only to approximately convey them using the symbology I've chosen. The best things cannot be communicated. The next best are misunderstood. Only I can know the disappointment of Beni deciding that she wasn't "interested" when I felt we fit together so well and when she gave me back my "gifts' telling me I was too weird for her. Of the disappointment when Brenda lied to me about having company in spite of sitting alone in the living room. And the anger I felt when Jenny behaved in his supercilious and sanctimonious manner when it seemed to me that Beni would likely just get fucked by him (and perhaps that's all she wanted or was capable of appreciating) with me being unable to do a thing about it because she put a restraining order on me and had decided the police were a better refuge than someone who loved her. To me, woman is the grail, man finds the cup (enlightenment) and drinks from it and knowing the sun, lives a large portion of the rest of his life in darkness not knowing whether the cheering and applause at illumination was real or imaginary but knowing that having attitudes of peace and Love have resulted in their own impairment and vulnerability to similar animals that women are normally vulnerable to. And finally man must relinquish his feminine side to slew the real beasts, those who would have all bow to their might, not their sight (vision). Having done this he comes full circle and back to the caring and nurturing individual who lives from the Word. With the birthday wish Blair informed me of his eminent (sic) move to Ontario to start a church to prepare for the second coming. Apparently he is planning for a time in the future when people in developed countries will not only have all their funds on debit cards similar to current-day bank cards, but silicon chips implanted in their skin so they won't be able to purchase anything unless they have an implant (reminiscent of a movie called Logan's Run). Right. And I run on Everready batteries (although I did tell Beni to call me Everready, I said I'd always be ready to Love her). Coming up with a material message is what happens when those interpreting scripture have primarily materialistic concerns. Steve Miller's "Your cash ain't nothing but trash" fits. The Bible has a spiritual message, to pervert it as materialistic is sacrilege. The number of the beast is simply the unbeatable hand, the best because the shoes the alpha wears are the ones that everyone seems to have walked in since he is also where everyone ends up (the end of the line for those who die) and his "rules" determine the fate of all who reach the end of their lives. But it appears as though many have already walked in my shoes at one time or another, so my steps are guided by song lyrics. Like the saying "Make straight the paths..." means twist things horribly so a secret decoder ring (Right=90=#9=no one) is necessary to make sense of anything. The lyrics of the song "Psychobabble" (shown is "Psycho Killer" by Talking Heads) by The Alan Parsons Project from "The eye in this guy" (v) album fits this interpretation. When I was in Edmonton at the time of the visitation of the purple strobing presence by which I feel Cleopatra was conceived, I found a notebook having the heading "Books I have Read" that Blair had started. I opened it and there were no entries. I'm sure that Blair has by now read a few books, he can certainly quote passages from the Bible and recognize gnosticism when he glances at it briefly. But understanding is the key. If the whole purpose of getting a bachelors of divinity degree is to inform your dear brother living on welfare who completed a bachelor degree, took a teaching certificate, completed a masters degree and all of the requirements of a PhD and then refused to resubmit his PhD thesis based on the principle that no one should have to put up with assault, lies and killing wages to measure up to the "standards" of liars and thieves (so rules can be made for dealing with such animals), then please find someone with more teaching experience and education who has made a few sacrifices themselves to teach me humility. At that time 29 of my 43 years (67%) had been spent in school learning, but his expectation was that I learn humility from him who spent 16 years of his 37 (42%) in school, and at a divinity college? I wrote a letter to Blair before I left for Montreal after seeing his notebook asking him to think on certain subjects. What is important? What is love? What is the purpose of Life and Death, for they are surely connected? While I don't think the number of books one has read determines someone's character, if you're going to pretend to know more than someone else, you should be able to demonstrate it by the wisdom of what issues from your mouth and the actions you perform. I know Blair's little daughters received corporal punishment when they were growing up. Blair often spanked them. He seemed to believe that little girls needed to be brought up using similar methods to those my father employed to bring us up, undoubtedly so they ended up as much like Blair as possible. Just what every little girl needs to be. A pompous little ass and bully was what he was when he was 7 years old when he used to punch bigger kids and then cry out for me to protect him. I only learned to stop protecting him when a kid at the hockey rink hit Blair and Blair reported it to me, I went over and asked why and he told me 'He deserved it" so I punched the kid and told him that's what he deserved for punching my brother. Rather than try and fight me, he immediately sought out and punched Blair again. After the cycle had repeated itself a few times. I gave up. Someone has to punch out the lights of those who make trouble for others (as Mac i.e. McGill found out). Perhaps Blair thought I should suck up to him because he knows God personally. Blair told me once that God is forgiving and has perfect love, that He loves all of his children. I told him god (Benita) hates me. Since Blair joined the church when he was about 20, he's used God in the same way he used to use me to fight battles for him and it was not unlike Jenny sharing his little "in joke" with the courts in the Dole case regarding "Car 86" (which was actually "Car 87", proving conclusively that even if it was an "in joke", Jenny wasn't a member of the "in" crowd at the time. So much for indoctrination. When he's given the appropriate anatomy he'll find out how "in" the "in" crowd is if he retains any vestiges whatsoever of the human genome). Blair always seemed to steer arguments into God's way so he could win arguments in the same way he used me to protect him in fights with bigger kids he himself instigated. And that wasn't good. I'd only used The Bible when it was the weapon of last resort in dealing with those at McGill and Mac and as Paul McCartney suggested in "Calico Skies" (v) on the "Flaming Pi(e)" album with the lyrics "May we never be called to handle, all the weapons of war we despise". Having done so with the "men" at Mac and McGill, I had fears and memories similar to what I imagine a serviceman who has gone to war experiences after having killed numerous strangers in the service of his "country" leaving me even more emotionally vulnerable than I'd been on returning from Edmonton. This is not to say I had any regrets. I did what I'd been "born" to do. Now I was a "Lock stall" "For all the right reasons" (the latter being the album recorded by Nickleback) where normally "Right!" is written as I imagine it sounded at my illumination and on "Revolution #9". The lyrics don't sound too "Right!" to me given the reasons I had for failing to resubmit my thesis putting me into songs in the first place. Now I just wanted to find a decent job and have a normal life. Is it too much to ask that people not rip me off, abuse me, accuse me of unwholesome thoughts and having done any of the former, put themselves into a position where they're obligated to measure up where losing their relation to the Y is inevitable? As I wrote earlier, if the prize here is having an opportunity to bandage up the losers, I'll be there, but I'm not keen to cause more damage than I've already caused. At the same time, I will defend myself and others who are being abused and promise the abusers that not only will the results of the battle hurt the next day, but in the next and perhaps several successive lives.

Although Beni had returned just about everything to me except the Black Magic chocolates, (hence "Black Magic Woman" fits although a more recent addition is "You'll always taste of chocolate 2nite" works as well), I gave her the Judy Chicago programme I obtained for The Dinner Party exhibit that I'd seen at the Oxbow Museum sometime between Dec 3 '82 and Feb. 27 '83. Chicago's Dinner Party showed particular exemplars of women appearing in myth and history depicted in symbolic form as genitalia on porcelain plates. I really didn't have an opportunity to explain to Benita what it meant to me (since by that time she already had a restraining order against me), but will explain to the reader and perhaps she will read what I've written someday. Chicago depicted 39 plates representing 999 women who appeared to embody characteristics that would put them into one of the 39 categories, hence all categories have more than a single representative and some cultures had more than one representative performing similar, but not necessarily identical tasks. But it might be worthwhile first to examine what the similar tasks are. Because males produce both X and Y gametes and some percentage of these gametes end up in the vaginas of women, sperm can be thought of as the "dinner". As for the Y part (or partY), women can be thought of as the half of the species that tracks changes in a genetic and cultural sense because they have their own X chromosomes to compare to the X chromosomes males produce (somewhat later in time since males only begin gamete production 15 years after women get their X chromosomes and most males are unlikely to produce daughters until later, in my case much later and 25 years after most males initiate gamete production). Prior to recorded history made possible by the invention of writing and language, there were only women to keep track of "things" (and their genetic products). For example, assuming Siddartha Gautauma was sexually active following his illumination, women as a tribe obtained a record of how his genes and other endogenous characteristics differed from unenlightened males of the same time period, for example, his brothers or closely-related family members. Einstein had at least two receptacles for his genes (he was married twice but only produced only a daughter in his first marriage). The same is true of likely every male who has ever lived (or at least his brother or father if the male in question was not "in the habit" of providing genes to females). Furthermore, during the Paleolithic (from 2.6 to approximately 10-50K years ago terminating at the end of the Pleistocene), genes were the only means humans had for recording information (and appears to be the only method non-humans possess). Genes also have the advantage of being a recording method that it's impossible to lie upon in the same way history may be rewritten by the winners of a war. While the Roman Catholic Church would likely prefer to have its parishioners believe their clergy, doctrine and guidance provides the one sure pathway to God (and therefore immortality), genetic immortality is assured if children are produced by a man and a woman. While I've had betrayals by first Danielle and more recently Benita, I would prefer to have my penis visit one of the "churches" that served members of my gender through Paleolithic times than Johnny-come-lately organizations which, on the whole (no pun intended), are unlikely to be as fun and assuredly, have no capacity to produce giving birth to F1 as women are capable of doing. I think this indicates what the Sibylline round is about. It is the round of females (lunar cycles) of 260 days (10 menstrual cycles) superimposed on the round or cycle of males according to Mesoamerican calendars such as Tonalpohualli (Aztec calendar) or Tzolk'in (Mayan calendar) consisting of a 52 year cycle prior to the xiuhmolpilli, also known as the Binding of the Years or New Fire Ceremony. Males having lived 52 years are automatically considered elders (unless something unfortunate happens such as being cut off the vine, equivalent to being denied access to the SRY locus as happened to Fred, his allies, Jenny and his "brothers" and males having similar character traits, although lack thereof is more descriptive).

Back to Chicago (v) (by ZZ Top), the first category of woman documented on Judy's plates was the Primordial Goddess where the feminine principle was believed to be the source of life, the female creator who conceived the universe (however when males mammals hijacked the gender determining region or SRY locus 300 mya, 2 periods of time could be said to exist, pre- and post-SRY where two Bible verses from Genesis regarding how males and females were created are relevant. The numbering scheme coincidental with Genesis 1:27 implies a 27 day cycle corresponding to 999 (where III is relevant), with Genesis 5:2 implying gametogenesis with the male and thus should be read r-l to equal Y=25, or alternatively, 52 weeks of 7 days given the necessity of keeping synch with the solar cycle of the earth as opposed to endogenous cycles entrained on illumination or "Right!". I think the Greeks and the Neoplatonic school had a much better idea of Truth than the founding fathers of the church where over 200 years following the Roman conquest of the Greek empire were required passed before Clement of Alexanderia came to see the logos as being all important, however, the Greeks had 3 elements they identified as important of which the logos was only a single element. Arche based on Thales philosophy was the first element and believed to have a water origin (like all mammals who've had common beginnings bathing in amniotic fluid), the logos was the middle element, and the third was the concept of harmonia which is not unlike the music of the spheres already alluded to having mathematical ratios similar to musical harmony. The Chromatic scale was something the Pythagoreans developed in detail and is based on the idea of chroma or color. As noted on the Disintre landing page, the Chromatic scale has been based on A 440 tuning since signing of the Treaty of Versailles on June 28th 1919. Prior to the Greeks, likely little was known regarding the chromatic scale except that a string divided in half doubled its pitch and among the Chinese, 7 equal tempered divisions (or Hepta-equal temperament), Vincenzo Galilei, father of Galileo, is believed to be the first to publish a treatise (1581) on a 12 note equal tempered scale (in spite of a countryman of Galilei and fellow lutelist Giacomo Gorzanis advocating the same configuration and Zhu Zaiyuin, a prince of the Ming court who published a theory of the temperament in 1584 in China), but whether the division into twelve equal tempered intervals was practised by the Greeks is impossible to say. Certainly the fact that the "ideal" Pythagorean had sides having lengths of 3, 4 and 5 units is suggestive and with 12 apostles in The Bible and the 13th being the betrayer, it seems even more likely. Stringed instruments were likely the forerunners of understanding the 7 different musical modes based on the octave where many have Greek names. If you're a musician you'll be familiar with musical modes, an example of each mode has an audio (accompanied with video) example except Locrian which is seldom used because it sounds unstable owing to a flattened 5th.
Ionian mode is identical to the major scale of tonal music (v).
Aeolian mode is identical to the natural (pure) minor scale of tonal music and relative to Ionian, its 3rd, 6th, and 7th notes are lowered one half-step (v).
Lydian is identical to Ionian, except that the 4th note in the scale is raised one half-step (v).
Mixolydian is identical to Ionian, except that the 7th note in the scale is lowered one half-step (v).
Dorian is identical to Aeolian, except its 6th scale degree is raised one half-step (v).
Phrygian is identical to Aeolian, except its 2nd scale degree is lowered one half-step (v).
Locrian, the theoretical mode, is identical to Aeolian, but its 2nd and 5th scale degrees are flattened.

Otherwise I'd be someone who had no "friends" ither than those I'd met in person, when my friends include numerous people I've never met in person and indeed, some who have already left this veil of tears but not before leaving evidence for me of their collaboration as John Lennon and George Harrison from The Beatles have done and as such, really haven't passed on at all but merely returned to the beginning which again, is the end as well because life is an endless round related to Babylon. My discovery of children playing similar "games" as I played in both Danielle's and Benita's absentia following my return from Merrit indicated that information reaches those who benefit from it and deliver the message that even if Benita can never forgive me, children learned there's someone who cares enough to keep the game going even when nothing remains but the memory of when All was light and Love. And I think that's the message of Babylon in The Bible. Babylon is not a "place" in the same way Pythos is not a "place" existing in time and space. The earliest recorded mention of the historical Babylon dated to a record on a stone tablet during the reign of Sargon of Akkad in 24-23rd century BCE. Sargon founded a centrally-ruled empire in Mesopotamia (geographically located between the Tigris and Euphrates rivers corresponding to Iraq, northeastern Syria, southeastern Turkey and the Khuzestan Province of southwestern Iran). Names for the primordial goddess were Tiamat, mother of all and the creation goddess who was a personification of the sea, or Aruru also having numerous synonyms including Ninhursag meaning "lady of the mountain" who was one of the seven great deities of Sumer (and principally a fertility goddess). In Egypt "she" was known variously as Nut the sky goddess, Neith, creator of the universe and also one of the three tutelary deities of the ancient Egyptians (thought to correspond to Tanit of the Berbers, known since the beginning of recorded history and the indigenous peoples of North Africa west of the Nile Valley). The Berbers were known variously as Libyans by the ancient Greeks, as Numidians (one of the first groups of nomadic peoples to trade with the settlers of Carthage, a city state persisting in Tunisia until 146 BCE when it fell to the Romans in the Third Punic War) and Mauri by the Romans (c 200 BCE). The Berbers were also known as Moors by medieval and early modern Europeans. Yet another name for the creation goddess was Tefnut, the Egyptian goddess of water and fertility created by Atum, the solar god responsible for completing or finishing the world.

The Fertile Goddess was Chicago's second category and recognized as the symbol of birth and rebirth and the source of nourishment, protection and warmth. Representatives included Hera in Greece, Tellus Mater or Bona Dea in Rome, Goddess' of Fecundity and the Maternal Principle in Nature respectively and Brigid or Macha in Celtic Ireland where the latter were Ancient Goddess' of Plenty and Guardian of the Earth respectively. Ishtar was the exemplar of the 3rd category, the female as the giver of life whose power was infinite but according to Wikipedia, was a goddess of fertility, love, and war. Kali represented the female power as a destructive force (the dark side of Shiva) and included the Valkyries as dispensers of destiny or the Furies and Hecate in Greece, these were Avengers of Mother-Right and Queen of the Underworld respectively and in Norway as Hel or Doorway to Death, however, Wikipedia ascribes to Kali the attributes of Time and Change with more complex Tantric beliefs extending her role to be the "Ultimate Reality" or Brahman. The 5th category, that of the Snake Goddess, expresses the snake as the embodiment of feminine wisdom, Ariadne the Moon Goddess in Crete, Artemis, Athena, Kore, Demeter and Python being the Goddess' of the Moon and Hunt, Wisdom and War, Fruitfulness, Regeneration and Goddess of the Sacred Serpent respectively. Sophia the highest form of feminine wisdom transformed into a purely spiritual dimension was the 6th category and included 13 representatives from Greek and other cultures. Shortly thereafter, Amazon, Hatshepsut, Judith and Sappho (categories 7-10), women's power declined in spite of the best attempts of matriarchal societies to flourish. It is not difficult to see why. Men are more successful warriors than women, and there is really little that societies based on nurturing can do to prevent the onslaught of those who have none of these sensibilities, just as lioness females can do little to prevent male lions from infanticide of their cubs when they take over a pride. However, as dealt with in 6 is 9, female sticklebacks engage in egg-raiding thereby thwarting the reproductive success of some males suggesting that intrasexual competition goes both ways in the animal kingdom. Reexamining the Dinner Party in terms of the message, 999 could be interpreted as the number signifying woman, but with woman at 6, suggests that just as 666 should be inverted to give 999 suggesting woman are the beast. However, 1000 is the number associated with Revelation. I believe the "Devil with the Blue Dress" is man-woman, the goddess (X) in man. My, your and everyone's sister or "La Woman" (where a double negative implies a male) as Jim Morrison of the Doors chose to call it (since what is being referred to is a chromosome), although the Cars call her "My best friend's Girl". The Indian Upanishads suggest that the female principle is: "Self-luminous, fixed, yet known as moving in the secret cavity of the heart, That is the great support. Herein abides all that moves breathes and winks." Indeed, "i got a girl" by Tripping Daisy has lyrics that relate "I got a girl so small" providing an allusion to the X all women possess, but the Chi or X is present in every man as well as woman, it's just that most men don't realize they possess a woman or that the way they treat both women and men determines the extent to which they are warden of the fish (the Yin-Yang symbol) and whether they have either the x or X. The latter is more desirable since the X is every woman, the former is the x that will sell-out when provided sufficient incentives. Like an asses x. Because according to Xmas songs, it is the ass and the Ox that keep time. The love of sos's (trumping up charges and pretending to be a knight in shining armour, psychiatrist and thinker) as opposed to the Ox (love of all women in principle since all women share the master X). Again, "I'm every woman" by Chaka Khan or "Unison"" by Celine Dion fit equally well. That principle that doesn't presume to judge or get others into trouble, but does have a way to knock down (W)all's if necessary. Language cannot do justice to expressing emotions, but can serve the useful function of demonstrating its inadequacies.

The number theory of Pythagoras in relation to the principle of harmony in the universe in the arts and the soul was set forth as a new paradigm of the universe and a modern secularized mode of life among the stoics. Cicero wrote "Dream of Scipio Africanus the Younger" which probably best typifies the new paradigm of the Greek stoic philosophers. This is supposedly a true story where the spirit of Scipio the Elder came to his grandson in a dream. Scipio the Elder had previously invaded Africa and defeated Hannibal and the vision imparted to the younger revealed the spirit of the true self, which unlike the bodily form that could be pointed to, was god where god is defined simply as that which lives, feels, remembers and foresees. Further god is that which rules, governs and moves the body, just as the supreme God above all moves and rules the universe. But this first cause is the origin of all other things that are moved since in itself, it has no beginning, and therefore can be said to have no end. Thus, free will in itself was seen as divine among the stoics because it moves according to inner impulses and represents spirit. Spirit is involved with the best pursuits. The best pursuits were believed to be those undertaken in defense of one's native land according to a soldier statesman where the Roman accent was placed on defense of the state rather than a private domain. The state was ultimately renounced in the temporal and dedication to eternal orders was required. In spite of this, Scipio the Elder reveals to the Younger a vision of more than merely the lowly earth, but the revolving courses of the other planets and the moon, all said to be represented as celestial spheres. The outermost sphere is that of heaven and contains all the rest and is itself the supreme God, holding and embracing all the other spheres which revolve in the opposite direction to that of heaven. These named in order from Heaven outward are Saturn, Jupiter, Mars, and the Sun, Venus, Mercury and the Moon. Below the moon there is nothing but that which is mortal and doomed to decay except for the souls given to men by the bounty of the gods, whereas above the moon (the domain of women), all is eternal. The ninth and central sphere which is the earth is lowest of all and immovable. The cosmology this view was taken from was that of Hellenistic science, later systematized by Ptolemy, carried on to Dante and used in his Divine Comedy (although Dante's Peak is a recent movie association). It is derived from the astrology of the ziggurat (symbols such as the Maltese cross, swastika, rosette, double axe or Labrys, and bucranium (=bull's head), in addition to naked female figures first appearing in 4th century BC and symbolizing the pivot point of the universe ("Wannabe" by Spice Girls deals with "Zig å Zig, AH" in their lyrics). The latter view conceives of the earth as a sphere poised in the midst of what Campbell (Occidental Mythology) likens to a Chinese box of concentric spheres, and not the flat disc of yore surrounded by a cosmic sea. The ziggurats represented the life-generating powers of earth and heaven consummated in a ritual marriage by a divine queen and her spouse. The onward rush and motion of the spheres results in tones being produced with various harmonies. That of heaven is said to bear the stars and revolves most rapidly producing a shrill tone, while that of the moon gives the lowest tone. The earth is silent but the other 8 spheres (two which move with the same velocity) produce 7 different sounds, the number 7 being said to be the key to almost everything (approximation to Pi=22/7, G for geometry, number of days in a week, the number 7 was originally thought to represent perfection but can be thought of as "finishing", for example, I sent the "men" at McGill and Mac instructions they should follow Psalm 8 and Proverb 31, given Psalm 7 was where their actions had driven me). The number theory of Pythagoras in relation to the principle of harmony in the universe, the arts, and in the soul was subsequently set down in terms of a new image of the universe and a modern secularized mode of life. The archaic order of the hieratic state with castes, sacrifices and with the arts serving to illumine the state are left behind as things of the past. The individual is the measure, not the hundreds of lemmings who run into the sea, but the one who stays behind and reflects on what the rush hour was about. The arts and divine pursuits of brilliant intellects are conceived in Hellenized, humanistic terms instead of the state being at the center (as it currently is while doing a piss-poor job of regulating its functionaries as Jenny's testimony and actions demonstrated). The Book of the Dead doesn't involve religious tenets and wasn't considered the product of divine revelation which allowed its content to change over time. The book was a description of the ancient Egyptian conception of the afterlife and a collection of hymns, spells, and instructions allowing the deceased to overcome obstacles in the afterlife (not unlike the "Handbook for the recently Deceased" in the movie "Beetlejuice") or The Bible to provide a platform on which to judge the "men" at McGill and Mac, not to mention the functionaries of the BC Provincial courts. The title of the Book of the Dead was the creation of Karl Richard Lepsius who published a selection of the texts in 1842 which included Pyramid texts carved on the walls and sarcophagi from the 5th and 6th dynasties of the Old Kingdom, and Coffin texts beginning in the First Intermediate Period which were principally written on coffins but which might also be written on tomb walls, stelae, canopic chests, papyri and even mummy masks. Dr. Who of our current mythology could be considered a time lord in the sense that he is associated with the sun (illumination= the beginning of the round), just as Cronus is associated with time (and said to be the source of all of the gods). When the Egyptian Book of the Dead connected to the cult of Isis is compared to Greek myth, it seems likely that the boat of the sun alluded to in 6 is 9 (Memphis) was actually a "time boat". Readers should recall the Egyptian symbol for man of Pi was proposed as the explanation for the stones at Stonehenge arranged in a circle with two entrances (equated with the circular shape of the hearth tended by the Vestal Virgins but with two entrances or at least a distinct entrance and exit implying two genders) with individual stone formations resembling Pi (where Stonehenge also served as a burial ground from c. 3000-300 BC and was associated with cremated remains). Some 5,000 years ago when Stonehenge was first built, the stones were aligned with the June solstice sunrise. Around the same time Stonehenge was being constructed in England, two great pyramids and the Sphinx were built on Egyptian sands. Apparently if you stood at the Sphinx on June 21 and gazed toward the two pyramids, you’d see the sun set exactly between them.

This recalls the "intelligible sphere whose center is everywhere and circumference nowhere" idea originally attributed to Hermes Trismegisto in the book of 24 (X) philosophers alluded to in 6 is 9, although "Road to Nowhere" by Talking Heads or "Nowhere Man" by The Beatles similarly come to mind. Therapy? also recorded "Nowhere" and Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds recorded "More News From Nowhere" where the latter lyrics make reference to a bit of a conundrum: "Betty X is like Betty Y minus that fatal chromosome". The previous selection of songs having nowhere as a key element makes this author wonder whether the word "nowhere" should be seen as "no where" or "now here". Clement of Alexandria (c. 150 to c. 211-216) suggested the Greek gods should all be abandoned and the logos alone followed. Clement was also said to have developed Christian Platonism, however, the harmony of the spheres requires an initial seed crystal (The Word). The first sphere (which is immoveable and represents earth), suggests Pandora's Pythos is more than a location in time and space, but can be interpreted as a divine concept (based on Pi). Back to "Spaceship Superstar" the lyrics "Soul our power lays her beam" fits the seduction of males by females with almost every male ending up in the same place when inclusive fitness comes into play. A Talking Heads video "And S'He was" comes to mind in terms of my 19=90° experience. The regulation of time has been associated with the waxing and waning of the seasons and in most cultures, festivals exist to celebrate the times for planting and harvest corresponding to spring and fall equinoxes (equal day and night length) with a winter and summer festival associated with the solstices (longest night and longest day respectively). The Aztecs had the Tonalpohualli meaning "count of days", a ritual calendar consisting of 20 trecena or days (Caiman, Wind, House, Lizard, Snake, Death, Deer, Rabbit, Water, Dog, Monkey, Grass, Reed, Ocelot or Jaguar, Eagle, Vulture, Movement or Earthquake, Flint or Knife, Rain and Flower) with 13 day rounds (corresponding to weeks) for a total of 260 days (close to the minimum 259 day human gestation period), as well as Xiuhpohualli or "vague year", an 18 month solar calendar consisting of 20 day months (known as "Veintena") but having 5 "separate" days added to result in a 365 day year, the extra 5 days being the last 4 of January and the 1st of February which are viewed as being extremely unlucky. They were known as the "nemontemi" meaning "vacant", "superfluous" or "useless" days. Being dedicated to no god, they were deemed unfit for carrying out either religious or civil matters. No sacrifices were conducted by priests and no cases were tried in the courts of justice on these days (a tradition our own courts might have benefited by had Ruse heeded my warning that nobody and no one were dual aka laids associated with Case 59275 or as Mellencamp referred to it, "Case 795 (The Family)" when Y=25 is eliminated in the same way the Y's of all in court destined themselves for the same). The number of errors made in Jenny's testimony Oct 12th 1993 and Smith's tacit acceptance were sufficient so that even had the case been tried on another day besides February 1st, the Truth was not served (making case 59275A a sham and those who provided evidence, prosecuted or judged no one the inheritors of an Xx at best). The ancient Egyptians made mention of the regulation of time in texts found in the pyramids. Like the Aztecs they based their calendar on a year having 360 days, but had 12 months consisting of 30 days apiece with 5 additional days added to bring the calendar year in synch with the solar year. The extra 5 days were explained by the sun-god Ra prohibiting the sky-goddess Nut from having children in any month or any year when he found she'd lain secretly with the earth-god Keb. In a game of draughts with the goddess of the moon, Thoth won a 70th of each day per year and from the portions thereof he made 5 new days which allowed Nut to bear Osiris on the first day, Horus the second, Set (Typhon) the third, Isis the fourth and Nephthys on the fifth. Osiris later married his sister Isis and when he was murdered his body was incorporated into a tree where his sister-wife Isis eventually found him after an exhaustive search and the tree was taken back to her palace where he became a pillar.

The majority of the material referred to in the following paragraphs is based on Sir James Frazer's "Golden Bough" and deals with festivals of the last few centuries such as Saturnalia having Roman origin, but recent Twelve days or Midwinter nights festivals are similar having to do with the relationship of the sun to the earth and celebration of the winter solstice. Hanukkah, the Jewish celebration also known as the festival of lights whose significance was the successful revolt of the Maccabees against Antiochus IV Epiphanes (215-164 BC) who ruled the Seleucid Empire first established in Babylonia in 312 BC by Seleucus when Alexander's Empire was partitioned after his death (323 BC). The Temple was purified and the wicks of the Hanukkah menorah miraculously burned for eight days (while the 9th and central candlestick holds the candle used to light the other candles). The Christmas of Christians was purportedly derived from the Roman celebration of Saturnalia, the God of sowing and husbandry, who purportedly lived as King of Italy and whose rule was the fabled Golden Age. As for Saturnalia mischief, in Roman times slaves were permitted to sit down at table with their masters during the festival, drink with their masters and might even be waited on by their masters (similar to me waiting for Titman to provide comments on my PhD thesis failed weeks previously). The Roman custom was to elect a young man as King of the Saturnalia and he was to engage his appetites in whatever manner no matter how base of shameful for 30 days, after which he cut his own throat on the altar to the god impersonated. The festival of Saturnalia occurred at least till Dasius, a Christian soldier, refused to carry on in the excess of appetite prescribed by his commanding officer Bassus and was beheaded in 303 AD by the soldier John on Friday the twentieth of November on the 24th day of the moon at the 4th hour. In addition to feasts and revelry, part of the midwinter festival involved the lighting of fires and indeed the word "heir" literally meant "fire lighter" (recalling the video of "Firestarter" by The Prodigy). The lighting of fires at the darkest time of the year was ritualistic magic devised to make the light return. Part of the Midwinter festival in France, Belgium, Germany and England dating to the first half of the 16th century was the election of a King (and often a Queen) of the bean on the 6th of January or Epiphany (or on the eve of that festival) where a cake was baked with a black bean baked inside (a white bean or pea were baked into the cake were a Queen to be elected) such that the one drawing the bean and thereby elected King would draw 3 crosses on the beams of the house in chalk thereby warding off evil spirits for the remainder of the year. Every family as a rule elected its own King and portions of the cake baked were doled out to family members with additional portions sometimes made available to God, the Virgin and occasionally one for the poor. Feasting and revelry was kept up for the 12 days of the festival. Indeed, it was even suggested the treatment Jesus received at the crucifixion was similar to the Saturnalia festivals but Frazer suggested the crucifixion at Easter didn't make sense since the Saturnalia festival is usually held during the midwinter.

In Great Britain, a popular figure during the Christmas holidays was the Lord of Misrule (or as he was called in Scotland, the Abbot of Unreason, in France the Prince of Sots was symbolic for the King of the Saturnalia) who led the revels in the halls of colleges, the inns of court, the royal palace and mansions of the nobles. The Lord of Misrule often reigned for more than the three months of winter from Allhallow Even (Oct 31st, the eve of All Saints Day) till Candlemas (the second of February). At Trinity College at Cambridge, a Master of Arts was generally elected to this office where his role was to regulate the games and diversions of the students. Other colleges in Great Britain and France elected either a Lord of Misrule, or as he was called in registers, King of the Bean (Rex Fabarum) to serve a similar function. In France the counterparts to the Lords of Misrule masqueraded in clerical attire as Abbots, Bishops, Archbishops and Popes in what was known as the Festival of Fools (Fete des Fous) which fell on different days in different places, on St. Stephens Day (December 26), on Christmas Day, on New Years Day (Circumcision Day) or on the Twelfth Day (Jan 6th). Among the buffooneries of the Festival of Fools was the introduction of an ass into the church where various pranks were played involving a regular Latin liturgy in glorification of the ass. (enjoying yourself Constable Ass?). A young girl with a child in her arms rode on the back of the ass at Beauvis on January 14th where this represented the Flight into Egypt. The ceremony ended when both Clergy and laity danced around the animal and brayed like asses (familiar Do|le and (S)mith?). A pale reflection of this ceremony took place on December 28th, Childermas or Holy Innocent's Day (Beni's birthday). A Boy Bishop was elected and all of the normal reverence accorded religious ceremonies fell by the wayside as lay brothers took the place of priests. Clad in garments turned inside out, holding books upside down and wearing spectacles made of orange peel, these "priests" mumbled unintelligible jargon and uttered frightful cries (as Fred probably did when he saw the cartoon I sent him). These buffooneries were kept up till the end of the 18th century and considered a part of the Saturnalia festival, or as it had come to be known by the Roman Catholic Church, simply the "Carnival". Winter-Fall festivals are generally interpreted as being related to death and subsequent resurrection with ceremonies being held involving the personification of death. In Mexico, the Festival of the Dead is similar, it is to celebrate the departed spirits of ancestors. Corn or maize plays an important role in Mexican and South American festivals of the harvest. Maize was thought to have embodied the spirit of death. In Transylvania, children are warned to stay out of corn fields because death is said to lurk there in wait for them and the symbol used for death is a boy wrapped in maize leaves. Biologically, the choice of corn to represent death is interesting. Corn is the one plant unable to sow itself, it requires either human or animal agents to unwrap the husk and spread its generative seed on the ground. Thanksgiving is the modern day North American counterpart of the harvest festival and itself is often symbolized by the cornucopia, a pyramidal or cone-shaped wicker basket that traditionally contains pumpkins, squashes and other fruits and vegetables that are usually storage crops that resist spoilage and can be utilized during the winter as an hedge against starvation. In Greek myth Amalthea is sometimes represented as a goat who suckled Zeus in a cave ("Goat Mountain", Benita was a Capricorn. Actually, the "cave" is the vagina and suckled doesn't describe it quite as well as suckered, but the greeting card presented as Exhibit 3 on Oct 12-13 was a bit too good to be true and the fact that Ruse was warned but still fell prey to demonstrating the validity of Feb. 1st as a useless day was somewhat bizarre. But I guess lawyers don't swear oaths so expecting any sense of shame appears to be out of the question where the nakedness of losing 3 pieces of male anatomy may be required to result in a well-developed sense of shame).

The other major time for festivals are those that occur in the spring or summer season. Spring-summer festivals are related to the time of planting and the idea of renewal, and in the case of Easter (now believed to originate 26-36 AD), involve resurrection. Owing to the seasonality that exists in northern and southern hemispheres, the time of sowing and reaping are opposite one another and the southern hemisphere's planting season and festivals correspond to the northern hemisphere's harvest festivals. Indeed, Thanksgiving occurs at different times in the USA and Canada in spite of the fact that the time for planting in Washington State isn't significantly different than B.C. at the same longitude. Seasonality has a latitudinal basis and what occurs at the tropic of Cancer is opposite what occurs at the tropic of Capricorn. Since places such as Australia and New Zealand celebrate Christmas on the same date as countries in the Northern hemisphere, it might properly be said that in the southern festival of Christmas represents the death of the sun, whereas in northern latitudes, it represents the birth of the sun. Since most major existing world religions have originated above the equator (Mohammadism, Buddhism, Christianity, Judaism and Hinduism all have northern hemisphere origins), there tends to be a northern bias with planting or sowing occurring during the November-May season representing birth, and harvest or reaping occurring in the May-December season representing death. The idea of tree-spirits or gods of vegetation probably arose from agricultural civilizations. The ancient Druids (not the band I played in as a youngster where "Mind Games" arose) were an example but as the myth regarding Isis and Osiris relates, the ancient Egyptians had similar beliefs regarding Osiris being transformed to a tree-spirit after being murdered. Where I grew up in Edmonton Alberta, the Victoria Day weekend (the anniversary of the birth date of Queen Victoria (vernal equinox of May 20th) was the time planting generally occurred, that being the time of year when there was generally no longer any risk of frost to damage delicate transplants. Summer was always marked by June 21st as the Summer Solstice in my lifetime, till 2008 when it became June 20th and was the earliest solstice since 1896. The solstice will remain associated with June 20th until the year 2104 when it will again become June 21st.

The Maoris in New Zealand ascribed the fertility of women to trees and the navel strings of women (placental connections) were believed until recent times to come from common mythical ancestors. The ancient forests responsible for providing building materials and fuel for fire-building by hunter-gatherer societies existed well before agricultural civilizations came into existence and the hunter-gatherer societies probably had different celebrations connected less to the seasons, and more to success in the hunt . Following a switch to agriculture during the late Paleolithic, only genetic memory survives along with some cave paintings in Europe. Spring planting festivals correspond to the May Day festivals of extremely northern latitudes such as Scandinavian countries. The European custom of placing a green bush before the house of a beloved maiden on or before May Day relates to the belief in the effect of tree spirits on the maiden in both making her amorous and promoting fertility, while in Bavaria, newly married couples have set up bushes to have a similar effect to conceive new life. Another custom relating to vegetation is that a pregnant woman should be granted an easily delivery if they have clasped a sacred tree, for example, among the Greeks Leto gave birth to the sacred twins, chaste Artemis and Apollo while clasping a palm-tree and an olive-tree (although other versions state it was two laurel trees) and of course, the mistletoe ritual is a winter custom that has survived. Mistletoe is a parasitic vine (to me recalling the song "Clinging Vine") and well-describes the parasitism of the male genome by females (since males produce both X and Y factors and females only have X's. Only if human females were identical to kangaroos with the father's X always being inactivated instead of it being a random process could there be equal inheritance of gender determining chromosomes. Joe Walsh's "Rocky Mountain Way" (v) has relevant lyrics.

In Sweden on the eve of St-John (23rd of June) houses are thoroughly cleansed and ornamented with fresh boughs and flowers and the setting up of the May-pole occurs, simply the erection of a barren pine tree having hoops and ribbons attached which young people dance around during the day while the elderly dance at night. In India the coco-nut is believed to have similar sacred powers to the May-pole in the northern hemisphere. Other societies regard the pear-tree as being similar and especially associated with the fertility and productivity of cattle. In other societies, women place a short skirt on a fruitful tree overnight and in the morning they observe the garment to determine whether living creatures have crawled into it during the night. If the garment is occupied they believe they themselves will be similarly fruitful to the tree they placed the garment on. In the spring or May festivals, the marriage of the vegetation spirit was implied by naming the human representative "The Bride" and accompanied by dressing her in wedding attire. While the boys lead a young boy dressed in leaves and flowers, the May Bride is led by girls from house to house where the May Bride sings a song requesting a present. The song suggests that the occupants of the houses who provide her with gifts will have something the whole year through, but if they give her nothing, they themselves will have nothing. In parts of Westphalia, two girls lead a flower-crowned girl named the Whitsuntide Bride door to door singing a song in which they ask for eggs. In Bresse in May, a girl called La Mariee (although a similarly-named character appears in "Notting Hill") is led about preceded by a lad carrying a green May-tree and verses are sung. Often other spring-summer ceremonies involved sexual excess, particularly after a period of sexual abstinence. It was believed that the abstinence and the sudden outbreak of sexual vitality facilitated the sympathetic magic between humankind and nature in a way that would not have been possible without the period of sexual fasting. While these rites involved only husbands and wives in some societies, in other societies such as the festival of Acatay mita in Peru, men assembled stark naked in December in the alligator pear orchards after 5 days of refraining from salt, pepper and sexual congress with their wives, and then ran to a distant hill. Any women encountered by the men on the run were sexually violated. This ceremony was to ensure that the ripening alligator pears "mellowed". In parts of Java, men took their wives into the fields when the rice was about to bloom and made love to them in the fields by night to promote the growth of crops. In England, it was usual for young couples to roll down a slope together on May Day (which to this writer recalls the nursery rhyme Jack and Jill). In parts of Germany (Thuringen) as soon as trees begin to grow green, children go into the woods and one of their playmates is chosen to be the Little Leaf Man. Branches are broken from the trees and entwined around his body until only his shoes can be seen. Holes are made so that he can see through the latticework of branches and leaves and he is led by other children from house to house asking for gifts. He is finally sprinkled with water and all of the children feast on the eggs, sausages, cream and cakes collected. In other parts of Germany when the afternoon service is over on Whitsunday, schoolchildren clothe a boy in branches and leaves until nobody can recognize him. He is called the Little Whitsuntide Man and a similar ritual is conducted asking for gifts in which a pair of boys who precede him and a pair of girls who follow collect gifts provided in baskets with a feast being held at day's end. In Rhenish Bavaria, a lad is similarly attired, has a similar function and is known as the Quack. A lad known as the Whitsuntide-lout is similarly attired in Switzerland and mounted on horseback where he rides around the town. He finally dismounts at the village trough and is ducked. He then has the right to sprinkle water on everyone in the village, taking great pains to insure that girls and urchins receive a Whitsuntide wetting. In England, the name given to a similar figure is Jack-in-the-Green who is a chimney-sweep encased in a pyramidal framework of wickerwork covered with holly and ivy decorated with ribbons and flowers. In Ertingen (Wurtemberg) a lad with similar regalia is called the Lazy-Man (Latzmann) who goes about on Midsummer day ringing a bell attended by a number of persons dressed up as a colonel, footman, butcher, angel, devil, doctor and other real and imaginary characters who arriving at a house, each speak in character except for the Latzmann who says nothing. A feast is held with the food they obtain by begging door to door. In Bohemia on the fourth Sunday of Lent, young people throw a puppet who is an effigy of death into the water and girls go into the wood, cut down a small tree and attach a puppet dressed in white that resembles a woman. They then go house to house requesting gifts while singing the refrain "We carry death out of the village, we bring Summer into the village". In Scotland, children make small representations of May-poles with a doll called the Lady of the May while a similar ceremony is carried out in Alsace with a Queen of the May (v) who carries a nosegay (bouquet) to the accompaniment of the song "Little May Rose, turn round three times, let us look at you round and round! Rose of the May, come to the greenwood away, We will be merry all. So we go from the May to the roses". Those who give nothing are told that their vines shall bear no clusters, their trees no nuts, their field no corn and that they shall lose their fowls by the marten. In Brie, girls dance around a heavily decorated May pole with flowers at the top, leaves and twigs in the middle with the bottom decorated with large green branches. A lad called Father of the May is led about by the girls, while in the Wald mountains of Bavaria, a Walber tree is erected before a tavern which a man dances around it entirely enveloped in straw having ears of corn for a crown. This man, the Walber, is similar to the King of the May in other countries. Among the gypsies of Transylvania and Romania, the festival of Green George is held on either Easter Monday or St. George's Day (April 23rd). A young willow is cut down on the eve of the festival and pregnant women place garments under the tree overnight. If in the morning they find a leaf has fallen from the tree onto the garment, they know their delivery will be easy. Sick and old people go to the tree and spit on it three times saying "You will soon die, but let us live". Green George is a lad dressed in green leaves and blossoms who conducts the symbolic rituals, he takes a few handfuls of grass and throws them to the beasts so that they should have no lack of fodder, he takes three iron nails that have lain 3 days in water and pounds them into the willow, then removes them and throws them into a running stream to satisfy the water spirits, and then a replica of Green George is thrown into the water. The Kings and Queens of May or Whitsun Bridegrooms and Brides of our forefathers were doing more than putting on a pastoral play or begging door to door, but enacting ritualized magical incantations designed to make the woods grow green, the fresh grass grow and the flowers bloom. The more successfully the leaf-clad supplicants mimicked the marriage of the woodland sprites, the more the sympathetic magic enabled nature to yield its abundance according to Frazer's account. In Germany near the Rhine there was a symbolic battle held in the summer between Winter where the representative was dressed in moss or straw while Summer was dressed in green leaves, a similar battle goes on in Sweden on May Day where two troops of young men on horseback meet, one clad in furs who throws snowballs and ice to prolong the cold weather, while the summer representatives are clad in leaves and flowers (in North America, groundhogs serve the same function). In the mock battles, Summer always wins and a feast follows. In the Palatinate, a similar conflict takes place on the fourth Sunday in Lent. In The New Golden Bough the dialogue between Summer and Winter is reproduced, but I draw attention to the last part of the dialogue (p 324) where Summer has won and banishes Winter. Winter returns and says "O Summer, dear Summer, I'm under your ban, for you are the master and I am the man." Summer replies, "Tis a capital notion, an excellent plan, If I am the master and you are the man, So come my dear Winter, and give me your hand, We'll travel together to Summer Land" (Summerland is in the Okanagan of B.C. but I'd be inclined to make it Sumnerland to fit "The Door into Summer" by Heinlein given that N-1=M).

In many societies, the relations believed to exist between the commerce of the sexes and the fertility of the earth are such that illicit love is believed to mar fertility and blight crops. Tribes in Borneo believe adultery is punished by the spirits who visit the entire tribe with crop failure and adulterous couples are put on a gravel bar in the middle of a river where pigs and fowl are killed and the couple smeared with the blood of the killed animals by priests to avert the calamity which would surely be visited on the tribe were this ritual not performed. In Loango it is supposed that intercourse of a man with an immature girl results in blight of crops. Job in the Bible denied being an adulterer and agreed that adultery is an heinous crime, one which would root out all increase. Indeed the Romans believed that a blight that occurred historically on their crops was owing to Oedipus killing his father and laying with his mother. Returning to the May King and Queen, it suggests what was symbolized in a variety of countries was a divine marriage or theogamy. In Babylon at the sanctuary of Bel was a pyramid having 8 towers stacked atop one another, the tallest tower had a temple reached only by a circuitous assent around the other towers, in the sanctuary a large bed and golden table by the bed provided the furnishings and only a single woman whom the god chose from among all the women of Babylon had ever passed the night there. The deity of god was said to come into the temple at night to sleep with the woman. The woman as a consort of the god might have no intercourse with any mortal man and lived there alone with only the god as her visitor. Among the Mithric cults, the idea that Saturday is the beginning and end (Son+Father=1=Y) and the association of the pyramids with time (as dealt with in The Egyptian Book of the Dead) suggests that time is similar to the idea of the Big Bang, and indeed, that the idea of relativity applies (where time is measured by a relation to light). It is necessary to recognize that our pagan celebration of Hallowe'en is related to time, and that indeed, there is not a single part of our world where time is not important and this may explain why time is considered to be the 4th dimension, but is really 3, the past, present and future. As alluded to in 6 is 9 however, the 5th dimension appears to be love (circle=360°) where the difference between the calendar year (time=365.2422 and eternity (360°) are reconciled. Relating astronomy and time is still possible today, Blue Oyster Cult's "Astronomy" had a time of 821 on their album "Some Enchanted Evening" and thus, close to the 815 on Revolution #9, but 6 seconds too long to effect correspondence (Right-6=Light) and Metallica recorded a song having the same title (v). The album "If you want blood (you've got it) " by AC/DC has the song "Let there be Rock" (v) which also had an 815 time (although the video is only 610). Chapter 3 of Douglas Adams'"Mostly Harmless" makes this speculation intelligible and serves to confirm what is written in this chapter with some connections from 6 is 9 (but recalls the song "3 dressed up as a 9" by Trooper, for that is what 6 is 9 literally is if the 6 is hidden=nothing). "Poundcake" by Van Halen also fits since the pound symbol "#" is derived by shifting 3 to upper case (and #9=39 if the reader will recall a cartoon sent to a certain Fraud), or "3 lock box" by the same group where the allusion is to treasure where physical, mental and spiritual qualities come together in the individual to result in the authenticity of the human being (Maslow referred to this process as individuation). The symbol for tic tac toe is similar to the pound symbol "#" but the symbol shows 9 squares. In the game tic tac toe, the solution that cannot be bested if one goes first occurs by getting three corners. Interestingly (to me anyway), a Rolling Stone magazine cover featuring Bob Dylan had him making a pair of glasses over his eyes with his thumb and index fingers, thus forming the symbol for infinity, an 8 turned at 90° (LL Cool J wore a sweater with the name Young and the number 8 to the '96 Billboard awards where he won the award for Best Rap Artist, shown is his "Around the way girl"). Funnily enough, The Rolling Stones use a large pair of lips with a tongue protruding as their logo which some might interpret as a symbol for 69 in a sexual sense, but the band's name is certainly a Christian reference which can also mythologically be linked to The Myth of Sisyphus. But 69 at a 90° angle is simply the symbol for Cancer the Crab (I gave Beni 2 pictures employing crabs, one with me wearing a t-shirt saying "Maryland is for Crabs" and a second Dan had taken of me in front of the H. R. McMillan Planetarium in Vancouver with a stainless steel crab sculpture in the background). Yes had a song on what was a new album when this was first written called "Talk" where "The Calling" (v) related the lyrics "In the beginning is the future, and the future is at hand" but also related the idea that "in the presence of the Word" that the "story" can now be "rearranged" (similar to Sloan's suggestion in "The Lines You Amend"). Someone has to end the old (corruption) to prevent the courts from profiting from making Love illegal (why would you swear on a book about Love and then make Love illegal but sex between COPs and female respondents "business as usual?" I wondered whether they were trying to take trade away from the worlds oldest profession, those having no thing to recommend them who aren't averse to fucking others to obtain a livelihood). I think this is where the idea of Father Time (Hallowe'en) fits and believe I linked it in court (Oct 12th & 13/93) when I quoted the lyrics to "The End" by The Beatles (but it should also recall Jim Morrison's lyrics "This is the end, my only friend, the end" from "The End" by The Doors) and my belief that "no one dies here" where readers should rightfully conclude the no one before the courts was the same "For no one" of the song on the album "Revolver".

Pink Floyd related in the lyrics of "The Dogs of War" (v) the idea that "dealing in death, that's the nature of the beast". But if death represents the point at which people are repaid for their good intentions, then the best deals in Love (or retribution for its lack). The song by Colin James called "T for trouble" related the idea that "T stands for trouble, P stands for Pain" but if we put Sin first, we end up with STP, an oil treatment formula (which relates to the oil I accused McGill of abusing, the blood sweat and toil of children, who at the time I was there, were not considered to be eligible for protection of the Canadian Human Rights Commission). James' song also related the lyric "When you can't stop thinking about WAD, you DoneOwe" as related in the previous chapter which sort of takes care of damnation. Living with constant reminders of your bad deeds is a Hell I would never want for myself and would normally be reluctant to serve to most others, but which has to be visited on those who choose to turn a profit from destroying the lives of others if only to serve as a deterrent to them doing the same to either you or your children (Art Bergman had just released a new album when this was first written titled "What fresh Hell is this" having a title I strongly approve of, he won the Much Music award for best Alternative Music in '95 but the only video that could be found was "Sax at the horn"). Those who have an underdeveloped sense of conscience need reminders that they've fallen short of being humane or they'll continue in unacceptable behaviour (as INXS says "It's heart to believe we need a place called Hell" from "The Devil Inside" but Pat Benatar recorded "Hell is for Children" which delivers a similar message). Van Morrison conveys in his song "Into the mystic" the idea that "the bonny boat was one when we sailed into the mystic". This again suggests the idea of Chronus, the one from whom all emanate. But the idea conveyed is that with the passage of time, mankind has forgotten that we are all a part of this same one, the African is a part of us, the Oriental, as are the monkey, fowl and fish (the difference in homologous DNA between man and chimpanzee is nearly negligible at < 0.1%), and indeed, the latter 3 represent our long-lost brothers while the African, Australasian, Amerindian and Oriental were never lost, just forgotten by most Caucasians to be part of the same vine (and vice-versa). Just as there are no barriers to inbreeding between the different races of men and women making mankind a single species, being unable to see the relatedness of mankind at its root makes it possible for us to harm others because they look different or have different cultures, customs or colours. Indeed, Gwynne Dyer in his excellent book and television documentary "War" related the fact that while taking human life is anathema prior to joining the armed forces or the police, the aim of basic training (indoctrination) is to remove prohibitions regarding killing and make the initiate feel that the elite group they are part of is the only worthwhile group, essentially dehumanizing the opponent. Indeed, Fraud did this on numerous occasions slurring Larry and SFU (although Larry was 10 times the scientist as the big Fraud, just as SFU was a far superior school to either Mac or McGill by my lights and looking at the Allan Memorial and experiments performed on pigs using napalm, highlight the fact that their time for accounting was long overdue). Fraud's habit of pumping up McGill and pointing out Mac's affiliation with McGill repeatedly was not lost on me, even though the connection between Mac and McG was tenuous at best (Mac was viewed by McGill faculty in a similar manner to a retarded brother or sister), and of course telling myself and other students how lucky we were to be getting our training from him and those like him (liars and thieves who'd teach us about sharks while involved in a feeding frenzy on their graduate students with those such as Titman too cocky to ascertain the blood they'd detected was destined to be their own). Perhaps had I not done an MSc with Larry I would have been more likely to believe Fred's distortions, but had I not had 19 in my life, I doubt whether I would have gone to the limits I did in telling Fraud and his Crude where and what they could get off, where the Y is only the beginning of what they'll be missing. In "Wise Men" James Blunt refers to it as a "semi-buy the C" (where $150/yr buys a diminutive portion of anyone's time if they're living in the western world, although the 29 page letter and 6 page poem received should keep them going for the remainder of their lives. Alternatively, Genesis' refers to "Homme by the C" (where C refers to Einstein's equivalency for lightspeed). Rejecting the ideology of any group should only occur only with a great deal of reflection (particularly if one has invested 16 years to become a member), but if the ideology a group embraces results in salaries, dignity, human rights and family being forfeited, the ideology must be rejected in similar manner to its members where lyrics in the latter reveal "shadows but no substance in the shape of men".

In the 1960's the news coverage and syndication of war meant members of my generation could make informed decisions and say "Hell no, we won't go", and I think that while those who went to war were brave, it was no less true of those who resisted the draft who rejected their parents belief that it was somehow honorable to lose their son in another country to protect freedom in their own country if their son had no choice but go to jail or to war. I believe those who left for Canada or other countries to avoid taking human life in the name of their own country were bravest of them all. If the fact that we are all brothers and sisters is known, then the bonny boat is one (family) and it becomes impossible to harm others without harming a part of ourselves (we are all part of the single species which is Mankind). The only barriers that appear to exist to inbreeding in humans are cultural, but the absence of love prevents us from accepting others as brothers and sisters and returning to an Eden where we are but a single vine and species in spirit as well as blood. As alluded to in 6 is 9, because there are no nuclei in mammalian blood cells, the blood anyone spills belongs to all mankind. Suzanne Vega's "Blood Makes Noise" indirectly alludes to this idea (on 99.9° F). As noted in the letter of July 23, 1992 written to Dr's Southwood and May at Oxford, when the biological imperative (survival and reproduction) is forgotten to foster what is essentially a group selectionist argument, that the ideology one is defending is worth your own or someone else's life and happiness in the best interests of the state, then it is time to reexamine the ideology embraced by the state. Viet Nam is the most poignant example witnessed by this generation where a group selectionist argument (losing one's life for the good of the country) overcame individual selection arguments (that any ideology founded on risking one's life to serve your country by killing other human beings viewed to be "less human" than those living in your own country is worth the ultimate price for either you or those you would kill), it is not only time to ask "What has the state done for me", but what kind of bullshit is being perpetrated against the individual (where no one seeing malignancy by individuals employed by the state believes individual Y's should be the price paid by practitioners whose ethics or acumen have been proven malignant to others or deficient in ethics).

The syndication of war with correspondents reporting details and showing film footage resulted in a small change in the way war has been perceived. So group selection exists and has ever since man first went to war and has only in rare cases succeeded in being overcome by individual selection arguments (Country Joe and The Fish's "Vietnam song" with the latter recorded at Woodstock in 1969). To me though, the only thing worth fighting and perhaps dying for, is those whom one loves, and only when they are attacked. Traveling halfway around the world to protect freedom elsewhere when no freedom exists in your own country is absurd. To me, the light of illumination represents the all in one to me and typifies women and children. The only way to diffuse lyrics (for myself) so they don't cause psychic trauma is to put images and music together in such a manner so that they become psychically harmless. For example, I recorded the audio of "Lets spend the night together" (v) by the Rolling Stones over the video and dialogue of Sabrina's birthday party (the daughter of an Iraqui couple who lived above us at 23 Maple Avenue in Ste Anne de Bellevue) where the children were eating ice cream and cake. And the lyrics do make sense in that context, "don't you worry bout what's on your mind (video image of plate=mind), O know. I'm in no hurry I can take my time, O Ya". It also had lyrics like "A little cha, cha, cha" where Frankie is seen in the video chewing on a cold spoonful of ice cream (Pearl referred to "cha" as "chew" after Frankie was eating solid food). And it's more comforting for me to think that the song is about little children eating ice cream and cake at a birthday party (let's spend the night together=ice cream and cake in their tummies) than of some jerk like Jenny ripping off taxpayers for his salary while on the make wanting a one night stand, at least when I think of sweet little girls like Cleo, Ronya and Elin, and I once thought Beni as well. Perhaps she deserved to have an ass like Jenny "trick" her, and perhaps it was mutual, but one or both of them decided my life (and their tickets to "Right") were expendable. Benita hasn't demonstrated with her numerous betrayals that she deserved my friendship or protection from the rapacious males I've known who'd happily destroy no one's reputation (but their own) to obtain what their dicks desire (a vagina to replace their worthless dicks). But when I gave the video to Beni to look at, she claimed I was "twisted" and Benita even highlighted the statement: "You saw my fashion business. Pretty disgusting what I did to those little girls, wasn't it?" making it necessary for me to defend that statement in court (Sin With Sebastian recorded "Shut up and sleep with me" a short time later). To prove just how "twisted" I was, Benita had an ass (Jenny) who'd promoted himself to psychiatrist after a 4 year BA and 13 years of experience eating donuts and drinking coffee (not to mention getting laid at taxpayer expense) bear his flawed testimony and malignant intent under oath to convince a judge in the B.C. justice system no one was dangerous. He and Benita demonstrated the BC judiciary knows the value of "affair trial". At this juncture, I feel it would be a shame to disappoint any they were incorrect that no one posed a danger but no one only becomes dangerous when he decides "Love" isn't for those who make profits or take amusement from abusing others and the "eternal return" should be curtailed for anyone who causes more problems in the pursuit of cash than they solve. The only Truth apparent in court was the presence of no one. I've reached my own conclusions regarding the danger presented by those who renege on oaths, but the transcripts of the events of Oct 12th and 13th 1993 were reprinted in 6 is 9 and those of February 1st 1994 are revealed in the next chapter so the reader can ascertain whether it was the screws (law), shrews (Winson-Jones, Dan, Beni and Brenda) or the loos (someone whose previous criminal record was for possession of a hash pipe who claims to share similar objectives and experiences as a guy who wore a toilet seat 'round his neck when he began his music career playing in Hamburg clubs) were truly the danger.

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